Top Influencers: 101 UK President’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

President play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the President role. We have selected these President’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative President’s. The list is in no particular order!

Alejandro Betancourt

President @ Hawkers Co.

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Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez currently serves as director, controlling party and the largest shareholder for the O’Hara Administration Co., S.A., an international investment group. In addition, he also serves as president of Hawkers, a Spanish sunglasses company, as well as the director of Pacific Exploration & Production Corp., a Canadian publicly held energy explorer and producer. Betancourt earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration at Suffolk University. He began his career at Guruceaga Group, an international trade, finance, real estate and agriculture company. He has extensive experience in the energy sector, having worked as the Latin American commercial manager and trader for London-based ICC-OEOC, an oil exploration and drilling technology company, and as a director of BGB Energy, an affiliate of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. He founded O’Hara Administration, a leading asset management company that has investments in industry leaders across several sectors. At Pacific Exploration & Production (formerly Pacific Rubiales Energy), he has overseen the company’s expansion into Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. At Hawkers, one of the world’s largest sunglasses companies, he has focused on brand expansion, fund-raising and strategic relationships. Betancourt also serves as a major shareholder for Banque de Dakar in Senegal, working to expand banking services throughout Africa. Betancourt’s philanthropic endeavors center on community involvement, with a focus on education, including the Carmen Salles School at Ciudad Bolivar and Universidad Simón Bolívar. — Alejandro Betancourt López actualmente es director, parte controladora y accionista mayoritario de O’Hara Administration Co. S.A., un grupo de inversión internacional. Además, es el presidente de Hawkers, una empresa española de lentes de sol, así como el director de Pacific Exploration & Production Corp., un explorador y productor de energía canadiense que cotiza en la bolsa. Betancourt obtuvo su licenciatura en Economía y Administración de Empresas de la Universidad de Suffolk. Inició su carrera en Guruceaga Group, una empresa de comercio, finanzas, bienes raíces y agricultura. Tiene amplia experiencia en el sector de energía, ya que trabajó como gerente comercial y operador de América Latina en una empresa ubicada en Londres llamada ICC-OEOC, una empresa tecnología de exploración y perforación de petróleo, y como el director de BGB Energy, un afiliado de Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Fundó O’Hara Administration, una compañía líder en gestión de activos que cuenta con inversiones en líderes de la industria en varios sectores. En Pacific Exploration & Production (anteriormente llamada Pacific Rubiales Energy), supervisó la expansión de la empresa hacia México, Perú y Venezuela. En Hawkers, una de las compañías de lentes de sol más grandes del mundo, se enfocó en la expansión de la marca, recaudación de fondos y relaciones estratégicas. Betancourt es también el mayor accionista de Banque de Dakar en Senegal, trabajando para expandir los servicios de la banca hacia África. Los esfuerzos filantrópicos de Betancourt se centran en el compromiso con la comunidad, con un enfoque en la educación, incluyendo la Escuela Carmen Salles en Ciudad Bolívar y la Universidad Simón Bolívar. Learn more about Alejandro Betancourt on Crunchbase…

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Guy Podjarny

Founder & President @ Snyk

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Guy Podjarny, or Guypo for short, is a web performance researcher and evangelist, constantly chasing the elusive instant web. Guy is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Akamai’s Web Experience business unit, dealing with everything fast browsing and mobile. Guy was previously the co-founder and CTO of, acquired by Akamai in 2012. Guy focuses heavily on Mobile Web Performance and Front-End Optimization, is a fan of large scale tests using real world websites, and regularly digs into the guts of mobile browsers. Guy is also the author of Mobitest, a free mobile measurement tool, and contributes to various open source tools. Before digging into performance, Guy spent a decade working on Web Application Security, and more specifically the first Web App Firewall (AppShield) and the market leading Web Application Security scanner (AppScan). Learn more about Guy Podjarny on Crunchbase…

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Diana Layfield

Vice-President, Next Billion Users @ Google

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Diana Layfield Is The President, EMEA Partnerships & VP Product Managment at Google. Learn more about Diana Layfield on Crunchbase…

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Nicolas Cary

Co-Founder & President @

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Nicolas Cary is the Co-Founder & Vice Chairman at Learn more about Nicolas Cary on Crunchbase… is a platform that offers ways to buy, hold, and use cryptocurrency. Read more on Crunchbase…

Scott Mackin

Managing Partner and Co-President @ Denham Capital

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Mr. Scott Mackin is a Managing Partner and Co-President and heads the firm’s Power & Renewables team. Mr. Mackin brings 25 years of energy experience to Denham. He is a member of the Management Committee, Executive Committee, Investment Committee and Valuation Committee. Prior to joining Denham, Mr. Mackin was the President and CEO of Waypoint Energy, Managing Partner at The Chatham Group, President and CEO of Covanta Energy Corporation, President of Ogden Energy and General Counsel at Ogden Projects, Inc. He was also an Associate at Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis and Law Clerk to the Hon. Daniel H. Huyett III, Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Mr. Mackin currently is a member of the Board of Directors of Greenleaf Power LLC, BTE Wind (Proprietary) Ltd. and Gradient Resources Inc. Learn more about Scott Mackin on Crunchbase…

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Adrien Cohen

Co-Founder and President @ Tractable

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Adrien Cohen is the President and Co-Founder of Tractable. Learn more about Adrien Cohen on Crunchbase…

Tractable is a software company that develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery. Read more aboutTractable on Crunchbase…

Mahesh Kolli

Founder, President, and Joint Managing Director @ Greenko Group

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Greenko is the largest renewable energy company in India with over $6 billion in investments and operating 5000MW of energy assets across 15 states in thecountry. Mahesh Kolli, a young & dynamic first-generation serial entrepreneur. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering, he has successfully founded and developed multiple businesses in Information Technology, Environmental Technologies, Clean Energy and Urban Infrastructure sectors over the last decade. His entrepreneurial journey started with an environmental solutions company focused on technology transfer from developed markets to India. Mahesh believes in creating infrastructure that has a lasting social impact while contributing to the growing demands of India as a nation and has always strived to contribute to the growth of the country thorough establishing suchbusinesses. Mahesh made his mark in the Indian Energy Sector by co-founding Greenko Group, a focused clean energy company along with Mr. Anil Chalamalasetty in 2006. Greenko is India’s leading Integrated Power Player & is replacing fossil fuel dependency with digitized, decentralized & decarbonized energy solutions. Mahesh is a keen participant and panelist in various investor forums and interacts with regulatory authorities and policy makers to ensure the development of the clean energy sector in India. In Feb 2019 the CEO club India awarded Mahesh with the “Unicorn Award ” for Greenko, for its exponential growth in ten years of operation to become the largest clean energy company operating in India . Outside of work, Mahesh stays in close touch with his roots and contributes towards the development of skilled individuals who can play a constructive role in India’s future. Learn more about Mahesh Kolli on Crunchbase…

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Josh Kroenke

President and Governor @ Denver Nuggets

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Josh Kroenke joined the board of Arsenal Football Club in December 2013. He is also President and Governor of the Denver Nuggets basketball team, where he oversees the day-to-day operations and has helped the team to record one of the most successful six-year spells in the team’s history. He is President of Colorado Avalanche in the NHL and is the Alternate Governor of the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer team. Josh works closely with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment executives on multiple business operation issues, ranging from finance to marketing. He is a specialist in taking control and extracting resources as quietly as possible. Learn more about Josh Kroenke on Crunchbase…

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Sultan Murad Saidov

Co-Founder and President @ Beamery

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Beamery is a talent acquisition, engagement, and retention platform that manages sourcing, hiring, and retaining of people. Read more aboutBeamery on Crunchbase…

