Top Influencers: 101 UK Owner’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Owner & CEO play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Owner & CEO role. We have selected these Owner & CEO’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Owner & CEO’s. The list is in no particular order!

Mato Peric

Owner & CEO @ MPGI

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Mato invests in technology companies globally. His portfolio companies have raised over US$ 2.5 billion in capital, employ >8,000 people and have operations in 30 countries across 6 continents. Learn more about Mato Peric on Crunchbase…

MPGI is a global investor in technology companies. Read more aboutMPGI on Crunchbase…

Joseph Ashford Ellis

Owner and Founder @ K4 Global

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Joseph Ashford Ellis is an established entrepreneur and a global investor, having held interests in Europe, Asia and South America and is based in the United Kingdom. Over a 20 year period, Joseph has successfully identified and nurtured numerous businesses, with a particular focus on the UK service sector. Through these endeavours Joseph has amassed a considerable personal wealth and continues to invest across many asset types, including other businesses and properties. Joseph has been instrumental in the initial seeding and ongoing development of a number of enterprises. Joseph worked in a range of industries during his early career, providing him extensive experience in marketing and business development at all organisational levels. His primary expertise is in implementing scalable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to achieve consistent growth and realise their enterprise value. Surrounding himself with highly talented and experienced professionals, Joseph continues to provide growth capital to new and existing UK ventures, whilst branching out into select international markets, to the ultimate benefit of all its stakeholders. Maintaining client focus and business integrity is essential to Joseph’s commercial ethos and this philosophy ensures that Joseph’s businesses are always looking at how to go above and beyond for clients, which often means creating a bespoke strategy for them. Joseph encourages his team members to always do their best to exceed client expectations and ensure this client-focused mindset remains a priority at each level of his companies and is a skill he demonstrates himself on an ongoing basis. Joseph is also an avid philanthropist and he and his businesses support numerous charities. With a wealth of expertise under his belt, Joseph Ashford is a multi-faceted entrepreneur where his primary wealth accumulation has been grown through various industries such as real estate investment, capital support for new and existing companies, investment in marketable securities, trading in luxury and rare motor vehicles and direct management of property development. Learn more about Joseph Ashford Ellis on Crunchbase…

K4 is a contemporary and aspiring global movement, with worldwide connections and an extensive network platform. Read more aboutK4 Global on Crunchbase…

Sergey Portnov

Co-owner & Chairman of the Board @ Parimatch

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Sergey manages Parimatch, which is an international holding company with a 22-year betting experience, represented in 6 former CIS countries. Betting company Parimatch occupies leading position on markets. Sergey got education in England, graduated from the University of Salford, specialty – Gambling & Leisure management (manager in the field of gambling). Credo: “People are the main fund and driver to the company’s success”. Learn more about Sergey Portnov on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutParimatch on Crunchbase…

Andrew Colin

Founder & Owner @ INTO University Partnerships

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Andrew Colin is the Founder & Owner at INTO University Partnerships. Learn more about Andrew Colin on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutINTO University Partnerships on Crunchbase…

John Genovese

Co-Owner & Co-Founder @ ONE Luxury Group

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John Genovese is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ONE Luxury Group, an investment vehicle specialised in fast growing brands in the millennial luxury space. ONE’s portfolio includes investments in Tanner Krolle, the luxury British leather goods brand in partnership with David Beckham, and Pat McGrath Cosmetics, the record-breaking beauty brand. Prior to founding ONE, John was Managing Director of NEO Investment Partners, a London-based investor in luxury brands, and Principal at Starwood Capital Group, focused on global hospitality investments. John holds a BA in Finance and International Business from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University. Learn more about John Genovese on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutONE Luxury Group on Crunchbase…

Jamie Oborne

Owner & Manager @ Dirty Hit

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Jamie Oborne is the owner of Dirty Hit Records, founded in 2010, and located in London, United Kingdom. Jamie also heads up All on Red Management, where he has served as the Manager of the 1975 for the past 8 years, and has worked to support and lead the band to the immense success it sees today. Learn more about Jamie Oborne on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutDirty Hit on Crunchbase…

Paul Higgs

Owner & CEO @ Millbank Group

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Paul Higgs is a Chartered planning and development surveyor, land specialist & developer with 30+ years’ experience in the sector, a soon to be published author and a successful entrepreneur (still, after coming-back from a severe RBS kicking in 2008!). Throughout his career Paul Higgs have purchased, gained planning permission for and built over 6,000 residential units and 2.5M sq/ft of commercial space. 14 years ago Paul Higgs formed what is now a multi-million pound property development company, Millbank Group, and in 2013 won The Evening Standard New Homes Award for ‘Best Apartment’. Many people know a lot about property, far fewer recognise the true value and importance of land. As a result, one of his main aims for 2016 and onwards is to mentor, educate and train more people in the skills required to successfully acquire land, create value, win the best planning permissions and develop property. Paul Higgs also lecture in advanced development valuations at South Bank University. Every successful development begins with Land (preferably ‘Brownfield’) – Finding the right opportunities, structuring the best deals, adding value through excellent design and negotiating the very best planning consents. Paul Higgs specialise in understanding the system inside-out and knowing how to best leverage it – often partnering with land owners, other professionals, agents, deal sourcers or not-for-profit organisations (we love using our skills to help make good things happen). As well as continuing to develop award-winning properties himself, his goal is to make a real difference to the supply of good, well-designed housing in the UK by supporting people in realising their dreams as successful entrepreneurs, deal creators, property investors and developers, so Paul Higgs is now training and mentoring others to show anyone interested in making money from land and development how to identify and generate the best off-market opportunities, maximise planning value, raise capital, buy and develop themselves. Learn more about Paul Higgs on Crunchbase…

