Top Influencers: 23 UK Technology Director’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Group Information Technology Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Group Information Technology Director role. We have selected these Group Information Technology Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Group Information Technology Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

Stephen O’Donnell

Group Information Technology Director @ B&CE

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Steve O’Donnell is CIO UK&I at G4S. Learn more about Stephen O’Donnell on Crunchbase…

B&CE is a nonprofit organization that offers employee benefits and financial services. Read more aboutB&CE on Crunchbase…

Jolyon Tidmarsh

Co-Founder and Technology Director @ Keit

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Jolyon has significant experience in establishing technology based start-up businesses and managing technical projects, with previous successes in the fields of online drinks quality measurement, and bio-fuels. With a degree in Applied Physics, Jolyon has a technical background in designing optical systems in the infra-red with particular applications in spectroscopy, telecommunications and optical fibre sensing. Learn more about Jolyon Tidmarsh on Crunchbase…

Keit’s microFTS® design is a Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer that is smaller, lighter and more rugged than any current system. Read more aboutKeit on Crunchbase…

Luke Hares

Technology Director @ CMR Surgical

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Before co-founding CMR he worked for product design companies in the UK and the US, where he worked on medical devices, robotics, ASIC developments and consumer products. Luke believes the best devices are created by combining a detailed knowledge of the unmet needs of the users with the creative application of a broad knowledge of available technology. Regular contact and interaction with the users of the product is essential for this process. Luke is responsible for leading the CMR technology team and has overall responsiblilty for the technology strategy of the company. He is accustomed to championing ideas, communicating technically complex ideas and designing and managing the development of complex systems. Learn more about Luke Hares on Crunchbase…

CMR Surgical is developing the next-generation surgical robotic system for minimal access surgery. Read more aboutCMR Surgical on Crunchbase…

Catherine Trotter

Technology Director @ Moneysupermarket Group

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Catherine graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2001 with a degree in Computer Information Systems and a serious disinterest for all things code related. Seventeen years on and after vowing that “Tech was definitely not her world”, she is now a Technology Director at the FTSE 250, online comparison business, Money Supermarket Group. Catherine has held numerous Technology and Commercial leadership roles throughout her career with Marconi, Taylor Woodrow and Auto Trader. She has a real passion for creating successful products, slick customer experiences and happy, highly performant teams through her understanding of the evolution of product engineering practices and her experience in digital transformation. Learn more about Catherine Trotter on Crunchbase…

Moneysupermarket Group is a British price comparison website-based business specialising in financial services. Read more aboutMoneysupermarket Group on Crunchbase…

Andrew Preston

Technology Director @ Symphony Ventures

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Andrew is an experienced software developer and architect, having worked in the software industry for much of his career. He also has extensive experience using automation tools, and developing digital operations programs across a variety of sectors including healthcare, insurance, recruitment, HR and payroll. At Symphony, he is responsible for system infrastructure, network operations, and for leading a global delivery excellence organization charged with ensuring world-class design, configuration and support across the entire Symphony client portfolio. Learn more about Andrew Preston on Crunchbase…

Symphony is a professional services firm passionate about creating value for the world’s leading organizations. Read more aboutSymphony Ventures on Crunchbase…

Chris Shelley

Technology Director @ Two Circles

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Two Circles is a sports marketing agency based in London. Read more aboutTwo Circles on Crunchbase…

Jean Louis Cols

Technology Director @ Invinity Energy Systems Plc

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Jean-Louis Cols joined Intelligent Energy as Group Engineering Director in February 2013. During his 25 year career in Engineering, he developed a practical approach to bring technology products to market. He has worked in aerospace, wireless and semiconductors, serving diverse markets such as space telecoms, mobile phones, automotive and consumer electronics. Prior to joining Intelligent Energy Jean-Louis was at Head of Engineering programs at NXP semiconductors. During his career he has also held senior engineering management positions at Wolfson Microelectronics, Texas Instruments, Sony Ericsson and Matra Marconi Space. Jean-Louis holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts & Metiers in Paris and an MBA from HEC Montreal. Learn more about Jean Louis Cols on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutInvinity Energy Systems Plc on Crunchbase…

Carl Guyenette

Creative Technology Director / Creative Director @ Layered Reality

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Layered Reality is an entertainment company that uses a unique method to build experiences using three ‘layers’ of multimedia. Read more aboutLayered Reality on Crunchbase…

Henry Lee

Information and Technology Director @ Oxford Blockchain Society

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Oxford Blockchain Society focuses on blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and cryptocurrencies. Read more aboutOxford Blockchain Society on Crunchbase…

Joseph Darkins

Technology Director @ Fonix

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Fonix is a cellular phone distributor that supplies telecommunication handsets. Read more aboutFonix on Crunchbase…

Thomas Olsson

Information Technology Director @ Palletways

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Thomas is Palletways Group IT Director and is based in Lichfield He joined Palletways in 2003 initially as infrastructure manager. As Group IT Director Thomas is responsible for Group IT strategy and all Palletways IT services to staff, network members and customers throughout Europe. Thomas has over 25 years experience in IT as a researcher, lecturer and an IT Executive, having previously held senior roles with Volvo in Sweden and Asia, e-Travelbase and as a lecturer and researcher at Staffordshire, Surrey and Aston Universities. Thomas has an MSc in Electrical Engineering from Gothenburg and an MSc in Computer Science from Staffordshire University and is fluent in Swedish and English. He is married with two children and lives in the UK. Outside of Palletways Thomas is interested in skiing, football, motor racing, and flying. Learn more about Thomas Olsson on Crunchbase…

Palletways is Europe’s largest provider of express palletised distribution services. Read more aboutPalletways on Crunchbase…