Gabriel Caillaux

Co-President, Managing Director and Head of EMEA @ General Atlantic

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Gabriel Caillaux is Co-President, Managing Director and Head of General Atlantic’s business in EMEA. He is also a member of the firm’s Management and Investment Committees. Since joining the firm in 2004, Gabriel has helped expand the firm’s investment focus across the greater European region to include Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He focuses on investments in the Financial Services and Technology sectors. Before joining General Atlantic, Gabriel worked in the telecoms, media & technology division at Merrill Lynch in London and New York. Learn more about Gabriel Caillaux on Crunchbase…

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Alicia Navarro

President & Co-Founder @ Skimlinks

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Alicia Navarro is CEO and Co-founder of Skimlinks, having evolved the business out of a previous social shopping startup. Skimlinks is a leading content monetization technology, helping thousands of publishers all over the world to earn money from their content in seamless simple way. Alicia’s vision for Skimlinks is to see online publishers be rewarded for the role they play in creating purchase intent. She achieved this by removing the technical and administrative complexities that hamper would-be affiliates, and helping turn affiliate marketing into a mainstream ubiquitous revenue model for blogs, editorial sites, forums, and other content platforms. Alicia worked for over 10 years in internet applications, designing and launching mobile and internet-based applications in Australia and the UK. She has a Bachelor of Information Technology and the University Medal for Computing Sciences from the University of Technology, Sydney. Learn more about Alicia Navarro on Crunchbase…

Skimlinks is the leading commerce content monetization platform, supporting publishers’ creation of a new revenue stream. Read more aboutSkimlinks on Crunchbase…

Zahra Hassan

Vice President @ The Raine Group

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Zahra is Vice President at Raine. Prior to joining Raine in 2014, Zahra was at CODE Advisors, a digital media and technology boutique investment bank. At CODE, Zahra worked on capital raising and sell-side advisory for late-stage digital media and internet firms. Focused on European coverage and execution, Zahra worked on transactions such as Spotify’s fundraisings, Supercell’s secondary financing and subsequent sale to SoftBank and Shutl’s sale to eBay. Prior to CODE, Zahra was at UBS in European Mergers & Acquisitions and part of the dedicated sell-side advisory team. During her time in the M&A team, Zahra worked on a variety of technology transactions including the sale of GlobalCollect to Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe and DataCash to Mastercard. Prior to joining the M&A Department, Zahra spent two years in UBS’s Global Healthcare Team based in New York and an additional three years based in London. While at UBS, Zahra worked on over 25 transactions including a number of sell-side transactions and equity and debt offerings. Learn more about Zahra Hassan on Crunchbase…

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Yao-Yun (Yoyo) Chang

Co-Founder, CEO and President @ KodyPay

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Yoyo is a 21-year old Taiwanese born British entrepreneur who is a co-founder and the current CEO of KodyPay. Yoyo co-founded KodyPay in the final year of High School and successfully raised US$6 million to date for KodyPay in the summer of 2021. Hoping to build a career in investment banking, Yoyo had started to invest in the stock market at the age of 13. With returns of over 80% in Q4 2016, he led his school team to first place in a national investment competition. During Yoyo’s first year at the University of York, Yoyo self-invested £120,000 of trading profits to build a pilot product for KodyPay. Learn more about Yao-Yun (Yoyo) Chang on Crunchbase…

Revolutionising in-person payments to grow your business with a trustworthy and innovative solution. Read more aboutKodyPay on Crunchbase…

Dan Houser

Co-Founder and Vice President @ Rockstar Games

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Co-Founder and Vice President at Rockstar Games. Learn more about Dan Houser on Crunchbase…

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Caroline Hazlehurst

Vice President EMEA @ Bird

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Caroline Hazlehurst is the Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa at Bird, a last mile electric scooter rental service with a mission to make cities more liveable by reducing car usage, traffic, and congestion. Prior to Bird, she was UK General Manager and then Director of Operations at Deliveroo, an on-demand food delivery business. Previously, Caroline was an Investment Executive at private equity fund Bridgepoint, and an Investment Banker at Barclays and Rothschild. Caroline sits on the Global Future council for Mobility at the World Economic forum, and sits on the Investment Committee of the Conduit EIS Impact Fund. In addition, she has held various Non-Executive Director roles at early stage startups and is an angel investor. Learn more about Caroline Hazlehurst on Crunchbase…

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Matthew Brittin

President – EMEA Buisness & Operations @ Google

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Matt Brittin is the President of EMEA Buisness and Operations at Google since December 2014. Matt heads up Google’s business and operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa ­ helping consumers and businesses make the most of the digital opportunity. Joining Google in 2007 to help build its business in the UK, Matt became Managing Director of Google UK two years later. In 2011, Matt was promoted to Vice President of Northern and Central Europe, before taking over as President of Business and Operations in EMEA in December 2014. Matt is a Non-Eexecutive Director of Sainsbury’s, and a Trustee of charities The Climate Group and The Media Trust. M​att has had a long career in media and marketing, joining Google from the newspaper industry, where he led commercial and digital operations at the biggest UK publisher. Matt previously worked at management consultancy McKinsey. Matt has an MBA from London Business School, an M.A. degree in Land Economy and Geography from University of Cambridge and won silver medals for Cambridge in several Boat Races. Matt was also a member of the British rowing team and has won medals in eights and fours at the World Rowing Championships and represented Great Britain at the Olympics. In 2014, Matt was appointed a Steward of Henley Royal Regatta and he still rows regularly, though more slowly. Matt lives in London, near the Thames, with his wife, teenage sons and small dog. Learn more about Matthew Brittin on Crunchbase…

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Wendy Tan White

Vice President @ X, the moonshot factory

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Wendy Tan-White is Founder and CMO of fast growth software company Moonfruit which provides small businesses with a simple but powerful DIY website builder giving them total design control. She founded in 1999, as CEO raising significant venture capital from Macromedia and LVMH. Moonfruit was sold to Gandi Group in 2005 where Wendy became Marketing Director but catalysed by high growth it was spun back out as a separate company, raising $2.25m from Stephens(US) in Sept 2010 to scale internationally. A BEng in Computer Science from Imperial College, London led her to a career in IT and finance. She was part of start-up team which set up, the UK’s first Internet bank. Wendy was also part of the team who set-up in 2004, the first European peer to peer lending website. Wendy mentors for 500startups, silicon valley based seed fund and incubator, she’s on the investment panel of Mobius Lifesciences incubator and a mentor for Astia Women Entrepreneur’s Programme. She has an MA in Design for Future Textiles from Central St. Martins and is a smart textile designer for fun. She works with her husband Joe White who is CEO, Moonfruit and they live in West London with their 6 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter. Learn more about Wendy Tan White on Crunchbase…

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Arjun Purkayastha

Senior Vice President – eCommerce, Digital & Ventures @ Reckitt

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Arjun Purkayastha is a purpose driven leader with extensive global experience managing diverse businesses and multi-cultural teams at FTSE Top 10 and Fortune 100 companies – RB and P&G. He has a strong track record of building outperforming teams, iconic brands & innovative business models across 60+ countries having lived & worked in the UK, Singapore, South Korea and India.
 He currently leads eCommerce, CRM, digital, DNVB & start up ventures globally for RB with P&L, strategic and operational responsibility of all online channels & customers. He serves on the Board of Directors of 4 high growth, online focused companies – (one of the largest and best 3P resellers on Amazon), Bombay Shaving Company (leading men’s wellness company in India), UpSpring (mom & baby products) and Healthily by Your.MD (AI powered self care). He is also an Investment Committee Member of Founders Factory & RB’s JV focused on Hygiene & Home start ups. Learn more about Arjun Purkayastha on Crunchbase…