Millbank’s connections mean we can provide a fully integrated development, planning and advisory service. Read more aboutMillbank Group on Crunchbase…

Ben Francis

Founder and Owner @ Gymshark

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Ben Francis is the owner and founder of Gymshark. Learn more about Ben Francis on Crunchbase…

Gymshark is an online retailer and technology company of fitness apparel and accessories brands. Read more aboutGymshark on Crunchbase…

Asad Khan

Founder & Owner Snowflake Luxury Gelato @ Snowflake Luxury Gelato

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UK producer, wholesaler and retailer of luxury gelato. Read more aboutSnowflake Luxury Gelato on Crunchbase…

Chris Mathias

Owner @ CMG Partners

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Chris Mathias is one of England’s most successful Internet entrepreneurs and private equity investors, born and raised in India but now living in the UK. Chris serves on several boards including the advisory board of Barclays Private Wealth Management and is member of the Global Philanthropists Circle. Chris has invested in more than 30 companies either personally or via his two venture capital companies, CMG Partner and Arbor Ventures and holds an exceptional track record in building businesses. Most notably Chris founded and later sold Conduit Communication in 1999 for in excess of 150 million GBP. Chris had previously been the CEO of the Harpur Group, UK’s second largest provider of fuel card services and has led a number of successful business turnarounds and buyouts. Prior to this, Chris has worked for Arthur Andersen and Bain & Company in London. Chris holds an MBA from INSEAD. Learn more about Chris Mathias on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCMG Partners on Crunchbase…

Lord David Young

Owner @ Young Associates Limited

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Lord David Young of Graffham is the Chairman at Young Associates Ltd. He founded the firm in 1996. He serves as the Chairman of SSE Neosnetworks Limited. He was the Chairman at Cable & Wireless PLC from 1990 to 1995. He also served as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom (1989-90), Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and President of the Board of Trade (1987-89), and Member, National Economic Development Council (1982-89). Lord Young is a Chairman at Pixology. He served as Chairman of CDT Holdings plc. Learn more about Lord David Young on Crunchbase…

Young Associates Limited is a principal investment firm. Read more aboutYoung Associates Limited on Crunchbase…

Richard Oppenheimer

Founder, owner & Managing Director @ Appraisal360

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Richard is the founder and owner of Appraisal360. It was during his career as a Chartered Engineer in the telecommunications industry that he had his first experience of 360 degree feedback and was an instant convert. He decided to bring together his experience of designing and operating online information systems with his interest in leadership and personal development. And so Appraisal360 was born in February 2006. Richard strives to make the world a better place – and with Appraisal360 he hopes to make people’s working lives that little bit more fulfilling and rewarding. He believes passionately that tools are there to do a job, and not the other way around, so simplicity, clarity, flexibility and robustness have been built in from day one. Learn more about Richard Oppenheimer on Crunchbase…

Appraisal360 is a leading provider of online 360 feedback tools, off the shelf, bespoke or branded. Training and support too. Read more aboutAppraisal360 on Crunchbase…

Andy Honess

Founder and Owner @ JumpXL

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Read more aboutJumpXL on Crunchbase…

Kingsley Duffy

Owner / CEO @ Slovar

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The founder and current CEO of HostelBookers is Mr. Kingsley Duffy. Mr. Duffy is a 44 year old British-national entrepreneur. He was also the reason why HostelBookers merged with Web Reservations International (WRI) in 2013 because Mr. Duffy is sitting on the Board of Directors of WRI. Learn more about Kingsley Duffy on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSlovar on Crunchbase…

Ben Broughton

Owner and Director @ Primis

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Primis is a provider of talent solutions to the technology sector. Read more aboutPrimis on Crunchbase…

Nima Tamizi

Founder and Co-owner @ Gamerclub

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Nima Tamizi is a British software developer and founder of Gamerclub. He was always fascinated with software design and development therefore he decided to fully apply himself into studying and experimenting new programming languages. Learn more about Nima Tamizi on Crunchbase…

Gamerclub is a game server provider and community. Read more aboutGamerclub on Crunchbase…

Raoul Fraser

Co-Owner & Managing Director @ Alf Burn Hydro

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Raoul Fraser is an accomplished financial services professional based in the United Kingdom with a growing presence in the renewable energy sector. He currently sits as the Director on a number of renewable energy projects throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom. Raoul Fraser is the Co-owner and Director of Alf Burn Hydro, a UK based renewable energy consulting company. Through Alf Burn, Raoul has had a hand in directing seven solar energy farms, owns a few wind turbines, and co-owns two hydro energy schemes. He has jumped in many different roles, such as acting as a liaison to the banks or advising contractors on executing a successful renewable site. Raoul’s entrance into the renewable energy sector happened, almost by chance, through an investment. The world of renewables offered attractive investments with minimal risk all while benefiting the environment. Fraser combined his expertise in the financial world with he passion for helping the environment to become a driving force in the UK’s renewable energy realm. From his early teens on, Raoul Fraser has been active in the financial markets. He worked his way into the American market as a wealth manager and continues to perform an advisory role at Caledon Capital Partners LLP. Raoul Fraser is interested in furthering his impact on the renewable energy sector. He has ambitions to enter the American, Australian, and continental Europe markets, while still increasing his footprint in London and Scotland. Learn more about Raoul Fraser on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAlf Burn Hydro on Crunchbase…

