Top Influencers: 37 UK Director of Operations’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Director of Operations play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Director of Operations role. We have selected these Director of Operations’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Director of Operations’s. The list is in no particular order!

Jamie Crowther

Director of Operations @ Marshall Motor Holdings

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Jamie has 28 years of industry experience, including 17 as operations director at Reg Vardy and eight as the managing director and commercial director at Peter Vardy. Jamie joined the Company in 2014. Learn more about Jamie Crowther on Crunchbase…

MMH PLC one of the UK’s leading Motor Groups with 71 franchises covering the United Kingdom and delivering the whole range of premium. Read more about Marshall Motor Holdings on Crunchbase…

Clive Stephens

Director Of Operations @ Expo 2020

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Clive Stephens was the Head of the Olympic Park at the 2012 Games. In this role he was responsible for the operational design, planning and delivery of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In was during his time that he really saw the benefits of automating project management into a system like WeTrack. Prior to this, Clive has worked at senior levels for the The Tussaud’s Group, Rank, and Mercedes Benz. He was a Board Member at the World famous Oval Cricket ground and has been a director at a number of other sporting venues. He has gained international experience having set up leisure attractions in the Middle East and Mauritius. He has also worked in Africa, Europe and Russia. Clive holds Directorships at Hamilton Deed Ltd (Health and Safety), CSPW Consulting and has given many talks on the operational requirements of large sport and leisure venues. He is a qualified Engineer and holds and Master’s degree in Business Administration. In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis, golf and used to play cricket for Sussex. Learn more about Clive Stephens on Crunchbase…

Read more about Expo 2020 on Crunchbase…

Des McManus

Co-Founder – Director of Operations @ Friction Free Shaving

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UK razor delivery service designed exclusively for women. Read more about Friction Free Shaving on Crunchbase…

Nancy Parker

Director of Operations @ Direct Response

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London, UK-based large contact centre operator Read more about Direct Response on Crunchbase…

Philippa Jayanathan

Director Of Operations – Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust @ National Health Service

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NHS is the UK’s biggest health website which employs people with a wide range of skills from software development to journalism. Read more about National Health Service on Crunchbase…

Jason Andrews

Director of Operations @ Student Roost

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Student Roost is an online platform that provides accommodation for students with designed facilities and a personal level of service. Read more about Student Roost on Crunchbase…

Rony Seamons

Chief Operating Officer & Director Of Operations @ AMPLYFI

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Rony Seamons is the Chief Operating Officer and Director Of Operations of AMPLYFI. Learn more about Rony Seamons on Crunchbase…

AMPLYFI is a privately held company that provides software platform capable of intelligently harvesting open source data from the internet. Read more about AMPLYFI on Crunchbase…

Mario La Pergola

Director of Operations UK & Ireland @ Virtuo

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Mario is a co-founder of Pulp. Before his made his way into wine, Mario spent time in investment banking and private equity firms. Mario is an avid athlete & president of a racing team, and a keen photographer. Learn more about Mario La Pergola on Crunchbase…

Read more about Virtuo on Crunchbase…

Howard Williams

Director of Operations @ IQE

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Howard Williams has held a number of positions within both Manufacturing and Service industry sectors, with roles ranging from Engineering Management to General Management. He was a member of the founding team of EPI in 1988 and was appointed Operations Director for EPI in 1996. He was appointed General Manager of IQE Inc in 2002 and General Manager of IQE (Europe) Limited in 2003. He was subsequently appointed Chief Operations Officer in 2004 and was appointed to the Board of IQE Plc as Operations Director in December 2004. Learn more about Howard Williams on Crunchbase…

IQE is the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced semiconductor wafer products. Read more about IQE on Crunchbase…

Sara Thomas

Director of operations @ Coppice Alupack

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Sara Thomas has been serving as director of operations at Coppice Alupack since March 2003. Learn more about Sara Thomas on Crunchbase…

Coppice Alupack is a manufacturer of aluminium and board containers for the food sector. Read more about Coppice Alupack on Crunchbase…

John Richardson

Director of Operations & Security @ Darktrace

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John Richardson has twenty years’ experience in the security and defense sector. He has worked across several UK government departments, concentrating on the development and exploitation of internet technologies and cyber security measures, for national security and the protection of critical national infrastructures. John specializes in the application of technical intelligence to dynamic threat environments and operational risk mitigation strategies. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, an MBA, and is a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and the Chartered Institute for IT. Learn more about John Richardson on Crunchbase…