Reckitt Benckiser Group is a consumer goods company makes health, hygiene and home products. Read more aboutReckitt on Crunchbase…

Liam Negus-Fancey

Founder & President @ Pollen

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Pollen is a members-only community that curates and shares experiences for you and your friends to discover. As a marketplace of the best experiences in the world, our mission is to elevate lives by bringing people closer to the people and the things they love. From festivals, events, dining experiences, island escapes, and beyond, we want to help create unforgettable memories shared between friends old and new by allowing members to unlock a range of experiential rewards. Learn more about Liam Negus-Fancey on Crunchbase…

Pollen builds, curates, and delivers the best travel experiences. Read more aboutPollen on Crunchbase…

Stuart Fiertz

Co-Founder, President & Director of Research CFA, CAIA @ Cheyne Capital Management

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Stuart Fiertz is the co-founder, President and Director of Research of Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP. From 1991 to June 2000, and prior to establishing Cheyne Capital, Stuart worked for Morgan Stanley where he was responsible for the development and implementation of customised portfolio strategies and for credit research in the convertible bond management practice, latterly as an Executive Director. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Stuart was an equity research analyst for the Value Line Investment Survey from 1984 – 1986, and a high yield credit analyst in Boston at Merrill Lynch from 1986 – 1988 and in New York at Lehman Brothers from 1988 – 1990. During this time, Stuart was responsible for the analysis of companies in a wide range of industries. Stuart is a CFA® charterholder and a CAIA designee. He is also on the board of the CFA Society of the UK, a council director of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), chairman of the AIMA Alternative Credit Council and a Founder of the Hedge Fund Standards Board. Stuart was educated at the International School of Geneva from 1976 – 1980 and from 1980 – 1984 at Dartmouth College where he was awarded a BA degree in Political Science and Economics. Learn more about Stuart Fiertz on Crunchbase…

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Karl A L Smith

President @ Agile World

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Karl Smith is a holistic transformation leader and strategist more involved with how humans have to deal with technology and transformation than the technology or TOM itself. He has been a consultant and innovator in Business Transformation and Human Centred Design since 1989 and in Agile since 2004 involved in supporting both business and technology in the adoption of Customer Centricity and Agility. Karl Smith builds companies and new capabilities working as leader and consultant to deliver the change clients are seeking. His current focus is on self funding Ways of Working Transformations delivering ROI in a constant iterative flow. He has established both new businesses and core competencies in existing global enterprises and national businesses that directly impact efficiency, market capability and value creation. He has published several books focused on the evolution of human centred design practices into agile transformation patterns. He has established both new businesses and core competencies in existing global enterprises and national businesses that directly impact efficiency, market capability and value creation. His recent focus has been on combining HCD and Agile in Enterprise Agile Portfolio management as an extension of SAFe. Karl Smith is a Fellow of the British Computer Society FBCS, a member by invitation of BCS ELITE the CIO & CTO group and European CIO Association and has supported various Westminster Parliamentary Groups since 2003. He is a polymath combining, design, engineering, science, business opportunism and the humanities into his work. He works on global programs and hold both a UK passport and an EU passport through dual nationality. He has a track record since 1989 of designing, launching and delivering global and national new business models, organisational designs, professional services, capabilities and client services working with VC, consulting companies or hired direct by clients. Working with legacy or greenfield contexts he turns them into successful ecosystems, engagements, revenue generating offerings though a Business Agility, Organisational Design (Agility), Lean-Agile Leadership and Human Centred (UX and CX strategy) Design. He has always been fascinated by how technology can augment the lives of humans; “My desire was not to build things that humans already do but to find out how technology could evolve our human experience.” Learn more about Karl A L Smith on Crunchbase…

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Moubin Faizullah-Khan

Investment Professional: Vice President @ Apax Partners

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Moubin Faizullah-Khan is an Associate in the Retail & Consumer team. He joined Apax Partners in 2014 and is currently based in London. Prior to joining Apax Partners, Moubin was an engagement manager at McKinsey & Co. in their London office, where he primarily worked in retail and consumer on a broad set of topics including strategy, operational improvement and due diligence. Moubin is a medical doctor, graduating from Imperial College with an MBBS (hons) and BSc (hons). Learn more about Moubin Faizullah-Khan on Crunchbase…

Apax Partners is an independent global partnership focused solely on long-term investment in growth companies. Read more aboutApax Partners on Crunchbase…

Arnold W. Donald

President and Chief Executive Officer @ Carnival Cruise Line

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Arnold W. Donald has been a director of Carnival Corporation since 2001 and a director of Carnival plc since 2003. Mr. Donald has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Carnival Corporation & plc since July 2013. He is also Principal of AWDPLC LLC, a private investment company. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of The Executive Leadership Council, a professional network of African-American executives of major U.S. companies, from 2010 to June 2012. He previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International from 2006 to 2008. From 2000 to 2005, Mr. Donald was the Chairman of the Board of Merisant Company, a manufacturer and marketer of tabletop sweetener products, including the Equal® and Canderel® brands. From 2000 to 2003, he was also the Chief Executive Officer of Merisant Company. From 1998 to 2000, he was Senior Vice-President of Monsanto Company, a company which develops agricultural products and consumer goods, and President of its nutrition and consumer sector. Prior to that, he was President of Monsanto Company’s agricultural sector. He has been a member of the boards of directors of Bank of America Corporation since January 2013 and Crown Holdings, Inc. since July 1999. He was a member of the board of The Laclede Group, Inc. from January 2003 to January 2014, Oil-Dri Corporation of America from December 1997 to January 2013 and The Scotts Company from March 2000 to January 2009. Learn more about Arnold W. Donald on Crunchbase…

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Emmanuel Ligner

President & CEO, Life Sciences @ GE Healthcare

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Emmanuel joined GE Healthcare in April 2008, following its acquisition of Whatman International Plc. Since 2008, Emmanuel has held various positions in GE Healthcare Life Sciences. Working both in the UK and in the US, he managed the North America BioProcess business. In January 2012, Emmanuel took charge of the Commercial part of the then Life Sciences business, across EMEA, later expanding his role to include global commercial leadership of BioProcess. In January 2016, Emmanuel was name General Manager of the Core Imaging business which he held until he was named President and CEO of Life Sciences In July 2017. Emmanuel first entered the biopharma industry in Japan, joining Ostuka Pharmaceutical International Ltd as a Medical Representative in Tokyo. After five years in Ostuka in various roles, Emmanuel joined Abbott Japan, occupying positions such as Marketing Director Diagnostic Division and Commercial Director Diabetes Care Division. After 10 years in Japan, Emmanuel moved to the UK as Vice President Sales & Marketing Europe for Whatman International Plc. Learn more about Emmanuel Ligner on Crunchbase…

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Steve Cahillane

President & Chief Executive Officer @ NBTY

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Steve Cahillane joined NBTY in September 2014 as President & CEO. Since that time, he has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of NBTY. Prior to joining NBTY, Steve served as President of Coca-Cola Americas, which consists of both the North American and Latin American operations. Before assuming that role, he held positions as President and CEO of Coca-Cola Refreshments (CCR), an operating unit of the North American business of The Coca Cola Company, and President of Coca-Cola Enterprise’s (CCE) North American business. Mr. Steven A. Cahillane, also known as Steve, has been the Chief Executive Officer and President at Kellogg Company since October 2, 2017 and has been its Chairman since March 16, 2018. Mr. Cahillane possesses particular knowledge and experience in a variety of areas, including accounting and financial acumen, risk management, innovation and research and development, branded consumer products and consumer dynamics, regulatory and government that strengthens the Board’s Learn more about Steve Cahillane on Crunchbase…