David Nahama

Owner @ Vitruvian Partners

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Prior to Vitruvian, David was a Venture Partner at Apax Partners and previously held positions at Morgan Stanley and Salomon Brothers. He also has extensive entrepreneurial and operational experience having co-founded GoIndustry plc. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Kellogg Business School. Learn more about David Nahama on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVitruvian Partners on Crunchbase…

Peter Brewin

Non – Executive Director, Owner @ Concrete Canvas

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Peter Brewin is the Owner of Concrete Canvas. Learn more about Peter Brewin on Crunchbase…

Concrete Canvas Ltd. manufacture a ground breaking material technology. Read more aboutConcrete Canvas on Crunchbase…

Gordon Power

Owner and Chief Investment Officer @ Earth Capital

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Gordon Power, a private equity specialist, is Director of Edge’s investment committee, and one of the originators of the VCT business in the UK. Gordon Power has 29 years of venture capital and private equity experience, is Director of Edge’s investment committee and is a private equity investor in his own right. He founded and was CEO of the private equity business, ProVen Private Equity (now renamed Beringea), and led its buy-out from Guinness Mahon in 1997. By 2002 ProVen, which specialised in media and intellectual property rights investments, had funds under management of US $370 million including a highly successful range of VCTs. From 1984 to date, he has achieved an overall return in excess of 29% on 239 realised (i.e. sale, flotation or administration/liquidation) investments and unrealised investments. Learn more about Gordon Power on Crunchbase…

EC is a global private equity investment manager totally focused on Sustainable Development within the climate change nexus. Read more aboutEarth Capital on Crunchbase…

Oliver Dale

Owner @ Kooc Media

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Oliver is founder of – A web designer and entrepreneur based in manchester in the UK. He runs Kooc Media Ltd. A startup which builds online communities and web applications. Learn more about Oliver Dale on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKooc Media on Crunchbase…

Roy Murphy

Owner @ Business Agility Group

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“I’ve been amazed at the poor standard of service most organisations seem happy to accept from their software service suppliers. At Business Agility, we are passionate about delivering only the highest quality solutions and nothing makes me happier than hearing the glowing feedback our consultants receive while on project. This is something I never take for granted​​.”​ Learn more about Roy Murphy on Crunchbase…

Business Agility Group is a provider of specialist software development and integration consultancy services. Read more aboutBusiness Agility Group on Crunchbase…

Stephen Mooney

Owner & Director @ idRisk Limited

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Insurance and Risk consultants, specializing in helping large to medium companies assess the services they get from the Insurance sector. Read more aboutidRisk Limited on Crunchbase…

Carol Kane

Owner @ Boohoo Group

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Carol co-founded with Mahmud Kamani in 2006 following their shared recognition in the opportunity for online retail. As part of her role as joint Chief Executive, Carol oversees the Group’s product, marketing and brand strategy across the UK and internationally. She has worked in the fashion industry throughout her career, initially as a designer and then as a fashion buyer. Before setting up, Carol and Mahmud worked together for over 20 years supplying high street retailers. Learn more about Carol Kane on Crunchbase…

Boohoo is an online store that offers a range of clothing, accessories, and footwear brands. Read more aboutBoohoo Group on Crunchbase…

Clive Kahn

Chief Executive Officer, Co-owner & Co-founder @ Payzone

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Payzone UK Limited is a British branded consumer payments acceptance network. Read more aboutPayzone on Crunchbase…

Harry Cragoe

Owner @ One Life Escapes

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Harry Cragoe is a lead investor and advisor to a variety of privately owned companies, primarily in the leisure, food and drinks sectors. He has assisted a wide variety of companies with their strategic thinking with particular focus on how they communicate with their target audience. He has started and sold a number of businesses to date, notably PJ Smoothies, the first fresh fruit smoothie company in the UK now owned by Pepsico. As an early investor, Harry initiated the brand development process, knowing a clearly defined brand was critical to deliver happiness for both trading success and long term value. Learn more about Harry Cragoe on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutOne Life Escapes on Crunchbase…

Sarah Eaglesfield

Founder & Owner @

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In her spare time, SARAH runs, a website advertising holiday rental properties around the world,, a webshop for trophies, and ChileVibe, a music magazine website about nightlife in Chile. She also recently created – a strategy website for players of Throne Rush. Sarah’s latest big project is, a website developed to help nervous people actually go on dates instead of feeling too nervous to do so. Learn more about Sarah Eaglesfield on Crunchbase…

Read more on Crunchbase…

Lizzy Grenfell

Owner @ Olympia Sports Clinic

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Founder of Olympia Sports Clinic. I am an experienced sports massage therapist, having worked with top athletes who have competed at the world championships, marathon runners, helped with countless injuries and aches & pains. Qualifying in 2010 from Loughborough, working with both athletes and non-athletes alike. I love my job, it was my hobby since I was about 7, so few things in life are as rewarding as giving a massage, be it sports, aromatherapy, reflexology etc. When not at work, you can find me at the gym or out and about with my DSLR camera. Learn more about Lizzy Grenfell on Crunchbase…

Professional, reliable, sports massage therapy in the Exeter area Read more aboutOlympia Sports Clinic on Crunchbase…

Peter Draper


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LOOSE LIPS LIMITED is a Consumer Goods company located in 9 Woolley Ave, Poynton, United Kingdom. Read more aboutLOOSE LIPS LIMITED on Crunchbase…

