Top Influencers: 25 UK Founder & Creative Director’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Co-Founder & Creative Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder & Creative Director role. We have selected these Co-Founder & Creative Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder & Creative Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

Kevin Helton

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ Hello Love

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Hello Love is a forward thinking branding and design studio that has a passion for communicating ideas and creating captivating adventures. Read more about Hello Love on Crunchbase…

Joanna Przetakiewicz

Founder & Creative Director @ La Mania

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Joanna Przetakiewicz is a Founder, Creative Director, and Owner at La Mania. Learn more about Joanna Przetakiewicz on Crunchbase…

Read more about La Mania on Crunchbase…

Jenny Tillotson

Founder & Creative Director @ eScent

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Jenny Tillotson is the creator and driving force behind eScent, an enabling platform technology and delivery device that emits precise doses of fragrances at the right time, in the right place, depending on context. This is highly scalable technology for sensing and dispensing scent and liquids, providing a new sensory awareness with wide‐ranging applications in fashion, fragrances for luxury brands, wellbeing, digital health, AR/VR, retail, sports, entertainment, learning and adult industry. Jenny spent 14 years at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London developing her award-winning eScent research and was made a Reader in Sensory Fashion in 2013. More recently Jenny has moved to commercialise her research. She formed a company that works at the intersection of fashion, fragrance, smell and wearable technology, co-founded with Professor Andreas Manz, a pioneer of lab-on-a-chip and winner of the EU ‘lifetime achievement’ inventor award for patents on microchip technology for chemical applications. Jenny’s involvement over the past year has specifically been in the area of fine fragrance for the fashion industry and digital health for stress and sleep disorders with a particular focus on leveraging disparate data sources to discover more accurate health-related correlations. The company holds 4 granted patents and 1 pending patent that creates an exclusive market position on wearable sensory data collection related to the sense of smell, pharma and insect control. Jenny has a degree in Fashion Communication from Central Saint Martins and a PhD in interactive olfactory surfaces (Printed Textiles) from the Royal College of Art. She has been a Fellow of the of the Royal Society of Arts since 2009, a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust since 2013 and an Associate of the British Society of Perfumers since 2005. Jenny is also a Visiting Scholar in the Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge and a STEM Ambassador. Prior to her academic work she was a fashion stylist in the media and worked as a Sensory Designer for Charmed Technology (MIT Media Lab spin-off). She has exhibited internationally, published in science and design journals, consulted for NIKE, Unilever, INTEL, Qualcomm, Toyota and worked with Philips, Cambridge Consultants, The North Face, Adeline André and International Flavours & Fragrances. Learn more about Jenny Tillotson on Crunchbase…

Wearable technology and sensory data collection for preventative healthcare. Read more about eScent on Crunchbase…

Mary Ann Dujardin

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ Style Code

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Co-Founder & Creative Director at Style Code Learn more about Mary Ann Dujardin on Crunchbase…

Read more about Style Code on Crunchbase…

Alessia Affinita

Founder & Creative Director @ Idea 188

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Alessia has been passionately working in the advertising ir1JUSUV since 1996. Born copywriter and grown up as art director. she worked in well-known creative agencies in Italy and the UK for over 10 years. before becoming a professional freelancer. She won the Design S Art Directors Advertising Workshop in 2004. Alessia founded Ideai88 in 2008 and is enthusiastically leading the team. ty • Learn more about Alessia Affinita on Crunchbase…

Idea 188 is driven by experienced creative freelancers. carefully selected across the world. Read more about Idea 188 on Crunchbase…

Zara Juricic

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ Crumpet Cashmere

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Zara Juricic is Co-Founder & Creative Director at Crumpet Cashmere. Learn more about Zara Juricic on Crunchbase…

Designer Women’s Cashmere Introducing the Cruise collection – Introducing statement knits that are classically beautiful yet effortlessly Read more about Crumpet Cashmere on Crunchbase…

Amanjit Dhami

Founder & Creative Director @ Ama Dhami

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Ama Dhami is a jewellery e-commerce store that provides earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Read more about Ama Dhami on Crunchbase…

David Schneider

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ ThatLot

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Best known in the UK as an actor/comedian/writer, David starred in TV shows such as I’m Alan Partridge and movies such as Mission Impossible and 28 Days Later. In 2013, David Schneider set up That Lot with David Levin. An avid tweeter with 240,000 followers and counting, David and the team provide content for brands and businesses, as well as making viral videos and pictures, and he recently directed Josh Widdecombe’s sitcom for the BBC. David gives workshops on social media to businesses, agencies and brands as well as keynote speeches in both the academic and corporate sectors. Learn more about David Schneider on Crunchbase…

That Lot is a social creative agency. Read more about ThatLot on Crunchbase…

Matt Campion

Founder & Creative Director @ Spirit Digital Media

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Matt is Founder & Creative Director of Spirit. Matt is a leading Content Producer for Television, Digital and Social platforms. He has extensive experience producing and directing highly successful interactive TV and multi-platform formats as well as managing a portfolio of successful Social Campaigns in the TV, Film and Gaming Industries. Previous to Spirit, Matt was an Executive Producer for Endemol where he launched and ran Gala TV, a 24/7 interactive Sky Channel for the largest national bingo brand, Gala Bingo. Matt oversees all creative output for Spirit, recently being responsible for a series of live spin-offs for C4 & E4 including: #WT4 (Channel4 News), Live in Chelsea (Made in Chelsea), GleasonFinale (Glee – Live from LA), Skins Live, T4 All-Stars and Home For The Holidays ‘Extra Stuffing’. Learn more about Matt Campion on Crunchbase…