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Ilia Perekopsky

Vice President @ Telegram Messenger

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Ilia Perekopsky is the vice president of Telegram Messenger. Learn more about Ilia Perekopsky on Crunchbase…

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Mark Adams

Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation @ Vice Media

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Ian Marchant

Honorary President @ Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

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Ian was Chief Executive of SSE, one of the UK’s leading utility companies and Scotland’s largest industrial company for over ten years. He stepped down from that position in the summer of 2013. Ian is now Chairman of Infinis Energy plc, a renewable energy company; Independent Chairman of the oil services company, the John Wood group and Nova Innovation; as well as holding various advisory and non-executive positions in other organisations. Ian is a renowned and innovative leader in the energy industry, and was welcomed to Synaptec’s advisory board in July 2016. Learn more about Ian Marchant on Crunchbase…

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) promotes the study of zoology and kindred subjects. Read more aboutRoyal Zoological Society of Scotland on Crunchbase…

Edward Hughes

Vice President @ Providence Equity Partners

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Edward Hughes is a vice president based in our London office. Prior to joining Providence in 2013, Mr. Hughes was a vice president in the telecommunications, media and technology investment banking group at J.P. Morgan in London. He received a Bachelor of Science from Durham University. Learn more about Edward Hughes on Crunchbase…

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Mark Munro

Founder & President @ Munro Capital

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Mr. Munro has served as our Chief Executive Officer and as the Chairman of our Board since December 2011. Mr. Munro is also the Founder and has been President of Munro Capital Inc., a private equity investment firm, since 2005. Mr. Munro has been the Chief Executive Officer and owner of 1112 Third Ave Corp., a real estate holding company, since October 2000. He has also been an investor in private companies for the last seven years, including Vaultlogix, LLC, a provider of online data backup solutions for business data. Prior to forming Munro Capital, Mr. Munro founded, built and sold Eastern Telcom Inc., a telecommunication company, from 1990 to 1996. Mr. Munro has been directly involved in over $150 million of private and public transactions as both an investor and entrepreneur. Mr. Munro sat on the board of Vaultlogix, LLC from March 2004 to February 2008. Mr. Munro also has experience as a former Chairman of the Board of Inc., a NASDAQ-listed internet access, web design and e-commerce hosting company, from May 1999 to August 2002. Mr. Munro received his B.A. in economics from Connecticut College. Mr. Munro brings extensive business experience, including years as a successful entrepreneur and investor, to our board of directors and executive management team. Learn more about Mark Munro on Crunchbase…

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Will Wells

Founder & President @ Hummingbird Technologies

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Will founded Hummingbird Technologies in January 2016, where the business spent its first year developing Machine Learning algorithms at the Imperial College technology incubator. Prior to this, Will spent 10 years in the Finance and Investment sector. This included M&A and other special advisory roles at Citigroup and Lincoln International, as well as investment management at the successful multi-billion dollar Highclere global equity fund, where he was also a Partner. Will grew up on a farm and is a keen sportsman. He holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School and a First Class MA Honours degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh. Will sits on the Board of a Royal Marsden cancer charity and Math Engine plc, a UK public investment fund. Learn more about Will Wells on Crunchbase…

Hummingbird is a drone and satellite enabled imagery analytics business for precision agriculture. Read more aboutHummingbird Technologies on Crunchbase…

Jake Donavan

President of European operations @ LionTree

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Jake Donavan recently joined LionTree in November 2016 as President of Europe. LionTree is a global technology, media and telecommunications investment and merchant banking firm. Prior to joining LionTree, Jake worked at J.P. Morgan for 24 years. His last role was Head of Industry Coverage for Investment Banking in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this role, Jake was responsible for overseeing the origination activities of industry-aligned investment bankers in Europe. Prior to this role Jake was Senior Country Officer and Regional Head of Investment Banking for Benelux, Nordics, CEE and Israel and prior to that Global Co-Head of TMT. Over his career, Jake has been based in New York and Buenos Aires (M&A Latin America) as well as Madrid and London (M&A/TMT/Coverage). He has been based in Europe since 1997. Jake has advised on many industry defining TMT transactions over his career. Some representative M&A transactions on which he has advised include the following among many others: Havas sale to Vivendi; GIC investment in Acuris; BC Partners sale of Com Hem stake; TDC’s sale of TDC Sverige AB to Tele2; Koninklijke KPN’s sale of BASE €1.325bn; Altice cross- border merger and share split €62bn; Altice S.A.’s acquisition of Suddenlink $9.1bn; Altice N.V.’s acquisition of Cablevision $18bn; Numericable Group’s acquisition of SFR €17bn; TDC A/S’s acquisition of GET €1.7bn; KPN’s sale of E-Plus to Telefónica Deutschland; KPN’s defence vs. AMX; EQT’s sale of KBW to Liberty Global €3.16bn; Telenor’s merger with VimpelCom and Kyivstar $11.8bn; DT’s merger with TMobile UK and Orange UK in a 50:50 JV $9bn; NTC’s acquisition of TDC $14.1bn; Liberty Global’s acquisition of Cablecom Holding; BT’s sale of its Eutelsat stake €517mm; DT’s acquisition of Orange NL. Learn more about Jake Donavan on Crunchbase…

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Britta Bomhard

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer @ Church & Dwight, Co

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Reza Mostafavi Tabatabaei

President @ ENEXD UK

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Reza Mostafavi Tabatabaei is an innovative leader focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive environments with more than 20 years of international experience and a deep expertise in the fields of Engineering Technology and Business Management related to Oil and Gas. رضا مصطفوی طباطبایی يك كارآفرين ،سرمايه گذار و تاجر در زمينه صنعت نفت و گاز بوده و در حال حاضر مدير عامل شركت نفت و گاز مستقر در دبي ميباشد .فعاليت هاي اصلی اين شركت شامل ارائه خدمات مهندسي مرتبط به عمليات حفاري در خشكي و دريا ميباشد. بخش ديگر فعاليت هاي شركت وي در زمینه صنعت هواپیمایی و همکاری با لوفتانزا سیستم جهت نصب و راه اندازی سيستم BRS برای فرودگاه بين المللي امام خميني و اجراي فاز دوم فرودگاه بين المللي امام خميني بوده است . Learn more about Reza Mostafavi Tabatabaei on Crunchbase…

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Simon Vincent

Executive Vice President, Hilton and President of Europe Middle East and Africa @ Hilton Worldwide

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Simon Vincent Is The Executive Vice President, Hilton, and President, Europe Middle East and Africa At Hilton. Learn more about Simon Vincent on Crunchbase…

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Baz Khuti

President US @ Modak Analytics

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Louise Sondergaard

Vice President @ Apax Partners

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Louise Sondergaard is an Associate in the Tech & Telco team. She joined Apax Partners in 2014 and is currently based in London. She has participated in a number of key deals including EVRY, where she serves on the Board. Prior to joining Apax Partners, Louise was an associate at McKinsey & Company in their London office, where she primarily worked on restructuring, transformation and strategy topics. Louise holds a MSc from London Business School (with distinction), and a BSc in International Business from Copenhagen Business School (summa cum laude; with joint degree from Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of North Carolina). Learn more about Louise Sondergaard on Crunchbase…

Apax Partners is an independent global partnership focused solely on long-term investment in growth companies. Read more aboutApax Partners on Crunchbase…