Dr Sherif Wakil

Owner @ Dr SW Clinics

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Expert cosmetic and sexual rejuvenation doctor practising, training and speaking worldwide. President of the International Association of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual Wellbeing. Learn more about Dr Sherif Wakil on Crunchbase…

Aesthetics clinics with focus on sexual rejuvenation Read more aboutDr SW Clinics on Crunchbase…

Jay Jopling

Owner @ White Cube

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White Cube Bermondsey opened in October 2011 and is the largest of all the gallery’s sites. Read more aboutWhite Cube on Crunchbase…

Carley Morrow

Owner @ Shpr

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Shpr works with technology companies to develop, promote, and grow their online presence. Read more aboutShpr on Crunchbase…

Andrea Favale

Owner @ Mamma Elvira

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Read more aboutMamma Elvira on Crunchbase…

Hal Stokes

Owner @ Albion Self Storage

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Albion Self Storage is a high-security self-storage and office facility with 24/7 access. Read more aboutAlbion Self Storage on Crunchbase…

Debbie Philippides

Partner & Owner @ Seligman Private Equity Select

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Joined in 2006 and leads the firm’s manager selection on primary and secondary activities. 7 years with a Scandinavian family office, where she co-founded the in-house private equity FoF and was responsible for sourcing, due diligence and manager selection across all segments of private equity, both in Europe and the US. 3 years with LEK Consulting. B.Sc. and A.R.C.S. in Physics from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London and D. Phil. in Theoretical Astrophysics from Oxford. Learn more about Debbie Philippides on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSeligman Private Equity Select on Crunchbase…

Mitzi Lagerweij

Lead Product Owner @ The App Business

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Mitzi is a Lead Product Owner at TAB. Her work has encompassed the development of new propositions for Visa and TfL and accelerating product delivery for clients including Unilever, Shell and Tesco. Outside of project work, Mitzi initiated Women on the Rise to support the women of TAB as well as the business as a whole to truly embrace inclusivity and diversity as it continues to grow. Starting as a support network facilitating open discussion, it has grown into a company-wide initiative that continues to deliver positive change towards a more diverse TAB. Learn more about Mitzi Lagerweij on Crunchbase…

The App Business operates as a mobile consultancy. Read more aboutThe App Business on Crunchbase…

Stuart Law

CEO, Co-owner & Founder @ Assetz Capital

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Stuart Law is the CEO and founder of the Assetz group of companies incorporating one of the largest private investor customer bases in the UK. He founded the Assetz Capital businesses, including Assetz SME Capital, as a solution to the shortage of capital available to businesses and property developers from the failed banking system and in order to provide enhanced and diversified returns for Assetz group investors who wish to invest in this new asset class. Stuart is a serial entrepreneur and a highly experienced businessman having run his own businesses for 30 years. Learn more about Stuart Law on Crunchbase…

Assetz Capital is a lending business that provides its services for SME finance, bridging, and property development sectors. Read more aboutAssetz Capital on Crunchbase…

Gavin Milligan

Business Owner @ Green Knight

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Read more aboutGreen Knight on Crunchbase…

David Wilde

Owner and Managing Director @ Dwilde Consulting

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Dwilde Consulting is a consulting agency that provides expertise in the field of commercial sectors, IT, and digital leadership. Read more aboutDwilde Consulting on Crunchbase…

Ed Farquhar

Partner and joint owner @ Percipient Capital

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Their clients are the focus of everything we do, whether that is Their investee companies or Their client investors Learn more about Ed Farquhar on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPercipient Capital on Crunchbase…

Leanne Tritton

Founder , Managing Director ,Principal & Owner @ ING Media

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Founder and managing director of ING. Leanne has worked in Australia, the USA and the UK. Over the last 15 years, she, along with her team has built ING into the recognised leader in PR and Communications for the architecture, design, regeneration and property sectors. ING’s clients are based all over the world and the team currently speaks 13 languages. She is a regular speaker and writer on communications and how it can impact business. Leanne is a trustee of Article 25 and also the Chair of Governors at Hoxton Garden Primary. She was previously Chair of Governors at Orchard Primary School and sat on the Interim Executive Board at Daubeney Primary School. All three schools are in Hackney where she lives. Learn more about Leanne Tritton on Crunchbase…

ING Media is an architecture, property and design-focused PR and communications agency. Read more aboutING Media on Crunchbase…

Ruth Mordi

Owner, Fundraising Success and CEO @ Fundraising Standards Board C.I.C.

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Ruth Mordi had the sentence suspended for 18 months and will have to comply with a 10 hour curfew imposed between the hours of 8pm and 6am for three months. In addition she has been ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work. She has been stealing money from several years from thousand of people. Learn more about Ruth Mordi on Crunchbase…

The FRSB is the independent self-regulatory body for UK fundraising. Read more aboutFundraising Standards Board C.I.C. on Crunchbase…

James Minkin

Owner ,Commercial Director & Founder @ Purity Brewing Co

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James Minkin is the Founder & NED at Purity Brewing Co. Learn more about James Minkin on Crunchbase…

Purity Brewing Company is an award winning craft brewery established in 2005. Read more aboutPurity Brewing Co on Crunchbase…

