Top Influencers: 25 UK Lead Developer’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Lead developer play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Lead developer role. We have selected these Lead developer’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Lead developer’s. The list is in no particular order!

Steve Bradshaw

Lead developer @ Coracle Online

FollowSteve Bradshaw on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Removing isolation from learning opportunities Read more aboutCoracle Online on Crunchbase…

Valentin Haloiu

Lead Developer @ Spotnight

FollowValentin Haloiu on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Spotnight offers an application that enables its users to find information and events related to local bars and clubs. Read more aboutSpotnight on Crunchbase…

Ian Huang

Founder & Lead Developer @ Pubble

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Read more aboutPubble on Crunchbase…

Mike Waites

Lead Developer @ Vizibl

FollowMike Waites on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Vizibl is a global cloud platform that enables enterprise companies to manage their innovation lifecycle. Read more aboutVizibl on Crunchbase…

Sean Hodges

Lead Developer @ Wise

FollowSean Hodges on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Sean is a senior software developer at TransferWise with an extensive background in Web and mobile technology. Learn more about Sean Hodges on Crunchbase…

Wise is a money transfer service allowing private individuals and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges. Read more aboutWise on Crunchbase…

Fraser Redmond

Lead Developer @ Zipier Payroll

FollowFraser Redmond on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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With over a decade of experience in software, telephony, web-application and systems development, Fraser leads development of Zipier backend systems. Having lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, Fraser’s on-site client facing experience includes designing business-to-business ordering systems for Rangemaster and P&G Prestige Beaute, as well as maintaining and developing features for e-commerce software providing over £100 million in retail sales per year. Fraser’s development experience includes the full software life-cycle of application design/development (PHP, AJAX, .Net, etc), telephony, database, work-flow integration with external API’s and web-services, and a dozen payment gateways (including Google Checkout, PayPal, SagePay.) Learn more about Fraser Redmond on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutZipier Payroll on Crunchbase…

Sean Burton

Lead Developer @ emotuit

FollowSean Burton on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title

Read more aboutemotuit on Crunchbase…

Matt White

Lead Developer @ Elguji Software

FollowMatt White on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Matt is considered to be one of the leading XPages and Notes/Domino developers in the industry. Learn more about Matt White on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutElguji Software on Crunchbase…

Mark Baldwin

Lead Developer @ Elevaate

FollowMark Baldwin on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutElevaate on Crunchbase…

Victor Popescu

Lead Developer @ onkho

FollowVictor Popescu on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

onkho helps accountants delight their clients and grow their business Read more aboutonkho on Crunchbase…

Rob Symonds

Lead Developer @ SchemeServe

FollowRob Symonds on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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The dark horse of SchemeServe. Rob is their longest serving programmer and has been working on the software since 2007. Cambridge born and bred, he likes to while away the evenings cooking. And he’s really good at ice skating (truly). Learn more about Rob Symonds on Crunchbase…

SchemeServe is a cloud based insurance software, including simple scheme management, online billing and beautiful MI reports. Read more aboutSchemeServe on Crunchbase…

Saul Posel

Director / Lead Developer @ Grad Diary

FollowSaul Posel on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutGrad Diary on Crunchbase…

Dakshal Raijada

Lead Developer @ Superpowered Email

FollowDakshal Raijada on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Specialising in: C#, dotnet, Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, API, Javascript, Linq, SQL Learn more about Dakshal Raijada on Crunchbase…

Superpowered Email is an email security service provider that offers online user identity protection services to its users. Read more aboutSuperpowered Email on Crunchbase…

Miguel Alcaino

Lead Developer @ Betfect

FollowMiguel Alcaino on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutBetfect on Crunchbase…

Joseph Lenton

Lead Developer @ Attest

FollowJoseph Lenton on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title

Attest is a consumer research platform that delivers consumer data that drive predictable and repeatable growth to businesses. Read more aboutAttest on Crunchbase…

Craig Whiteside

Technical Lead Developer @ Orka Technology Group

FollowCraig Whiteside on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Orka Technology Group develops solutions that help hourly workers with sourcing, on-boarding, and getting paid for work. Read more aboutOrka Technology Group on Crunchbase…

Shuai Yuan

Lead Developer @

FollowShuai Yuan on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. is an eCommerce and advertising optimization platform for Amazon. Read more on Crunchbase…

Marcus Dyson

Founder & Lead Developer @ Fuelmywebsite

FollowMarcus Dyson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Founder & Lead Developer at Fuelmywebsite Learn more about Marcus Dyson on Crunchbase…

Fuelmywebsite has over 70,000 global bloggers and blog database of over 1.5m. Read more aboutFuelmywebsite on Crunchbase…

Charalampos Paravalos

Lead Developer @ RAIS

FollowCharalampos Paravalos on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

The Customer Intelligence Business – helping D2C brands grow the value of their customers faster. Read more aboutRAIS on Crunchbase…

Daniel Drozdzewski

Lead Developer @ Scott Logic

FollowDaniel Drozdzewski on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Daniel Drozdzewski works as the Lead Developer at Scott Logic. Learn more about Daniel Drozdzewski on Crunchbase…

At Scott Logic we create intuitive software applications for clients in the energy sector. Read more aboutScott Logic on Crunchbase…

Tobias Johansson

Lead Developer @ Valo

FollowTobias Johansson on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Read more aboutValo on Crunchbase…

Ronan O’ Cuinn

Lead Developer @ Freelance Student

FollowRonan O’ Cuinn on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Freelance Student enables businesses to source and hire students and graduates for freelance work Read more aboutFreelance Student on Crunchbase…

Chris Mash

Lead Developer @ MyOxygen

FollowChris Mash on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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MyOxygen are an award winning app development company in Bristol. Read more aboutMyOxygen on Crunchbase…

Michal Zdrojewski

Lead Developer @ Wooju

FollowMichal Zdrojewski on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Snap & solve indecisive moments with friends! Read more aboutWooju on Crunchbase…

Harish Balachander

Lead Developer @ Netprecept

FollowHarish Balachander on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Netprecept is a software development company that provides a product that allows clients to actively manage the traffic to their website. Read more aboutNetprecept on Crunchbase…

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