Top Influencers: 16 UK CTO & Founder’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

CTO & Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CTO & Founder role. We have selected these CTO & Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CTO & Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Simon Knowles

CTO & Founder @ Graphcore

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Vice President Strategy & DXP® Technology and Founder Simon is responsible for Icera’s corporate strategy and product roadmap. For the first 7 years of Icera’s evolution Simon served as Vice President Silicon Engineering, delivering Icera’s first two generations of cellular chipsets. Simon is the architect of Icera’s unique DXP® processor technology and continues to direct the evolution of DXP® architecture. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a founder of the company. Prior to Icera, Simon co-founded ADSL chip company Element 14, where he served as Vice President Silicon. Element 14 was acquired by Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM) for $640M in 2000. Simon established Element 14’s design centre in Bristol, UK, and was responsible for the development of Element 14’s digital chips. Simon co-architected the FirePath processor which today enables Broadcom’s unique soft DSL modem technology. Prior to Element 14, Simon led the custom processor design group of STMicroelectronics (NASDAQ: STM), formerly the design team of processor pioneer Inmos in Bristol, UK. Simon started his career at the UK’s Defence Electronics Research Agency, after graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in Electrical Science. Learn more about Simon Knowles on Crunchbase…

Graphcore develops a microprocessor designed for AI and machine learning applications. Read more about Graphcore on Crunchbase…

Anuj Saboo

CTO & Founder @ Healum

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Anuj is responsible for the company’s technology vision and team. He believes in the power of Artificial Intelligence to assist healthcare professionals in supporting and understanding their patients. He has 15 years of deep experience in technology sector from working in AI, mobile, social gaming, e-commerce, payments, digital health and network infrastructure. He is experienced in building scalable technology platforms and managing high quality engineering teams. He holds MSc in Computer Science and MSc in Embedded Systems & Robotics from University of Essex. Learn more about Anuj Saboo on Crunchbase…

Healum provides connected software and apps to improve self-management for patients with long term conditions. Read more about Healum on Crunchbase…

Paul Pamment

CTO & Founder @ Lendable

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Lendable is a lending platform. Read more about Lendable on Crunchbase…

Anwar Almojarkesh

CEO/CTO & Founder @ Braci

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Braci is a sound recognition application that analyzes unusual sound from the environment and alerts its users. Read more about Braci on Crunchbase…

Chris Hancock

CTO & Founder @ Creo Medical

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Chris has over fifteen years experience creating and developing new medical device IP focused on the use of microwave and RF energy for therapeutic applications. In 2002 he founded MicroOncology Ltd (renamed Creo Medical Ltd in 2009) to develop his ideas relating to new cancer treatment systems using state of the art semiconductor device technology to generate high frequency microwave and millimetre wave energy, and novel energy delivery and measurement techniques to identify and controllably ablate cancerous tissue. He is currently the CTO and founder of Creo Medical Ltd and holds a personal Chair in the Medical Microwave Systems Research Group at Bangor University. Chris is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, a Chartered Physicist , Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, a Chartered Engineer and a Senior Member of the IEEE. He is a named inventor and lead author on over 100 patents/patent applications and journal publications. Learn more about Chris Hancock on Crunchbase…

Creo Medical is a developer of electrosurgical devices. Read more about Creo Medical on Crunchbase…

Garry Haywood

CEO/CTO & Founder @ Kinicho

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making it easier to create and distribute spatial audio Read more about Kinicho on Crunchbase…

Chenghuan Zhong

CTO & Founder @ Inductosense

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Bamboo is leading the technical development of the embedded sensor technology which he developed over the course of his PhD and post-doctoral research. Learn more about Chenghuan Zhong on Crunchbase…

Inductosense is developing wireless, battery-free, sensors that can be permanently fixed. Read more about Inductosense on Crunchbase…

Chris Hunt

CTO & Founder @ Pireta

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Chris worked at the National Physical Laboratory where he headed up a multidisciplinary team of scientists looking at material problems in electronics interconnects. Much of this work has been done in collaboration with industry and he is chair of the UK IMAPS committee. In the role of advancing metrology, he has developed test methods and standards. He currently chairs the relevant IEC committee and travels the world giving invited international papers. He identified an interconnect solution for textiles and is one of the two inventors for a patent pending technology for making textiles conductive, as well as the founder of Pireta. Chris is a Chartered Physicist, and has a BSc from the Institute of Physics, and a PhD from Surrey University. Learn more about Chris Hunt on Crunchbase…

Pireta technology enables the integration of Smart Textiles into wide range of sectors. Read more about Pireta on Crunchbase…

Stephen Dunniece

CTO & Founder @ Cirdan

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A founder of Cirdan, Stephen studied at Belfast Institute and the University of Ulster where he completed a MSc. in Electronics and Signal Processing. After working in the Physics Dept at QUB he joined Belfast start-up Andor Technology Ltd. For the next 7 years, he undertook all aspects of camera hardware design. In 1999, Stephen became Director of his own business, Audio Control Systems Ltd, involved in the design and installation of interactive equipment for the special needs sector. Learn more about Stephen Dunniece on Crunchbase…

Cirdan delivers solutions that enable rapid implementation of a robust and scalable digital pathology workflow into a laboratory. Read more about Cirdan on Crunchbase…

Panos Dimitriou

CTO & Founder @ Encode

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Enorasys Security Analytics enables continuous cyber situational awareness to address advanced persistent threats (APTs). Read more about Encode on Crunchbase…

Phil Murphy

CTO & Founder @ Senta

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Senta is a cloud platform that’s powering up accountants and bookkeepers around the world. Read more about Senta on Crunchbase…

Gerry Sweeney

CEO, CTO & Founder @ Hornbill

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Hornbill is an innovator in business collaboration applications that help teams create content, share ideas. Read more about Hornbill on Crunchbase…

Michael Berger

CTO & Founder @ Speech Graphics

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Michael is a linguist, speech scientist and software engineer who has been a pioneering expert in the field of speech animation since 1995. He helped develop the first-ever automated talking head and co-authored a book on the subject, before moving on to the challenge of highly realistic synthesis of facial dynamics. He founded a speech animation research business in the US, and was granted a US patent on static and dynamic 3D facial reconstruction. He is also currently affiliated with the Centre for Speech Technology Research at the University of Edinburgh. Learn more about Michael Berger on Crunchbase…

Speech Graphics delivers pioneering facial animation technology to the entertainment industry. Read more about Speech Graphics on Crunchbase…

Rupert Jabelman

CTO & Founder @ Col8

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Unlocking the potential in every video by allowing you to search and use it more intuitively Read more about Col8 on Crunchbase…

Simon Starr

CTO & Founder @ Cahootify

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Simon Starr is a developer, technical consultant and investor who specialises in advising web startups and helping them to build and launch their products. Learn more about Simon Starr on Crunchbase…

Just make it. Cahootify is the project portfolio and team-forming platform for filmmakers, producers and actors. Read more about Cahootify on Crunchbase…

Elliott Thurman-Newell

CTO & Founder @ Appitek

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Elliott Thurman-Newell is the chief technology officer at Appitek. Prior to joining Appitek, Elliot spent over two years at Ceterna as the head of labs and a UX or UI designer and front-end developer. Elliott Thurman-Newell holds a bachelor’s degree in product design and innovation from the University of Portsmouth. Learn more about Elliott Thurman-Newell on Crunchbase…

Appitek develops Salesforce applications to improve business processes. Read more about Appitek on Crunchbase…

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