Dave Pavitt

Owner @ B2B Sales Consulting

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Dave Pavitt has spent the last two decades helping sales and marketing organisations improve their effectiveness, market propositions and commercial skills. With a particularly deep expertise in the Business-to-Business (B2B) arena, Dave runs his own expert advisory firm, B2B Sales Consulting, working with companies in a wide range of industries. His mantra to his clients has always been “B2B customers buy value you create for them; it’s not about selling them something”. Dave began his career in Manufacturing and Engineering before moving into Sales & Marketing, providing him with a stronger customer needs-focused perspective than most commercial professionals. He held line roles in Hoover, Texas Instruments, ITT, Michelin and DEC before moving mid-career into management consulting as a Vice President in Gemini Consulting, focusing on the retail and consumer goods sectors. He was then asked to lead a business turnaround as European President of Alexander Proudfoot. After a successful two-year stint with Proudfoot, he started his own advisory business, B2B Sales Consulting, initially working with professional services and IT firms but soon spreading into all manner of companies which have to market and sell to businesses. Dave has a direct and matter-of-fact style, with focus on building capabilities and insights through action learning and coaching. Through his impressive depth of experience gained from a range of operational, sales and consulting roles, he helps organisations execute sales strategies and develop capabilities. Dave has an Engineering degree from Loughborough University. He resides in Egham, Surrey, UK. Learn more about Dave Pavitt on Crunchbase…

B2B Sales Consulting is a firm of consulting sales professionals. Read more aboutB2B Sales Consulting on Crunchbase…

Richard Davies

Owner & Founder @ Twickets

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A London-based ticket resale platform . Read more aboutTwickets on Crunchbase…

Joy Hartigan

Director and Payroll Global Process Owner @ Microsoft

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Joy Hartigan is a Director and the Process Owner for Global Payroll at Microsoft. She has over 20 years of experience in payroll covering all levels of payroll roles from Payroll Administrator through to Head of Payroll. She has also managed multiple payroll system implementations, worked in payroll consulting as a Payroll Subject Matter Expert and in payroll supplier relationship management. She has a breadth of experience in dealing with all aspects of payroll both in service delivery and payroll strategy. Learn more about Joy Hartigan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMicrosoft on Crunchbase…

Graham Oakes

Owner @ Graham Oakes Ltd

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I help people navigate complexity. I work with them to identify opportunities and risks, to develop frameworks to think about business and technology models, and then to set up and deliver projects that drive innovation and create value in the new world of decarbonised, distributed, local energy. The energy system is changing. Renewable generation. Home batteries. Electric vehicles. Heat pumps. A host of new technologies distributed across homes, businesses and communities is changing the way energy is generated, delivered and consumed. This offers tremendous scope to reduce emissions, to create new value for people, to give people and communities enhanced control. But it also creates new complexity and uncertainty. That’s where I come in. I help people navigate this complexity and exploit the opportunities that lie within the uncertainty. I am available to provide consulting on local, community and municipal energy. This might include: … Developing new business and governance models … Supporting technology and business innovation … Defining strategy … Setting up and steering projects … Mentoring and advising executives and managers I am more than happy to work flexibly and on novel ideas and propositions. Please contact me to discuss more. Learn more about Graham Oakes on Crunchbase…

Graham Oakes Ltd is a strategic business consultation company facilitating the use of technology solutions for attaining business goals. Read more aboutGraham Oakes Ltd on Crunchbase…

Justine Roberts

CEO , Founder & Owner @ Mumsnet

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Justine Roberts is the Founder and CEO of Mumsnet. Over the last 20 years Mumsnet has grown into the UK’s busiest and most influential network for parents, with over 10 million unique users per month. Mumsnet regularly campaigns on issues including support for families of children with special educational needs, improvements in postnatal and miscarriage care, and freedom of speech on the internet. Mumsnet was awarded the Online Comment Site of the Year (Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards) 2011 and 2014. Justine was the Institute of Internal Communication Communicator of the Year in 2014 and EY Entrepreneur of the Year London and South Winner in 2016. Justine was one of EU-Startup’s Top 50 Most Influential Women in Startups and VC in 2019. Before Mumsnet, Justine wrote about football and cricket for the Daily Telegraph and the Times and before that she was an economist and strategist for SG Warburg. She is a mother of four (and two dogs) and was appointed CBE in the 2017 New Year Honours for services to the economy. Learn more about Justine Roberts on Crunchbase…

Mumsnet is the UK’s busiest social network for parents. Read more aboutMumsnet on Crunchbase…

Jon Schofield

Owner & Co-Founder @ PHD Equity Partners

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Jon Schofield has nearly twenty years’ private equity experience. After joining KPMG in 1982, he qualified as a chartered accountant in 1985 and moved into KPMG Corporate Finance in 1990. In 1994 Jon joined England Worthside Limited; a 3i backed buy-out as Finance Director. After exiting from the buyout, Jon became a partner in Grant Thornton in 1995 where he headed up the North of England Transaction Services Team, advising corporates and financial institutions. In 1999, Jon joined Cammell Laird Holdings plc as Finance Director and subsequently appointed Acting Chief Executive. Post Cammell Laird, Jon acted as a company consultant before joining in 2002. Jon is also a non-executive director of Atlantic & Peninsula Marine Services Ltd, Dee Valley Group Plc and The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Learn more about Jon Schofield on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPHD Equity Partners on Crunchbase…

Paul Kuebler

Owner @ Premier Plant Hire

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Owner of Premier Group of Companies. In the construction industry since 1974. Learn more about Paul Kuebler on Crunchbase…

Equipment & machinery hire for the construction industry. Read more aboutPremier Plant Hire on Crunchbase…