Dario Simonetti

Technology Director @ Attest

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Dario Simonetti is the Head of Core Engineering at Attest. Learn more about Dario Simonetti on Crunchbase…

Attest is a consumer research platform that delivers consumer data that drive predictable and repeatable growth to businesses. Read more aboutAttest on Crunchbase…

Jason Norwood

Solutions Technology Director @ HH Global

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HH Global is the trusted marketing execution partner of the world’s leading brands. Read more aboutHH Global on Crunchbase…

Richard Widgery

Virtual Production and Technology Director @ Take4D

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Richard is an industry leader, and pioneer in the development of virtual production technologies, pipelines, and studio facilities. With over 26 years’ experience he is has been instrumental in creating some of the most complex in-camera cinematography. His career began at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop – UK, in control systems engineering, and he quickly became one of the founding team members of their ground breaking computer graphics department. Recording the world’s first human and animal optical motion capture data for feature films and commercial video games, he developed many of the techniques that are still in use today. From robotic engineering for Babe, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Loch Ness, through to breathing life into the horses for Red Dead Redemption video game, Richard has continued to push the creative boundaries of what is technically achievable. He helped create the Universal Studios’ WIZARDING WORLD OF POTTER Theme Park utilizing his own virtual camera and motion control technologies, as well as enabling otherwise unshootable camera-work for projects including Hansel & Gretel, Wolfman, Angels & Demons, and more. Richard also consults on government level projects including developing ground breaking tools for Forensic Analysis and is a key-note speaker in AR and VR at conferences worldwide. Learn more about Richard Widgery on Crunchbase…

Take4D is a Real Time Augmented and Virtual Production solution for the manufacturing, construction, entertainment, and medical industries. Read more aboutTake4D on Crunchbase…

Dan Purkis

Technology Director @ Well-SENSE Technology

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Dan’s love of invention from a young age led him to pursue a career in engineering, which now spans over 20 years, eight of which he worked at Petroleum Engineering Services (PES) where he directed a world-class team designing intelligent wells. After PES was acquired by Halliburton, Dan jointly established Petrowell, where an inspiring company ethos resulted in pioneering solutions and the company eventually being purchased by Weatherford. Dan’s ability to think outside the box has resulted in a number of world firsts and new technologies coming to market. Recognised as one of the best innovative thinkers in his peer group, he has over 50 granted patents and has won the Significant Contribution Award at the Offshore Achievement Awards in recognition of his influence on the industry. Learn more about Dan Purkis on Crunchbase…

Well-SENSE Technology is the most cost effective, reliable and revolutionary method of well intervention for downhole data. Read more aboutWell-SENSE Technology on Crunchbase…

Neil Trigwell

Engineering & Technology Director @ Exova Group

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Dr Neil Trigwell qualified as a metallurgist in 1976 prior to commencing a PhD in which he studied the application of fracture mechanics to high temperature crack growth. He has subsequently spent the last 37 years in the field of materials, component and structural testing with particular focus on fatigue and fracture of metals. He is currently Sector Technical Director for the Oil, Gas and Industrials Sector of Exova Ltd. and a member of the Exova Additive Manufacturing Strategy Team. Learn more about Neil Trigwell on Crunchbase…

Exova Group is a providers of testing, calibration and advisory. Read more aboutExova Group on Crunchbase…

Joao Pescada

Founder & Technology Director @ Suprasumo

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Independent Technologist & Consultant for web apps Learn more about Joao Pescada on Crunchbase…

Suprasumo is a friendly bunch of problem-solvers specialised in delivering interactive products such as, websites,mobile apps. Read more aboutSuprasumo on Crunchbase…

James Jackson

Technology Director @ Digital UK

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James Jackson is the Technology Director of Digital UK where he is responsible for the management of the technology, specifications and systems supporting the UK’s largest free to air television platform. James has extensive experience of developing and managing distribution services. Prior to joining Digital UK in June 2015, James held a range of senior roles within the BBC’s strategy, distribution and technology teams, encompassing commercial and engineering management. Learn more about James Jackson on Crunchbase…

Digital UK provides operational support for the platform, including management of the Freeview electronic program guide and more. Read more aboutDigital UK on Crunchbase…

Benedicte Thiebaut

Technology Director of Medical Components @ Johnson Matthey

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Benedicte Thiebaut is the Technology Director of Medical Components at Johnson Matthey. Learn more about Benedicte Thiebaut on Crunchbase…

Johnson Matthey is an international speciality chemicals company, founded almost 200 years ago in London. Read more aboutJohnson Matthey on Crunchbase…

Anthony Baker

AdTech Advisor and Technology Director at R/GA @ Lightvert Ltd.

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Digital Outdoor Media Technology Read more aboutLightvert Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Paul Adams

Technology Director @ Evogro

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CTO @Evogro. Graduated from Imperial College, London with a MEng, Electrical & Electronic Engineering. 8 years at Altien Ltd, an enterprise software company as a developer, technical consultant, pre-sales, dev lead. Learn more about Paul Adams on Crunchbase…

Evogro makes plant growing systems for chefs Read more aboutEvogro on Crunchbase…

Simon Davies

Associate Technology Director @ Shift

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Former General Manager at Microsoft, Sony, and AOL, Simon consults on Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Brand, and Technology. Learn more about Simon Davies on Crunchbase…

Shift is a creative digital marketing, web development, and e-commerce company. Read more aboutShift on Crunchbase…

Peter Salmon

Payments Technology director @ TruRating

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TruRating offers businesses with a POP rating system that analyses customer satisfaction. Read more aboutTruRating on Crunchbase…

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