Multi award-winning, dynamic content creation, social media & analytics company. Read more about Spirit Digital Media on Crunchbase…

Ian Masters

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ QuizTix Limited

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QuizTix is a knowledge entertainment company. In May 2014 it launched QuizTix, a fun and original series of social quiz games. Read more about QuizTix Limited on Crunchbase…

Dave Ward

Founder & Creative Director @ CreateFuture

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CreateFuture is a design and innovation firm that puts creativity to good use. Read more about CreateFuture on Crunchbase…

Simon Burman

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ Night Zookeeper

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Simon Burman is Co Founder at Night Zookeeper. Learn more about Simon Burman on Crunchbase…

Make Writing Magical Read more about Night Zookeeper on Crunchbase…

Jordan Daniels

Co-founder & Creative Director @ Original People

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Digital design and innovation studio, based in Soho, London Read more about Original People on Crunchbase…

Sophia Webster

Founder & Creative Director @ Sophia Webster

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Sophia Webster is a British accessories designer and Flamingo enthusiast. Read more about Sophia Webster on Crunchbase…

Sandy Ng

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ Agorafy

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Leveraging her past experience in marketing, new business development, sales and graphic design, she aligns the development, design, execution and marketing efforts of Agorafy, and manages the overall look and feel of Agorafy. Her dream is world peace. Learn more about Sandy Ng on Crunchbase…

Read more about Agorafy on Crunchbase…

Rosemary Reed

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ Infinite Mixed Reality

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Infinite Mixed Reality is a full-service virtual reality and augmented reality agency. Read more about Infinite Mixed Reality on Crunchbase…

Ellie Wharton

Founder & Creative Director @ Positivitea

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Positivitea is a range of delicious, uplifting and award-winning teas based on the chakras and blended for balance. Read more about Positivitea on Crunchbase…

Stacy Chan

Founder & Creative Director @ Stacy Chan London

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Founded in 2013, the Stacy Chan brand takes unique, minimalist construction as a starting point for luxury fashion. Read more about Stacy Chan London on Crunchbase…

Ugur Akdemir

Founder & Creative Director @ Lemonat

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Lemonat is a digital product design agency that focuses on user-friendly web and mobile application design. Read more about Lemonat on Crunchbase…

Olivia Cantillon

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ Own The Look

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It is an online global womenswear store focusing on outfit dressing for the everyday woman. Read more about Own The Look on Crunchbase…

Will Francis

Founder & Creative Director @ Vandal London

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Founder & Creative Director at Vandal London, a digital innovation agency. Will speaks, trains and writes about technology, digital and social media. Learn more about Will Francis on Crunchbase…

Digital innovation agency creating unforgettable campaigns through creativity, technology and design. Read more about Vandal London on Crunchbase…

Matthew Clark

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ United Visual Artists

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Matthew Clark is Co-Founder & Creative Director at United Visual Artists. Learn more about Matthew Clark on Crunchbase…

UVA is a London based art practice that combines a wide range of disciplines: sculpture, installation, live performance, and architecture. Read more about United Visual Artists on Crunchbase…

Adam Arnold

Founder & Creative Director @ Brandality

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Adam Arnold is the Founder & Creative Director at Brandality. Learn more about Adam Arnold on Crunchbase…

Brandality is a brand design agency specializing in developing, creating, renovating, and designing aspirational brands. Read more about Brandality on Crunchbase…

Sadie Clayton

Founder & Creative Director @ Sadie Clayton

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Sadie Clayton is a luxury sculptural womenswear label launched in 2015. Sadie graduated from Kingston University in 2013 and has shown on the catwalk in London and Berlin, and exhibited as part of the Nick Waplington / Alexander McQueen: Working Process exhibition at Tate Britain, demonstrated her work on several occasions at Tate Modern most recently as part of Late at the Tate’ in October 2016 when 600 people tried on Sadie’s sculptural pieces, presented as part of Artisanal Intelligence at AltaRoma January 2016, showcased at Art Basel Miami December 2016 and exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design as part of Singapore Design Week 2017. Sadie Clayton’s works are inspired by headspace and the concept of time. Finding your headspace, the creativity and enhanced benefits of life in this creative mental environment and holding on to Time which is hard to keep. Sadie believes strongly in collaborations working with many artists and photographers including cult British artist Andrew Logan, Mark Lebon, Ki Price and Darren Gerrish. Sadie also believes in pushing the boundaries with art and technology. For her S/S 2017 collection she worked with MHD Hologram to push the concept of time and headspace by presenting her collection as holographic videos at the Royal Academy of Arts and this season she presented at M&C Saatchi translating the process of creating her copper sculptures into an augmented reality experience. She continues her collaboration with Nixon watches creating a small bespoke range and at her A/W 2017 presentation unveiled the first of an ongoing relationship with Underground shoes. Sadie has also presented at the Café Royal, Royal Academy of Arts, and the Sanctum. Learn more about Sadie Clayton on Crunchbase…

Read more about Sadie Clayton on Crunchbase…

Tristam Goch

Co-Founder & Creative Director @ Damn Fine

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Experts in UX, strategy, design and development. Read more about Damn Fine on Crunchbase…

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