Gizelle Higginson

Owner @ Phoenix Health and Safety

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Phoenix Health & Safety provides health and safety training courses accredited by IOSH, NEBOSH, ConstructionSkills, and CIEH. Read more aboutPhoenix Health and Safety on Crunchbase…

Natasha Anslow

Owner @ Philosophy Design

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A brand and digital consultancy that joins research, project management and creativity together to produce work that challenges. Read more aboutPhilosophy Design on Crunchbase…

Mark Roberts

Owner & Technical Director @ Prosperon Networks

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Mark is the Technical Director at Prosperon Networks, a Platinum SolarWinds Partner in the UK, specialising in Network & Systems Management and Monitoring. He is responsible for a team of engineers who together provide consultancy, installation and training services to organisations of all sizes throughout the UK and Europe. Learn more about Mark Roberts on Crunchbase…

Prosperon Networks is a reseller and provider of consultancy, installation and training services for Network Monitoring. Read more aboutProsperon Networks on Crunchbase…

Steve Farrugia

Product Owner @ Pepperstone

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Read more aboutPepperstone on Crunchbase…

George Eracleous

Owner @ Avocarrot

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Avocarrot is the leading programmatic native ad exchange for mobile publishers. Read more aboutAvocarrot on Crunchbase…

Jason Staniforth

High Performance Coach & Hybrid Marketing Consultancy Owner @ Expert Unleashed

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Expert Unleashed assists Coaches in overcoming overwhelm and replacing time-consuming marketing strategies. Read more aboutExpert Unleashed on Crunchbase…

Oliver Billson

Owner @ Craoli

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Oliver Billson Founder & CEO, Oliver Billson Oli’s superpower lies in strategizing and implementing cutting edge, conversion­led, money making sales and marketing funnels. Unlike a lot of Marketers, it’s safe to say he makes more money actually practicing what he preaches, than teaching it! After starting his own business at the age of 15, Oli’s portfolio now spans four incredibly successful businesses, including Information Marketing, Training and Coaching, Bricks and Mortar businesses, and his widely sought after ‘Done For You’ Marketing business, as well as being an Internationally recognised Franchisor. When he fancies it, Oli also spends time as a Consultant to many other well known entrepreneurs and business growth experts. In recent years he’s been the Mastermind behind many big launches and event promotions for other Marketers, helping them grow and automate their businesses. Learn more about Oliver Billson on Crunchbase…

Craoli A fresh and energetic approach to franchising is what you need and our vast experience allows us to provide exactly that. Read more aboutCraoli on Crunchbase…

Dave Tolladay

Co-owner & Director of Business Strategy @ Alerts4 FM

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Dave has had an extensive and wide-ranging career in Capital Markets for over 30 years. He began his career at Hambros working in both business and technology areas, driving a number of significant change programmes. At US systems integrator and applications outsourcing specialist Keane, Dave was the senior business consultant for Capital Markets and managed many engagements for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, addressing a range of business and technology challenges, including risk and compliance. Dave developed a deep specialisation in Market Surveillance at Detica, becoming their subject matter expert and working with clients including the FSA and Turquoise. Learn more about Dave Tolladay on Crunchbase…

Alerts4 works with global organisations and has solutions deployed across the world, monitoring trading activity in Europe, Asia. Read more aboutAlerts4 FM on Crunchbase…

Prof Gehan Amaratunga

CTO, Professor & Owner @ CamSemi

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CamSemi is a fabless company designing and manufacturing energy-efficient power conversion products. Read more aboutCamSemi on Crunchbase…

Gerry McCusker

CEO, Owner @ Dog Digital

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Gerry McCusker is Co-Founder & CEO at Dog Digital Learn more about Gerry McCusker on Crunchbase…

Dog Digital designs and develops world-class platforms to ensure maximum publicity for digital content distributed across multiple outlets. Read more aboutDog Digital on Crunchbase…

Kenneth Hitchen

Owner @ Sabio

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Hitchen, also known as Ken, serves as the Founding Director of Sabio Limited. Kenneth Hitchen served as the Consulting Director of Sabio Limited. He is one of Sabio’s founding directors and has over 18 years experience of setting up and running contact centres all over the world. He has led teams of consultants to deliver complex technology solutions to some of the UK’s largest call centres including Homeserve, Argos, Leeds City Council, Yorkshire Building Society. With over one hundred diverse projects completed, he has an exceptional insight to the benefits and pitfalls of deploying a wide range of contact centre & self service technologies. He is also responsible for Thought Leadership at Sabio driving industry thinking through research projects such as the ‘Voice of the Agent’ program run in association with YouGov. Finally, he is a recognised expert in predicting the impact on consumer communications trends on customer service operations such as the contact centre. Learn more about Kenneth Hitchen on Crunchbase…

Sabio is an innovative unified communications and contact center services company. Read more aboutSabio on Crunchbase…

Joshua Fernandes

Senior Product Owner @ Revolut

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Revolut is a financial services company that specializes in mobile banking, card payments, money remittance, and foreign exchange. Read more aboutRevolut on Crunchbase…

Daniel Williams

Owner and Co-Founder @ WIT Fitness

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Daniel Williams is the Owner and Co-Founder at WIT Fitness Ltd Learn more about Daniel Williams on Crunchbase…

Itself as a unique, multi-brand fitness concept store. Read more aboutWIT Fitness on Crunchbase…

Martin Debnam

Founder and Owner @ 8point8

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8point8 Group is a multifaceted company. Read more about8point8 on Crunchbase…