Darktrace is an AI company that uses cybersecurity solutions to identify, prevent, and eliminate insider threats. Read more about Darktrace on Crunchbase…

Adrian Leu

Director Of Operations @ GameBench

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Featured in Forbes and Engadget, GameBench helps companies deal with Android fragmentation through performance related tools & services. Read more about GameBench on Crunchbase…

Mark Eyeington

Director of operations @ The Encore Group

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Mark joined the company straight from school in 1992 as a trainee envelope adjuster working his way up to Operations Director in 2017. Learn more about Mark Eyeington on Crunchbase…

The Encore Group manufactures printed envelopes in the United Kingdom. Read more about The Encore Group on Crunchbase…

Matt Robinson

Director of Operations @ Lumen Research

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Lumen is a specialist eye tracking research agency based in London, who help optimise advertising across a number of platforms. Read more about Lumen Research on Crunchbase…

James Hadingham

Director of operations @ Harvey Jones Kitchens

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Experienced Operations Director with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Operations Management, Value Stream Mapping, Quality Management, and Purchasing. Strong media and communication professional graduated from Archbishop Sancroft High. Learn more about James Hadingham on Crunchbase…

Harvey Jones Kitchens designs and builds kitchen solutions. Read more about Harvey Jones Kitchens on Crunchbase…

Rob Walden

Director Of Operations @ Pod Point

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We’re building the infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the UK & Europe. Read more about Pod Point on Crunchbase…

Martin Thornton

Director Of Operations @ James Mae Group

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Read more about James Mae Group on Crunchbase…

John Kilfeather

Director of Operations & Technology @ Ocean Outdoor

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Ocean is a media advertising company specialized in designing iconic landmark large-format digital banners in super-premium locations. Read more about Ocean Outdoor on Crunchbase…

Paul Wilson

Director Of Operations @ QUIKCLOUD

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QuikCloud provides a secure managed backup solution to MSPs driven through an easy-to-use portal. Read more about QUIKCLOUD on Crunchbase…

Lesley Marr

Director Of Operations @ Molinare

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Lesley Marr is Director of Operations at Molinare; Molinare is the UK’s leading supplier of post production for episodic drama, feature film, factual and 4K, UHD & HDR productions. Prior to joining Molinare Lesley was COO for Deluxe Media Europe, overseeing the day to day operation delivering to UK Broadcasters and global platforms. During her acreer Lesley has managed transformation programmes, senior client relationships, operational excellence projects developing media logistics, scheduling and MAM tools and managed teams across multi-site UK operations. Lesley has also held several senior management positions in Broadcast Operations at Sky & Technicolor. Her career path, however, started in the creative post production world working as an editor before learning the skills of a VFX artist where she worked for leading global facilities before moving into the world of Operations Management. In addition to her day job Lesley has, for several years, sat on the board of the UK Screen Association and is also a member of the IBC conference committee business stream, chairing and producing conference sessions. Learn more about Lesley Marr on Crunchbase…

High-end broadcast and feature post production Read more about Molinare on Crunchbase…

Simon Ryan

Director of Operations @

Follow Simon Ryan on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. is an online marketplace that sells various consumer electronic products. Read more about on Crunchbase…

Andrew Hall-Ponselè

Founder and Director of Operations @ Biotangents

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Andy designed the Leapfrog Assembly™ technology upon which Biotangents was founded and led the successful project to apply it to the biosynthesis of high-value terpenoids. He now leads operations at Biotangents and is part of an ambitious team that has secured and fulfilled multiple contracts to perform DNA manipulation work for industrial and academic customers. Andy has been involved in synthetic biology since 2008 when, as a student under Professor Chris French, he led the University of Edinburgh iGEM team to a gold medal. He holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford, where he used metabolic engineering approaches to provide new insights into the control of metabolism in plants. On his return to Edinburgh, Andy worked as a Senior Scientist in a University of Edinburgh-based start-up, delivering collaborative projects as varied as synthetic promoter design and polysaccharide biosynthesis. Learn more about Andrew Hall-Ponselè on Crunchbase…