Jon Barfield

President and CEO @ LJ Holdings Investment

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Jon Barfield is president and chief executive officer of LJ Holdings Investment Company LLC, a private investment company. In March 2012, he retired from Bartech Group, Inc. (“Bartech”) where he served since 1981 as president and from 1995 to March 2012 as chairman and president of this industry-leading professional services firm, with headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, delivering talent management and managed service provider solutions to Global 1000 firms. In July 1999, The Wall Street Journal described John Barfield and the company he led for 32 years as one of “America’s greatest success stories.” The company employees and manages the daily work assignments for more than 26,000 associates and more than $2.5 billion in procurement for major employers around the world, making Bartech Group one of the largest, independent talent acquisition and management firms in the United States. During the past five years, Jon previously served as a director of BMC Software, Inc., Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc., Dow Jones & Company, and National City Corp. He has been a director of CMS Energy Corporation since August 2005. Jon also served for many years as chairman of the audit committee of the Princeton University Board of Trustees and he is currently a director of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. He graduated from Princeton University in 1974 and Harvard Law School in 1977. Learn more about Jon Barfield on Crunchbase…

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Jan Makela

President and CEO, Imaging at GE Healthcare @ GE Healthcare

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Jan Makela is the President & CEO of GE Healthcare Global Services. Appointed in December 2017, he oversees the global development and execution of GE Healthcare’s service solutions and operations around the globe. Learn more about Jan Makela on Crunchbase…

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Gregory Case

President & CEO @ Aon

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Gregory Case is President and Chief Executive Officer of Aon plc, the leading global provider of risk management solutions, insurance and reinsurance brokerage and Human Resource solutions. Greg is also a Member of the Board of Directors AT Aon plc. As Chief Executive Officer, Greg directs the efforts of more than 72,000 colleagues in more than 120 countries. Greg has focused the organization on a three-part strategy for building Aon centered around providing distinctive value for clients, attracting the best talent and achieving operational excellence. Greg has nearly two decades of experience in the insurance and financial services industries. Before joining Aon, Greg served on the governing Shareholders’ Council at McKinsey & Company, a leading international management consultant, and led their Global Insurance and Financial Services Practice. Prior to McKinsey, Greg worked for the investment banking firm of Piper, Jaffray and Hopwood and at the Federal Reserve Bank. Greg holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and graduated summa cum laude from Kansas State University. Greg serves on the boards of Discover Financial Services, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital, Field Museum of Natural History, CEO’s Against Cancer and St. John’s University School of Risk Management. In 2014, Greg was named by the Harvard Business Review as one of the top 100 best performing CEOs in the world. Learn more about Gregory Case on Crunchbase…

Aon is a global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, human resources solutions, and outsourcing services. Read more aboutAon on Crunchbase…

Carlo Giovanni Biggio

Vice President @ Accel

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Carlo Giovanni Biggio focuses on Cloud, Fintech and Security businesses. Prior to joining Accel, Carlo was with Anthemis and Rocket Internet, focusing on early-stage European startups. Carlo is from Cagliari, Italy and graduated from Bocconi University and the Rotterdam School of Management. Learn more about Carlo Giovanni Biggio on Crunchbase…

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Rodney O’Neal

CEO & President @ Aptiv

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Rodney O’Neal is the chief executive officer and president of Delphi. O’Neal began his automotive career at General Motors (GM) in 1971 as a student at General Motors Institute (currently Kettering University). In 1975, he joined the Inland Division where he held a number of engineering and manufacturing positions in Ohio, Portugal, and Canada. He was named director of industrial engineering for the former Chevrolet-Pontiac-GM of Canada Group in 1991 and the following year became a director of manufacturing for Delphi. O’Neal was named general director of Warehousing & Distribution for GM Service Parts Operations in 1994. In 1997, he was elected a GM vice president and named general manager of Delphi Interior Systems. When Delphi became an independent company following its spinoff from GM, O’Neal was elected a Delphi vice president and president of Delphi Interior Systems in November 1998. In 2000, O’Neal was named executive vice president of the former Safety, Thermal & Electrical Architecture Sector. O’Neal was named president of the Dynamics, Propulsion and Thermal Sector in 2003 and was named president and chief operating officer in 2005. He was named to his current position of chief executive officer in January, 2007. O’Neal earned a bachelor’s degree from General Motors Institute and a master’s degree from Stanford University. O’Neal serves on the board of directors for Delphi and the board of directors of Sprint/Nextel. O’Neal is a member of the Executive Leadership Council and former member of the board of directors for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, the board of directors for Inroads, Inc., the Michigan Manufacturers Association, the Woodward Governor Company and the advisory board for Focus: HOPE. Learn more about Rodney O’Neal on Crunchbase…

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Patrick Legro

Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer Staples Europe @ Staples Europe

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David Bunch

Vice President Retail Sales and Operations & Chairman SDSA @ Royal Dutch Shell

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David has been with Shell for 17 years – in a number of marketing & sales roles. Prior to his appointment as Vice-President Marketing, David was General Manager Retail Lubricant Sales for the Americas within the Global Commercial organization.After graduating in Psychology and Economics, David completed an MBA at the London Business School and then began his career in Asia, moving to Europe and then the US – where prior to joining Shell he worked with Sony, in the PlayStation division; Japan Steel, in new product development; and Anderson Consulting, in the Retail practice. Learn more about David Bunch on Crunchbase…

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Gavin Howe

Executive Vice President, Human Resources @ Elsevier

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Gavin Howe is Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Elsevier. He led the successful integration of the Harcourt businesses into Reed Elsevier and led the sale of and transfer of the Harcourt college business to Thomson Reuters. Previously, he was Chief Operations Officer at Elsevier and CEO of the Reed Elsevier Technology Group based in Boston. Having joined Elsevier in 1998, Gavin’s responsibilities have included central marketing, social sciences and economics publishing, IT, production and customer services. For the 15 years prior to joining Elsevier, he worked for another Reed Elsevier company, Reed Business Information in Marketing, Publishing and Electronic Publishing. Gavin rose to be a divisional MD at Reed Business Information and joined the board in 1993. Gavin started his publishing career in Journalism, becoming an editor of a Yachting Magazine. Learn more about Gavin Howe on Crunchbase…

Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology. Read more aboutElsevier on Crunchbase…

John Sutton

President & Chief Digital Officer @ Red Ventures

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John Sutton currently serves as Chief Digital Officer and President of Red Ventures; responsible for leading Digital Media including paid search, SEO, Programmatic Display, Social, and other digital practices for Red Ventures and it’s many partners. In addition, John is responsible for new technology development, investments, and acquisitions; including recent innovations in online to offline and cross-device tracking technologies, development of omni-channel messaging solutions, and bespoke technology solutions for partner-driven and principal businesses at Red Ventures across the globe. Prior to joining Red Ventures, John owned and operated his own internet marketing consulting firm where he provided marketing strategy, agency contract negotiation and hands-on management of search marketing initiatives for several large organizations. He also served as Director of Internet Marketing for Career Education Corporation, a large for-profit education company based outside of Chicago, IL. John attended Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Learn more about John Sutton on Crunchbase…

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Harry Fackelmayer

Vice President @ Eight Roads Ventures

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Michael Gibbs

Co-founder & President @ Second Nature

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Cambridge pharmacology graduate, strategy consultant, entrepreneur, author, health and nutrition geek. Incredibly strong believer in immersing yourself in the details of science and physiology – rather than the face value of published scientific papers – in order to come to a critical viewpoint on nutrition and public health. “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgement of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines” – Marcia Angell, long-time editor of the New England Journal of Medicine. Learn more about Michael Gibbs on Crunchbase…