Valeria Hodgkinson

Data Landscape Product Owner @ MetLife

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Read more aboutMetLife on Crunchbase…

Colin Campbell

Owner @ Zouk Capital

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Colin joined Zouk in 2007 as a Partner. Learn more about Colin Campbell on Crunchbase…

Zouk Capital is an independent private equity fund manager investing in companies that advance resource efficiency. Read more aboutZouk Capital on Crunchbase…

Darryn Lewis

Owner @ Find Apprenticeships

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Talent Acquisition & Recruitment professional with the ability to adapt to the ever changing environment. Ten years plus recruiting in the Engineering and IT industries across multiple industry verticals including but not limited to Construction, Nuclear, Water Treatment, Oil & Gas – Banking & Finance, Retail, Defence and Public Sector. Ability to implement any candidate attraction strategy from individual requirements to mass recruitment needs. Affective in reducing both “Time” and “Cost” to hire within assigned timeframe. Advanced in candidate attraction across multiple platforms. Skilled in Boolean searching, Social Media and recruitment campaigns/marketing techniques. Founder of the UK’s first independent jobsite to help young individuals find apprenticeships from all across the UK. Specialities: Talent Acquisition Candidate Attraction/Sourcing Social Media Campaign Marketing Sourcing Strategies Operational Management Project Management Business Development Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Learn more about Darryn Lewis on Crunchbase…

The UK’s first site dedicated to helping young apprentices search for the latest apprenticeships from all across the UK. Read more aboutFind Apprenticeships on Crunchbase…

John Hatton

Consultant / Owner @ Alpheon-Energie

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Alpheon is a Zutphen-based energy company that provides advisory and consulting services on how to lower energy costs. Read more aboutAlpheon-Energie on Crunchbase…

Jamie Denham

Owner @ Sliced Bread Animation

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Jamie Denham, the Managing Director of Sliced Bread has worked in the field of digital animation and application development for over 20-years. He has worked extensively on eLearning and training based animation, focusing on communication and learning objectives in healthcare. Jamie has also developed animation pipelines that ensure efficiency of work process on Mechanism of Action animations, and was the Animation Director on the multi-award winning virtual reality project, Virtual Valve. Learn more about Jamie Denham on Crunchbase…

Sliced Bread has an unrivalled reputation for offering complete and seamless project management, partnering with clients. Read more aboutSliced Bread Animation on Crunchbase…

Sefton Hill

Game Director, Co-Owner & Co-Founder @ Rocksteady Studios

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Rocksteady Studios is a multi-award winning videogame developer based in London, England. Located in a spacious, purpose built converted. Read more aboutRocksteady Studios on Crunchbase…

Richard Hocking

Technical Director, Owner @ Codel Software

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Codel Software specializes in providing business software solutions, bespoke software development, system integration & support services. Read more aboutCodel Software on Crunchbase…

Robert Tulloch

Co-Owner/Technical Director @ Walnut Medical

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Bob drives overall strategic vision of Walnut Medical while being responsible for the technical and research side of the business. While working as an external market researcher for Frost & Sullivan, Bob found out that there is a demand for the way that the medical information should be structured. Having a clear idea in mind, he coded the entire database on his own, which now has been used by the largest medical and consulting companies in the world. Learn more about Robert Tulloch on Crunchbase…

Walnut Medical provides detailed data on over 19,000 European hospitals in 25 countries plus. Read more aboutWalnut Medical on Crunchbase…

Keith McAvoy

Founder and Owner @ Seven Bro7thers

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Keith McAvoy, founder of Seven Brothers Brewery. Learn more about Keith McAvoy on Crunchbase…

Seven Bro7thers is a Manchester based craft brewery run by seven brothers. Read more aboutSeven Bro7thers on Crunchbase…

Tommy Butler

Owner @ Hotel Group UK

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Tommy started a web site design business in 1998 – He soon realised that a website was reliant on search engine placement and soon began buying geo/services/product key word domain names. He focused on his local area and home city of Glasgow building up a strategic portfolio of over 200 Glasgow related domain names, including He soon followed this up by buying up and developing several networks of websites including 300 hotel sites, 400 shopping sites, 150 car hire sites. He is also in the process of revamping 30 Geo location websites which includes, Learn more about Tommy Butler on Crunchbase…

Hotel Group UK Opened the first hotel website site in 1999. Read more aboutHotel Group UK on Crunchbase…

John Anderton

Owner & Consultant @ Stylux Blinds

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John and his team provide a central point of liaison for all customer projects. Coordinating all internal teams and necessary paperwork, John oversees the smooth running and deployment of projects. Keeping our customers in the loop and updated with project progress is paramount to our outstanding customer service. Learn more about John Anderton on Crunchbase…

Stylux Blinds provides and sells various kinds of made to measure blinds. Read more aboutStylux Blinds on Crunchbase…

Jalpesh Sachania

Character Physics Product Owner @ Frostbite

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Jalpesh Sachania is currently the Product Owner of Character Physics at Frostbite, dealing with character motion and ragdolls, and working on the close bond between physics and animation. He completed a PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics before moving out of academia and into the games industry by joining Electronic Arts in the central technology group, EATech Physics. As part of the physics team, he’s primarily been working on physically animating and controlling characters with ragdolls (character physics), and has been part of the team that brought character physics into FIFA 12 and then Madden 13. Character physics now featured in all of EA Sports’ titles. In 2014, EATech Physics merged with the Frostbite Engine group, which led him to his current role as Product Owner for Character Physics. Learn more about Jalpesh Sachania on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFrostbite on Crunchbase…

