Top Influencers: 22 UK Head of People’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Head of People and Talent play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Head of People and Talent role. We have selected these Head of People and Talent’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Head of People and Talent’s. The list is in no particular order!

Katy Pond

Head of People and Talent @ boclips

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Katy handles all the HR and People needs at boclips. This means building great scaleable processes, making sure we have the best talent on board at the right time and taking care of the company culture we have established here at boclips. Her background is executive search both for companies in the startup world and corporates. Learn more about Katy Pond on Crunchbase…

boclips is an online platform that enables its users to find, watch, and learn through educational video clips. Read more about boclips on Crunchbase…

Leah Ellis

Head of People and Talent @ Goodlord

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Leah’s mission is to transform the common perception of people roles as fluffy to essential. She wants to help create cultures where people work hard, have fun and can truly be themselves. When she’s not in the office, Leah can most often be found in the pub, watching sport or exploring new places. Learn more about Leah Ellis on Crunchbase…

Goodlord offers a cloud-based software to help estate agents, landlords, and tenants manage the rental process. Read more about Goodlord on Crunchbase…

Fiona Hunter

Head of People @ BrewDog

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Her approach to people management is simple – in the right environment, people will shine. She is a firm believer is playing to people’s strengths, and giving them a rewarding, supportive environment whilst encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone in order to turbocharge their skills and development. Fiona has worked in a wide variety of sectors in the last 20 years, including construction, gambling, outsourced customer service, retail and hospitality. Previously a generalist who wanted to get involved in absolutely everything, she’s found her spiritual home and greatest challenge yet at BrewDog, where the two biggest focuses are people and beer. Happily, these are Fiona’s two favourite things ever. Now, at the disruptive brewery brand, she’s leading the delivery of the people strategy during a phase of phenomenal growth and expansion, working to push the boundaries of employee reward, and helping to make everyone as passionate about great craft beer as BrewDog are! Learn more about Fiona Hunter on Crunchbase…

BrewDog is a craft beer brewery that produces bottled and canned beers in a variety of styles. Read more about BrewDog on Crunchbase…

Oliver Allnutt

Head of People @ Kubrick Group

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Oliver Allnutt joined Kubrick in February 2018. His professional background has been honed in the British Army, where he spent almost 7 years as an officer in the infantry. Oliver is responsible for all aspects of a Kubrick consultant’s professional development, as well as ensuring the management of the company’s people runs smoothly and to a timely manner. Learn more about Oliver Allnutt on Crunchbase…

Kubrick Group is a new force in technology consulting, providing fully trained and accredited junior consultants to organisations. Read more about Kubrick Group on Crunchbase…

Jordan Pettman

Global Head of People Data, Analytics and Planning @ Nestlé

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Recognised as a leader in the field, Jordan has worked in People Analytics for around a decade, as both a consultant working with leading organisations all over the world, and now in house at Nestlé Across a career in consulting, and now leading the global function at Nestlé, Jordan leads in end-to-end strategic workforce planning programs, has developed Centres of Expertise to roll out workforce planning and analytics as new functions inside organisations and in workforce analytics, to conduct data analysis and presentation as well as ongoing education of analytics resources to identify and exploit trends in workforce metrics that lead to positive business outcomes. Learn more about Jordan Pettman on Crunchbase…

Read more about Nestlé on Crunchbase…

Daisy O’Leary

Head of People Operations @ Just Eat

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Daisy O’Leary joined Just Eat in May 2019 and is Head of People Operations, focusing on Just Eat’s global HR systems implementation with their strategy, culture and values at the heart of it! Prior to joining Just Eat she has worked at Unite Students and the BBC to deliver HR and business transformation with a strong emphasis on connecting shared services with business partnering to ensure alignment to the business strategy and an excellent employee experience. Learn more about Daisy O’Leary on Crunchbase…

Just Eat provides convenient and easy access to a huge variety of delivery restaurants and order food online. Read more about Just Eat on Crunchbase…

Gemma Critchley

Head of People Development Experiences and Innovation @ Legal & General

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Read more about Legal & General on Crunchbase…

Grace Choong

Head of People and Special Projects @ GuestReady

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Grace Choong is the Head of Finance at GuestReady. Learn more about Grace Choong on Crunchbase…

Read more about GuestReady on Crunchbase…

Sophie Amato

Head of People & Talent @ VouchedFor

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Helping millions of people find the best financial advisers, solicitors and accountants for help with life’s biggest decisions Read more about VouchedFor on Crunchbase…