Second Nature is a digital programme that helps people lead healthier lives Read more aboutSecond Nature on Crunchbase…

Kelly Kowal

Executive Vice President, Farfetch Platform Solutions (FPS) @ Farfetch

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As Managing Director of Farfetch Black & White, Kelly’s role is focused on leading her team to build revolutionary multi-channel e-commerce solutions and operating e-commerce sites for luxury brands and retailers. Kelly sits on the Farfetch Executive Board. Kelly joined Farfetch in 2010 to build and lead all digital marketing initiatives including customer acquisition, retention and engagement. Within her time at Farfetch, she also led the international growth and development strategy, overseeing expansion and localisation for all markets. Kelly’s background is in internet marketing and e-commerce, with her experience spanning over 15 years. Learn more about Kelly Kowal on Crunchbase…

Farfetch is an online luxury fashion retail platform. Read more aboutFarfetch on Crunchbase…

Roy Tuvey

Co-Founder and President @ Wandera

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Wandera provides a unified cloud security solution to protect the modern workplace Read more aboutWandera on Crunchbase…

Niccolo Ferragamo

Vice President @ Apax Partners

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Vice President @ Apax Partners – focusing on Growth Equity opportunities in Software (PriceFx), Fintech, Marketplaces Former H&F Sr. Associate (worked on the Nets, Concardis and TeamSystem transactions), McKinsey Associate, CEO & Founder at Kiwi Local Learn more about Niccolo Ferragamo on Crunchbase…

Apax Partners is an independent global partnership focused solely on long-term investment in growth companies. Read more aboutApax Partners on Crunchbase…

Harsha Subasinghe

President and CEO @ Codegen

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Harsha Subasinghe is President and CEO at Codegen. Learn more about Harsha Subasinghe on Crunchbase…

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Richard Moross

Founder, President & CEO @ MOO.COM

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Richard is the founder and CEO of, one of the world’s fastest-growing print businesses. Launched in late 2006, MOO is focussed on disrupting the trillion dollar print industry, with its unique approach to design, technology and operations. This has allowed it to sustain industry-leading NPS, gross margin and top-line growth for a business of its size. To date, MOO has served millions of customers in nearly 200 countries and employs over 400 people across 6 locations in the UK and USA. Before founding MOO, Richard worked for the design company Imagination, other past companies also include and the BBC. Richard served on the board of Seedcamp and was a non-Executive Director of Ladbrokes PLC between 2012 and 2016. In October 2016 Richard joined N Brown PLC as a Non-Executive Director. Richard has been featured in the ‘Wired 100’ and ‘Media Guardian 100’ lists, was named amongst the Telegraph Newspaper’s ‘1,000 Most Powerful People in British Business’, and was ranked in the Guardian Newspaper’s top 10 most influential people in digital media. Richard is also an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and the Young Presidents Organisation. Learn more about Richard Moross on Crunchbase…

MOO.COM is an online print and design company. Read more aboutMOO.COM on Crunchbase…

Asit Mehra

Executive Vice President @ Omnicom Group

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Asit is responsible for growing some of Omnicom’s key client relationships. He is tasked with developing and delivering bespoke “Screen to Shelf” solutions for clients that leverage the scale and creativity of Omnicom’s individual agencies, creating new, more effective ways of engaging with large global clients and ultimately their consumers. Asit has been with Omnicom for almost nine years, before which he spent 18 years at the Interpublic Group, where he held a variety of roles, ranging from running large multinational businesses, regions and offices. Asit is a true citizen of the world, having grown up and worked on both sides of the Atlantic and Asia. Learn more about Asit Mehra on Crunchbase…

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Richard Kirk

Vice President, International Sales, Software Integrity Group @ Synopsys

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Alex Kontos

Vice President Of Engineering @ System1

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Hamza Farrukh

Vice President, Macro Rates Sales @ Goldman Sachs

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Hamza Farrukh is founder at Bondh-E-Shams and a securities analyst at Goldman Sachs. Learn more about Hamza Farrukh on Crunchbase…

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Stephen Steinour

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer @ Huntington National Bank

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Stephen Steinour is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated (since 2009), a $64 billion regional bank holding company. Previously, he was the Chairman and Managing Partner of CrossHarbor Capital Partners, a private equity firm (2008-January 2009). From 2006 to 2008, he was President and CEO of Citizens Financial Group, Inc., a multistate commercial bank holding company. Prior to that, Mr. Steinour served as Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Citizens Mid-States regional banking (2005-2006). He served as Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Citizens Mid-Atlantic Region (2001-2005). At the beginning of his career, Mr. Steinour was an analyst for the U.S. Treasury Department and subsequently worked for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Mr. Steinour was a member of the board of trustees of the Liberty Property Trust (an office and industrial property real estate investment trust) from February 2010 until May 2014, where he served on its audit and compensation committees. Mr. Steinour has served on the board of directors of L Brands (fashion retailer) since 2014. He was elected to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Board in November 2013. Mr. Steinour is a member of council of The Pennsylvania Society, a non-profit, charitable organization which celebrates service to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He also serves as a trustee of the Eisenhower Fellowships and is a member of the Columbus Partnership and a trustee of the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation. He is a member of the American Bankers Association. Mr. Steinour also served as a member on the policy and legal affairs committees of the Pennsylvania Business Roundtable, an association of CEOs in large Pennsylvania companies representing significant employment and economic activity in the Commonwealth. He also has served on the board of and as the chairman of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.​ Learn more about Stephen Steinour on Crunchbase…

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Martin Froggatt

Executive Vice President – Abercrombie & Kent USA @ Abercrombie & Kent

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Peter Randall

President, Founder @ SETL

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Peter Randall is the SETL’s COO, Credited with revolutionising the equity exchange market in Europe through the establishment of Chi-X Europe Ltd, Peter led the company’s growth as founder and CEO, from an unknown multilateral trading facility to become one of the top 5 trading venues in Europe by volumes traded. Subsequently, Peter was appointed CEO of Equiduct, where he restructured the business, and turned it into the fastest growing trading platform in Europe in 2012. Prior to Equiduct and Chi-X, Peter was COO at Instinet Europe Ltd, and Executive Director of FIX Protocol Ltd. Learn more about Peter Randall on Crunchbase…

SETL is a technology company that focuses on blockchain settlements and payments. Read more aboutSETL on Crunchbase…

Abhas Ricky

Vice President, Business and Cloud Transformation @ Cloudera

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Abhas Ricky is the Vice President, Business & Cloud Transformation of Cloudera. Learn more about Abhas Ricky on Crunchbase…

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David Cutter

President of Supply and Procurement @ Diageo

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David Cutter was appointed as President of Global Supply & Procurement in July 2014. Based in Diageo’s Global Supply headquarters in Edinburgh, David is responsible for a world class supply chain delivering Diageo’s brands to over 180 markets around the world from over 100 production facilities located in over 30 countries. He was previously the managing director of Diageo’s International Supply Centre (ISC) where he was responsible for Diageo’s spirits and beer production operations in Europe, which includes production of global brands such as Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Baileys, Smirnoff, Gordon’s and Tanqueray. Prior to moving to Scotland, David was President of Diageo Supply across the Americas, overseeing the company’s end-to-end supply operations across North America and Latin America & Caribbean. During this time he also led the creation of a new rum distillery in the US Virgin Islands. Prior to moving to North America, David led Diageo’s Asia Pacific Supply business based in Singapore. He has worked in manufacturing, supply and product management for more than 20 years and prior to joining Diageo held leadership roles at other leading consumer goods companies including Frito-Lay and SC Johnson. Learn more about David Cutter on Crunchbase…