Hilary Roberts

Founder, CEO & Owner @ HRC Recruitment

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HRC Recruitment is the multi-sector consultancy that delivers high-end service and opportunities at all levels. Read more aboutHRC Recruitment on Crunchbase…

Beyler Eyyubov

Owner @ Beyler’s Sweet Shop

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Read more aboutBeyler’s Sweet Shop on Crunchbase…

Simon Vickers

Owner @ Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions Ltd

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Read more aboutKeith Gunn Electrical Solutions Ltd on Crunchbase…

Simon Fice

Technical & Finance Director, Joint Owner @ The Online Letting Agents

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Simon Fice is a founder member and director of The Online Letting Agents. Simon ensures that our website is easy to use, and we are ahead of the game in all matters of the online arena. Simon currently has one property in his portfolio and sits on the board of a number of technology based businesses. Learn more about Simon Fice on Crunchbase…

The Online Letting Agents is set up by a group of frustrated landlords looking for an alternative to high street letting agents. Read more aboutThe Online Letting Agents on Crunchbase…

William Crawford

Director, Owner @ Concrete Canvas

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Will Crawford is the Owner of Concrete Canvas. Learn more about William Crawford on Crunchbase…

Concrete Canvas Ltd. manufacture a ground breaking material technology. Read more aboutConcrete Canvas on Crunchbase…

Audra Wynter

Owner & Managing Director @ Wyntax Consultancy Services

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Audra Wynter is Managing Director of Wyntax Consultancy Services, an accountancy and tax consultancy practice located in Nottingham. Audra has been an active member of her local community for many years. Her current commitments include Chair of Tuntum Housing Association and a voluntary business representative on Nottingham’s Strategic Partnership. Learn more about Audra Wynter on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutWyntax Consultancy Services on Crunchbase…

Tania Daniels

Owner @ Angels Media

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Angels Media is a marketing & public relations agency working in the property and finance spheres. Read more aboutAngels Media on Crunchbase…

Michael Smith

Owner @ Universal Smart Cards

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Universal Smart Cards (USC) provide a range of smart cards, card readers and printers. Read more aboutUniversal Smart Cards on Crunchbase…

Joe Wakeford

Owner & Music Producer @ Halfpenny Studios

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I’m a composer, voiceover artist & Managing Director of VoicesUK & VoicesUS. I graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music in 1998. As a producer & composer I write music for film, TV, corporate clients and artists. As a voiceover artist I’m the voice of GoDaddy, easyjet, M&S, Coca-Cola, Huawei, Expedia, Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, MasterCard, Madame Tussauds, Absolut Vodka, Microsoft & more. As Managing Director of VoicesUK & VoicesUS I help a dedicated team provide Emmy-winning voice talent for TV, radio & online projects. Learn more about Joe Wakeford on Crunchbase…

Halfpenny Studios deals in music, they produce, compose songs for films and artists. Read more aboutHalfpenny Studios on Crunchbase…

Adam Vahed

Owner / CEO @ Apache

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Adam Vahed is a Founder at Apache. Learn more about Adam Vahed on Crunchbase…

We craft compelling interactive experiences. You get meaningful brand engagement. Read more aboutApache on Crunchbase…

Max Bridger

Co-Owner and Founder @ LDN Muscle

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LDN Muscle is an online platform that post fitness information and answer the questions. Read more aboutLDN Muscle on Crunchbase…

James Merrett

Owner and Co-founder @ Black Tomato

FollowJames Merrett on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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The Black Tomato Group encompasses the award-winning brands Black Tomato, Epic Tomato, Beach Tomato and The Black Tomato Agency. Our aim is to create remarkable experiences for both consumers and corporate clients around the globe. Learn more about James Merrett on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBlack Tomato on Crunchbase…

Jay Nicholl

Owner / Strategy Director @ Make it Clear

FollowJay Nicholl on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

We are a strategic design consultancy. We help our clients do better business. Read more aboutMake it Clear on Crunchbase…

Mark Goldstein

Owner & Editor @ PhotographyBLOG

FollowMark Goldstein on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Mark Goldstein is an experienced professional photographer and website editor. He owns, runs and writes for PhotographyBLOG (, one of the biggest digital photography websites, which offers informative new product reviews and original in-depth news from around the world. He’s also a regular contributor to the popular UK magazines Digital Photographer and Digital Camera Essentials. More personal photo projects include his Portfolio site and Everydayeye, an attempt to post a photo every day. Learn more about Mark Goldstein on Crunchbase…

PhotographyBLOG is a blog that covers the latest reviews of digital cameras, printers, scanners, software, and books on global photography. Read more aboutPhotographyBLOG on Crunchbase…

Laura Knox

Senior Digital Product Owner @ TUI Group

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Laura Knox is Senior Digital Product Owner at TUI Group. Learn more about Laura Knox on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTUI Group on Crunchbase…

Abeer Almadawy

Founder,Owner, CEO @ Castle Journal

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Abeer Almadawy President of castle journal Company … she founded CJ as its only owner and CEO Abeer Almadawy is known famous novelist and writer…. While She is also founder and president of Makany Foundation for Social and Skills development (MSSD) Learn more about Abeer Almadawy on Crunchbase…

Castle Journal British Company for global unified journalism production of specialised international newspapers & magazines Read more aboutCastle Journal on Crunchbase…

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