Therese Kinal

Head of People & Organization Consulting – PwC Norway @ PwC

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PricewaterhouseCoopers is an accounting firm that provides tax, HR, transactions, performance improvement, and crisis management services. Read more about PwC on Crunchbase…

Anne-Marie Lister

Head of People Experience @ Atom Bank

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Atom Bank is a mobile banking application that offers a range of personal and business banking products. Read more about Atom Bank on Crunchbase…

Niamh Keys

Head of People @ iwoca

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Niamh Keys is the head of people operations at Iwoca. Learn more about Niamh Keys on Crunchbase…

Iwoca offers credit financing services for small businesses. Read more about iwoca on Crunchbase…

Georgina Edobor

Head of People @ what3words

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With almost 10 years in HR, Georgina has spent the last 5 years of her career working in advertising for one of WPP’s most prominent agencies. Whilst at university, Georgina took a year out and assumed the role of General Manager at her family’s nightclub in London. She has developed a natural passion for all things business and innovation, particularly where people are concerned. Away from her role at what3words she is fuelled by fast moving objects and seeing the world. Learn more about Georgina Edobor on Crunchbase…

what3words is a mapping technology startup that creates a proprietary geocode system for logistics firms. Read more about what3words on Crunchbase…

Suzie Ruffley

Director, Head of People @ Foresight Group

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Suzie Ruffley joined Foresight in January 2017 to set up Foresight’s HR function, she is a Director and the Head of People. Suzie has 14 years of HR experience and is responsible for all aspects of people strategy across the group. Prior to joining Foresight Suzie was Head of HR Operations at Royal Botanical Kew and before that held a breadth of HR roles for State Street. Suzie holds a MSc in Occupational Psychology from Liverpool John Moores University. Learn more about Suzie Ruffley on Crunchbase…

Read more about Foresight Group on Crunchbase…

Suzanne Ditchburn

Head of People @ Firefly Learning

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Firefly Learning is an edtech company that develops a SaaS learning and teaching support platform for schools. Read more about Firefly Learning on Crunchbase…

Suzanne Ditchburn

Head of People @ Firefly Learning

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Firefly Learning is an edtech company that develops a SaaS learning and teaching support platform for schools. Read more about Firefly Learning on Crunchbase…

Victoria Muir

Chief Talent Officer; Board Member and Global Head of People, Performance & Culture @ Prescient Healthcare Group

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Prescient Healthcare Group was founded in London in 1995, originally specializing in competitive insights. Read more about Prescient Healthcare Group on Crunchbase…

Michelle Hook

Head of People Operations @ Ultraleap

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Michelle holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management from the University of the West of England. She has extensive experience in collaborating with business leaders to develop and grow business and achieve objectives. Learn more about Michelle Hook on Crunchbase…

Ultraleap is working to create the most remarkable connection between people and technology. Read more about Ultraleap on Crunchbase…

Pauline Vallance

Head of People @ Hotcourses Group

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Pauline joined the Hotcourses Group at the end of 2015, having held similar roles in the education industry over the past 10 years. She is responsible for all of our recruitment, learning and development, engagement and people welfare. Learn more about Pauline Vallance on Crunchbase…

Hotcourses Group operates a program search Website. Read more about Hotcourses Group on Crunchbase…

Michelle Heaselgrave

Head of People & Talent, Senior Management Team @ Mercia Asset Management PLC

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Michelle joined the Group in September 2017 and is based at their office in Henley-in-Arden. Michelle heads up their People & Talent Team and is responsible for driving forward their people strategy and processes. Michelle is a member of the Senior Management Team. Learn more about Michelle Heaselgrave on Crunchbase…

Mercia is a proactive, specialist asset manager focused on supporting regional businesses to achieve their growth aspirations. Read more about Mercia Asset Management PLC on Crunchbase…

Beverly Usher

Head of People @ Hireserve

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Beverly believes it’s important for HR services to enable the employees and business to meet their deliverables and grow. Learn more about Beverly Usher on Crunchbase…

Hireserve a thriving UK recruitment technology company. Read more about Hireserve on Crunchbase…

Blaze McGuire

Head of People @ Meet

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Blaze McGuire serves as head of people at Meet, a recruitment company focused on the life science industry. Learn more about Blaze McGuire on Crunchbase…

Meet is a recruitment solutions provider in the life sciences industry. Read more about Meet on Crunchbase…

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