Diageo is a premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, beer, and wine. Read more aboutDiageo on Crunchbase…

Esme Harwood

Vice President, Public Policy @ Barclays

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Barclays is a global financial services company that provides various financial products and services worldwide. Read more aboutBarclays on Crunchbase…

Nick Jeffery

CEO and President @ Frontier Communications

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Anthony Catterson

President and CEO @ Decluttr

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Anthony Catterson is a CEO at Expansys. Learn more about Anthony Catterson on Crunchbase…

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Christian Reilly

Vice President and CTO, Workspace Services @ Citrix Systems

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Christian Reilly is Vice President & CTO at Citrix, responsible for technology strategy and platform engineering for Workspace Services. Prior to joining Citrix, Christian held leadership positions at US-based engineering and construction firm Bechtel, where he was most recently responsible for the strategic planning, enterprise architecture and innovation program within the corporate Information Systems & Technology group. In addition to expertise in technology strategy, systems design, commercial evaluation, implementation and operation of complex environments, Christian also previously oversaw commercial and technical vendor management of key global accounts for Bechtel including Citrix, Cisco, HP, Juniper, Oracle and Microsoft. Christian is a native of Manchester, England and studied business & computing at the University of Central Lancashire, England. Learn more about Christian Reilly on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCitrix Systems on Crunchbase…

George Kazianis

Co-Founder & President @ BlocSide Sports

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George is the Co-Founder and President of BlocSide and the Only4Stars International Sports and Entertainment Corporation (I.S.E.C). He was a licensed FIFA player agent and official agent for the Hellenic Football Federation. Over his 30 years in the football industry, he has built up a client list of elite youth and well-established players. Furthermore, George is renowned and widely recognized by major football clubs, such as AFC Ajax, FC Internationale Milano, and Bayer 04 Leverkusen, for his scouting prowess, youth camps, emphasis on developing young talent, and professionalism. He also has managed to acquire the exclusive rights to start building the Ajax brand name in Southern Europe, starting with Greece and Cyprus. Previously, George was the owner of AllStar Sports Consultancy, a Players & Match Agency in Athens, Greece. Learn more about George Kazianis on Crunchbase…

BlocSide Sports is creating a digital platform that leverages frictionless payments, mobile ticketing and blockchain technology. Read more aboutBlocSide Sports on Crunchbase…

Joe Baguley

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, EMEA @ VMware

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Joe Baguley is VMware’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for EMEA. He joined VMware in July 2011 and helps develop and communicate VMware’s strategy and vision with customers and partners, using his wealth of experience to help organisations reduce costs and better support users and business needs. As part of VMware’s Office of the CTO and its representative in EMEA, Joe assists VMware’s customers in understanding how to use today’s advances in technology to deliver real business impact as well as working with them to inform VMware’s R&D processes. Joe is a recognised leader within the European technical community and is considered one of the world’s most influential IT global leaders, currently positioned 26th on Tenfold’s global list of the top 79 Chief Technology Officers. He has played a key role in CloudCamp and other events, communicating how cloud technology fits into the broader IT landscape. He is a regular commentator on BBC World News, last appearing in January 2018 talking about edge computing with Aaron Heslehurst on Talking Business. In addition, Joe is also on several advisory boards at the European Commission and ETSI and is a founding committee member of the Data Centre Specialist Group at the British Computer Society which helped shape the European Code of Conduct for Data Centres. Learn more about Joe Baguley on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVMware on Crunchbase…

Andrea Calabrò

Vice President @ General Atlantic

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Andrea joined General Atlantic’s London office in 2017 and focuses on Consumer, Internet and Technology investments. Prior to joining General Atlantic, Andrea was an investment banking M&A analyst at J.P. Morgan both in London and in Milan. Andrea holds MSc. with Distinction from the London School of Economics and a BSc. Cum Laude, Valedictorian, from the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari. Learn more about Andrea Calabrò on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGeneral Atlantic on Crunchbase…

Waheed Qaiser

President @ Maxim Corporate Finance

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Waheed Qaiser (WQ) has held executive management positions at Citibank, HSBC, UBS,IIBU, IBB, QCC and is currently Chairman & CEO of Inclusive Payment Solutions (a Sharia compliant card platform) & President of Maxim Corporate Finance LLP. WQ is Co-Founder of first Islamic bank in UK licensed in 2004. WQ was head of the First Islamic window of a British bank. WQ is a Management Professional, having led Operations,Retail/Private banking, asset management, Investment banking, and various areas of conventional & Islamic banking in Global Financial Institutions. WQ is founding member of the Bank of England working party on Islamic mortgages that brought the constitutional amendment on double stamp duty for Islamic mortgages in the UK. WQ isa founding member UK technical group at The Chartered Institute for Securities &Investment “CISI” for Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ) and sits on corporate finance committee and “corporate finance qualifications assessment Board” at CISI. WQ co authored a book on Islamic retail Banking & Finance – Global challenges published byEuro-money, UK. WQ has chaired and spoken at over 100 conferences and summits globally on topics covering conventional banking, Islamic banking and other subjects. WQwas also awarded with “Honorary Professor” by EECSA Kazakhstan. Learn more about Waheed Qaiser on Crunchbase…

Maxim Corporate Finance LLP is a specialist corporate finance firm comprising corporate finance accountants and commercial lawyers. Read more aboutMaxim Corporate Finance on Crunchbase…

Olivier de Beauminy

President @ Medylink

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Read more aboutMedylink on Crunchbase…

Umashankar Lakshmipathy

Senior Vice President & Regional Head (EMEA) @ Infosys

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Yuval Ben Haim

President @ Goji Food Solutions

FollowYuval Ben Haim on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Yuval Ben-Haim is President of Goji Food Solutions. He joined Goji in 2010 and oversaw the development of new business verticals. Mr. Ben-Haim subsequently joined the managerial team at Impulse Dynamics, a medical device company, where he established a new sales channel increasing sales by 15%. In 2015, Mr. Ben-Haim was appointed Business Development Manager at Hobart Group, a private equity firm primarily focused on developing medical technologies, where he oversaw international M&A and investment transactions worth over $100M. Mr. Ben-Haim received a BSc in Physics and Medical Physics from University College London and an MBA with distinction from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. He is a member of the Young Presidents Organization. Learn more about Yuval Ben Haim on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGoji Food Solutions on Crunchbase…

Malcolm Swift

President, Global Flavor Solutions, International-EMEA and Chief Administrative Officer @ McCormick & Company

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Malcolm Swift, President Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific, was appointed to his current position in June 2014. Formerly President of EMEA, he joined McCormick in January 2005 as Vice President Consumer Group for EMEA. He is also a member of McCormick’s Management Committee. Prior to joining McCormick, Swift worked in various leadership positions at companies in Europe including Guinness Brewing as Managing Director of the European Division; Time Warner, Inc. as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the EMEA Consumer Products Division; and Hero AG as Chief Executive of the Baking Division with responsibilities in Europe and North America. Swift holds a First Class Honours Degree from the University of Wales in Great Britain. He is Chairman of the Governors of Caldicott School, a leading boy’s preparatory school in Buckinghamshire, UK and a Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Butchers, one of the oldest Livery Companies in the City of London. Learn more about Malcolm Swift on Crunchbase…

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Stephen Lemon

Co-Founder | Vice President | Strategic Partnerships & Corporate Development @ Currencycloud

