Top Influencers: 43 UK Chief Revenue Officer’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer role. We have selected these Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer’s. The list is in no particular order!

Yevgeny Brener

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer @ 365Scores

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365Scores is a cross-platform application that enables users to create their own personalized sports channel. Read more about 365Scores on Crunchbase…

Dimitri Mikhalchuk

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer @ Teslasuit

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Dimitri Mikhalchuk is the founder and co-founder of several tech companies and start-ups. He is also in charge of the London based digital marketing agency. Previously he worked with some of the world’s leading chip and electronics manufacturers. Dimitri is an expert in electronics, haptics, wearables, robotics and software development. He’s at the top of the most influential people in the field of VR \ AR (according to Evening Standard, UK), keynote speaker, business consultant and an investor. Learn more about Dimitri Mikhalchuk on Crunchbase…

Teslasuit is a team of talented developers and designers, creating innovative products for XR and MedTech. Read more about Teslasuit on Crunchbase…

Andrea Zitna

Chief Revenue Officer @ Elvie

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Harvard graduate Andrea Zitna is the Chief Revenue Officer at Elvie, a British femtech brand developing smarter health and lifestyle technology for women. Andrea joined Tania Boler (Elvie founder-CEO) in early 2015 to help setup all non-product related aspects of the business. Learn more about Andrea Zitna on Crunchbase…

Elvie is a British femtech company developing smart technology for women. Read more about Elvie on Crunchbase…

Rob van Straten

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) @ EVBox

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Read more about EVBox on Crunchbase…

Kevin Kiley

Chief Revenue Officer @ OneTrust

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Kevin Kiley serves as Vice President of Sales & Business Development at OneTrust, a global leader in privacy management software which helps organizations operationalize data privacy compliance and Privacy by Design. In his role, Kiley works with many of the world’s leading multi-national companies to develop, deliver and support their privacy programs. Prior to OneTrust, Kiley served as Senior Director of North American Enterprise Segments at VMware. Kiley holds an MBA from La Sorbonne completed Summa Cum Laude with additional post-graduate studies at Oxford University. He currently resides with his family in London, but splits time between OneTrust’s co-headquarters in Atlanta. Learn more about Kevin Kiley on Crunchbase…

Read more about OneTrust on Crunchbase…

Randeep Wilkhu

Chief Revenue Officer + Corporate Development @

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Read more about on Crunchbase…

Carolyn Gibson

Chief Revenue Officer @ Euronews

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Carolyn Gibson serves as a Chief Revenue Officer at Euronews. Learn more about Carolyn Gibson on Crunchbase…

Read more about Euronews on Crunchbase…

Pete Crosby

Chief Revenue Officer @ Ometria

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Pete has been growing commercial SaaS teams for almost 20 years. Most recently he built Viadeo’s revenue streams from Series A to a $250M IPO, and grew Triptease’s ARR from $2M to $10M in 18 months. He also sits on the board of Staylists, a seed stage hotels startup. During his career Pete has built & managed teams in China, Singapore, Russia, Africa, Latin & North America and all over Europe. Learn more about Pete Crosby on Crunchbase…

Ometria is a customer data and marketing platform that helps retailers increase CRM revenue by sending personalized marketing messages. Read more about Ometria on Crunchbase…

Tina Wilkinson

Chief Revenue Officer @ Argus Information & Advisory Services

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Read more about Argus Information & Advisory Services on Crunchbase…

Jamie Mellalieu

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) @ UserZoom

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Read more about UserZoom on Crunchbase…

Stephen Halpenny

Chief Revenue Officer @ Kigen

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Kigen is focused on securely connecting devices and enabling the future of SIM. Read more about Kigen on Crunchbase…

Steve Gledden

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer @ aiPod

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Read more about aiPod on Crunchbase…

Ben Threlfall

Chief Revenue Officer @ BaseKit

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BaseKit is the most widely deployed website editor distributed by hosting, telco and internet companies. Read more about BaseKit on Crunchbase…