Biotangents develop pen-side diagnostic devices to detect infectious diseases in livestock quickly. Read more about Biotangents on Crunchbase…

Jack Bryant

Group Director of Operations @ Equals Money

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Equals Money combines global payments technology with currency expertise to help one manage cashflow & expenses, simply & cost-effectively. Read more about Equals Money on Crunchbase…

Catherine Callow

Executive Director of Operations @ Knowledge Transfer Network

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KTN Connects people. To speed up innovation, solve problems and find markets for new ideas. Read more about Knowledge Transfer Network on Crunchbase…

Paul Ford

Director Of Operations @ Medicalea

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Medicaleaf improves people’s health and well-being by offering the healthcare industry with pain management and chronic illness solutions. Read more about Medicalea on Crunchbase…

Ruth Nicholls

Director Of Operations @ Churchill Gowns

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Churchill Gowns is a supplier and a manufacturer of graduation products in universities. Read more about Churchill Gowns on Crunchbase…

Harshdeep Singh

Director of Operations- EMEA @ Cloudwick

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Read more about Cloudwick on Crunchbase…

Sarah Adams

Director of Operations @ tifgroup

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tifgroup is the second largest UK Travel Insurance Provider. Read more about tifgroup on Crunchbase…

Ian Bailey

Co-Founder and Director of Operations @ Vault X

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Read more about Vault X on Crunchbase…

Kevin Dawson

Director Of Operations @ Wakefield Acoustics Ltd

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Wakefield Acoustics Limited engages in the design, manufacture, supply, and installation of bespoke. Read more about Wakefield Acoustics Ltd on Crunchbase…

Thierry Salus-Robbins

Director of Operations @ DRIAD

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DRIAD is an international innovation consultancy that specializes in grant funding for R&D projects. Read more about DRIAD on Crunchbase…

Kekeli Anthony

Co-Founder and Director of Operations @ Extend Ventures

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Kekeli Anthony currently works as Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Extend Ventures. Learn more about Kekeli Anthony on Crunchbase…

Read more about Extend Ventures on Crunchbase…

Michael Allan

Director of Operations @ LendingCrowd

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Michael Allan serves as director of operations at LendingCrowd. Learn more about Michael Allan on Crunchbase…

LendingCrowd, a leading fintech lending platform serving mainland UK and headquartered in Scotland, was founded in 2014 by CEO Stuart Lunn. Read more about LendingCrowd on Crunchbase…

Andrew Pinder

Director of Operations and Technology @ Prudential Investment Services

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Andrew was appointed to the Board in July 2015 and has a long and distinguished career in both the private and public sectors. He is the Chairman of Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited (DMSL), Market Operator Services Limited and Finnergy Limited. After 18 years in the Inland Revenue, where he became Director of IT, Andrew moved to the private sector, becoming Director of Operations and Technology at Prudential Corporation before joining Citibank Investment Bank as Head of European Operations and Technology. In 2000 Andrew was appointed as e-Envoy by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair and was awarded a CBE in 2004. Since 2004 Andrew has been on the Board of a number of organisations and companies, either as a Chairman, or NED, making him a highly experienced board member. He is chair of the Remuneration Committee, Senior Independent Director and a member of the Audit and Governance Committee. Learn more about Andrew Pinder on Crunchbase…

Read more about Prudential Investment Services on Crunchbase…

Phil Joyce

Director of Operations @ CaligorRx

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Mr. Joyce is responsible for the receipt, storage and distribution of medicinal products throughout Europe. He has over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry with experience in commercial and clinical manufacturing, packaging and distribution, and wholesaling. Phil has worked for Boots The Chemist, GSK, Pfizer and Pharmarama in various roles in pharmacy, production and supply chain management, business development, and quality assurance. He holds a first class honours BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Greenwich University. Learn more about Phil Joyce on Crunchbase…

Read more about CaligorRx on Crunchbase…

Gisele Navarro

Director of Operations @ NeoMam Studios

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NeoMam Studios is a visual content marketing agency based in Manchester, UK. Read more about NeoMam Studios on Crunchbase…

Sophy MacDonald

Director of Operations @ JUST DEVELOP iT

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Just Develop It (JDi) is a Hampshire based investment company that specialises in early stage and growth capital across. Read more about JUST DEVELOP iT on Crunchbase…

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