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Steve has worked in Foreign exchange and international payments, pretty much forever, and participated in the first FinTech of the late 90s wave (before it was even called Fintech) as founding team member of HiFX. The current, product lead revolution has tipped him over the edge and he’s now a fully paid up FinTech geek, of the opinion that we live in exciting times and that Open APIs will change the world. Stephen currently also serves as a Non-Executive Director and Advisor for a number of early stage FinTech companies, and has recently mentored for the 2017 cohort at Techsters. In his personal time Steve is a keen amateur photographer, motorsport lover and live music fan. Learn more about Stephen Lemon on Crunchbase…

Currencycloud specializes in a fully cloud-based platform for B2B cross-border payments. Read more aboutCurrencycloud on Crunchbase…

Alistair Richards

Global President @ Guinness World Records

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Alistair holds global responsibility for every aspect of the Guinness World Records brand. His impressive 30 year career in business management for global FMCG and entertainment brands has included senior positions at Colgate-Palmolive, the $16bn global leader in health and beauty, and Hasbro, the $4bn global toys and game company. Under his leadership Guinness World Records has diversified its brand offering, expanded its global reach and relevance, while maintaining a market-leading position through continued innovation. Learn more about Alistair Richards on Crunchbase…

Guinness World Records is the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievement. Read more aboutGuinness World Records on Crunchbase…

Donna Barrett

President & CEO @ Community Newspaper Holdings

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Donna J. Barrett is President & CEO at Community Newspaper Holdings. She is Member of the Board of Directors at Associated Press. Learn more about Donna Barrett on Crunchbase…

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Mike Hughes

Zone President UK& Ireland @ Schneider Electric

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During his more than 20 years with Schneider Electric Mike has had a diverse international career. He currently heads up the Schneider Electric business in the UK and Ireland zone with responsibility for the operations of the group within the Zone. In his previous roles he led the global strategic accounts, commercial organization of the group and prior to that he managed the secure power and datacenter business in EMEA. Earlier in his career he led the Industrial automation business Unit in China and headed up the Schneider Electric business in Taiwan. Mike started his career in the Industrial motion control and automation business out of the black forest in Germany. Mike studied Electronics and Telecommunications at DIT in Dublin and holds an MBA from Kingston University in London. He speaks English, German, Mandarin and French and lives in London. Learn more about Mike Hughes on Crunchbase…

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Jan Swartz

President Princess Cruises @ Carnival Cruise Line

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Jan Swartz was appointed President of Princess Cruises in November 2013, after more than 15 years working with the cruise line. Prior to this, she served as executive vice president overseeing the line’s sales, marketing and customer service operations, a position she held since 2009. In this role, she directed many of the line’s key operations including domestic and international sales efforts, consumer and trade marketing and communications initiatives, market planning and yield management functions, and customer service activities for both travel agents and consumers. From 2004 to November 2013, Swartz served as senior vice president of customer service and sales for both Princess and Cunard Line. From 2001 to 2004 she served as Princess Cruises’ vice president of strategy and business development. Swartz holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and English from the University of Virginia. Learn more about Jan Swartz on Crunchbase…

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Sandra Friis

Vice-President of Sales @ Adyen

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Sandra Friis is the Vice President of Sales at Adyen since April 2014. Previously, Sandra was Global Business Development Manager from 2007 – 2012 at EF Education First. Learn more about Sandra Friis on Crunchbase…

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Angela Watts

Vice President of Marketing & Communications @ Spotify

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Ulyana Shtybel, Ph.D.

Chief Capital Officer and Vice President of the Board @ HighCastle

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PhD in Economics, Former Executive Director of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Ukraine,  Head of Banking and Financial Services Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce, commercial bank trainee with 180 loan specialists under supervision. Named the Digital Leader of the Year Finalist, London Regional Finalist for the Forward Ladies National Awards 2019 and Blockchain Leader Finalist for the Women in Tech Awards. Learn more about Ulyana Shtybel, Ph.D. on Crunchbase…

One powerful platform for private companies to manage investment workflow, equity and debt securities Read more aboutHighCastle on Crunchbase…

Justin Barrett

Vice President EMEA @ Brightcove

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Yigal Elstein

Vice President UK&I @ Tricentis

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Corrado Brondi

President @ Revlon

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Sergio Mottola

Founder & President @ Public Pressure

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Public Pressure operates an online NFT marketplace for the music industry. Read more aboutPublic Pressure on Crunchbase…

Pablo Graiver

President and Founder @

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Pablo Graiver is Co-Founder of Antidote Technologies Ltd. (a/k/a TrialReach Ltd.) and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director. Pablo Graiver served as Vice President of Business Development, Europe of Kayak Software Corporation. He has over 12 years of entrepreneurial and management experience in the online industry. He was an early member of NetJuice, one of the largest Internet incubators in Europe; MD at Donde, the first e-commerce directory in Spanish; and later co-founder and Vice President of Strategy at Kelkoo, acquired by Yahoo! in 2004. Pablo Graiver set up and launched in Europe, and served as European Sales Director at ValueClick (NASDAQ: VCLK). He studied Biology and Business Administration at UAM in Madrid. Learn more about Pablo Graiver on Crunchbase…

Antidote is a digital health company that accelerates and improves medical research by combining technologies, data, and business models. Read more on Crunchbase…

Hubert Patricot

Executive Vice President and President, European Group @ Coca-Cola Enterprises

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Kok-Chye Ong

Senior Vice President, Head of Investments, Data Centre @ Keppel Data Centres

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KokChye is the Senior VP and Head of Global Strategy and Investments for Keppel Data Centers, a regional data center owner and operator with over 20 data centers spread across APAC and EMEA region. He has over 20 years of international experience in telecoms, data center and submarine cable development projects. KokChye joined Keppel in 2011 as senior finance manager and went on to assume the data center investment role in 2014. Since then, he has helped to grow the company’s data center presence in APAC and EMEA as well as expanding into new markets such as Indonesia. He is also an advisor to Keppel’s US$1billion Alpha Data Center Fund. KokChye holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and graduated from the Sloan Fellows program at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business with a Master of Science in Management. Learn more about Kok-Chye Ong on Crunchbase…

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Robert Kernahan

Vice President @ Capgemini

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Rob Kernahan has done tours of duty throughout the full IT life-cycle with responsibilities across programs and services, at scale, which has led to an in-depth understanding of how IT should work and how to deliver it effectively. Learn more about Robert Kernahan on Crunchbase…

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Alan Afrasiab

President and CEO @ Talia

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Alan Afrasiab is President, CEO, and a founder of Talia Limited. An experienced senior executive with more than 20 years in the information technologies and communications networking industries. He has also held many other executive and advisory roles and served as a member on several boards of directors. Mr. Afrasiab graduated from Manchester with a B.Eng. degree in Biomedical and Bioelectronic Engineering. Learn more about Alan Afrasiab on Crunchbase…

Talia is a top-tier provider of Internet, voice, and video services Read more aboutTalia on Crunchbase…

Mark Wenham

Executive Vice President @ Multi Packaging Solutions

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Mark Wenham was appointed to the position of Executive Vice-President at Multi Packaging Solutions in November 2014. Mark has responsibility for all European operations dedicated to the Healthcare market. Previously Mark served as managing director for Chesapeake’s UK, Ireland and Asia healthcare operations and has been with the company for 18 years. He has thorough understanding of the business through a variety of roles including responsibility for its Benelux sites and a management period in the U.S. A lithographic printer by training, Mark has worked for over 33 years in the print and packaging sector. During his tenure, Mark has directed the business through a period of strong growth and he has overseen an unprecedented investment program resulting in new equipment at every location. Learn more about Mark Wenham on Crunchbase…

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