Andrew Dellow

Chief Revenue Officer @ Modulr

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Chief Revenue Officer at MODULR. Learn more about Andrew Dellow on Crunchbase…

Modulr is a fintech company that provides Payments as a Service API for digital businesses. Read more about Modulr on Crunchbase…

Ronnie D’Arienzo

Chief Revenue Officer @ PPRO

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Drawing on his experience and knowledge of payments, Ronnie has attracted new customers to PPRO. He’s done this while also providing support and delivering growth for existing partners and customers. Ronnie is one of fintech’s most experienced and adept salespeople, combining a background in and understanding of both tech and finance that is rare in the field. Before joining PPRO in 2016, Ronnie held senior strategic positions at large financial corporations, including American Express and Paysafe. As SVP Sales at Paysafe, Ronnie completely restructured the company’s sales strategy to deliver considerable and sustained expansion, culminating in a year-on-year growth trajectory of 23 per cent. This ultimately led to the company’s €1.1bn sale to Optimal Payments in 2015. Learn more about Ronnie D’Arienzo on Crunchbase…

PPRO is the top global provider of local payments infrastructure, powering growth for payment service providers. Read more about PPRO on Crunchbase…

Richard Dunmall

Chief Revenue Officer @ MiQ

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Richard Dunmall is the President at Media iQ. He has over 16 years of experience in the communications and advertising industries across the globe. Richard spent the last two and a half years with Bauer Media, where he spearheaded the integration of the business’ print, broadcast and digital assets into a single advertising operation. Learn more about Richard Dunmall on Crunchbase…

MiQ is an independent marketing intelligence company with the people and technology that help businesses win. Read more about MiQ on Crunchbase…

Bruce Fair

Chief Revenue Officer @ Metapack

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As Chief Revenue Officer for MetaPack, Bruce Fair brings 15 years’ international eCommerce experience across both desktop and mobile. Bruce joined MetaPack in 2015 from Qantas Airways in Australia, where he was CEO of the $150m online hotel business unit. Prior to this, Bruce was VP International at responsible for new markets including the USA Canada and Brasil, and Commercial Director, UK at Yahoo! Inc. Learn more about Bruce Fair on Crunchbase…

Metapack provides delivery management solutions that enable online retailers to increase user engagement and sales conversions. Read more about Metapack on Crunchbase…

Tom Price-Daniel

Chief Revenue Officer @ Headstart

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Formerly the Commercial Director at Alderbrooke, where he led the expansion of CultureScope across EMEA, APAC and the US. Tom fronts Headstart’s global expansion. An avid sports fan and in his rugby playing youth was known as ‘Tommy the Tank’! Learn more about Tom Price-Daniel on Crunchbase…

Headstart is diversity recruiting software focused on breaking the cycle of exclusion. Read more about Headstart on Crunchbase…

Nick Sharp

Chief Revenue Officer, EMEA and APAC @ Market Logic Software

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Nick Sharp is responsible for Webtrends EMEA and Australasia strategy and day-to-day operations, including sales and marketing as well as technical support, training, implementation and business consulting services. Prior to being named General Manager, Nick served as Webtrends Vice President of EMEA Sales and Marketing for several years. In this role, he led EMEA’s most experienced sales and marketing teams in the web analytics industry, developing deep industry expertise across key markets and building strategic relationships with many of the region’s leading clients. Learn more about Nick Sharp on Crunchbase…

Read more about Market Logic Software on Crunchbase…

Jakub Piotrowski

Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Customer Engagement @ Meniga

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Jakub Piotrowski serves as Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Customer Engagement of Meniga Learn more about Jakub Piotrowski on Crunchbase…

Meniga is a digital banking platform that helps banks, businesses, and individuals manage their financial data. Read more about Meniga on Crunchbase…

Adam Male

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) @ Mashroom

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Mashroom is a proptech startup that provides end-to-end property letting services to landlords and tenants. Read more about Mashroom on Crunchbase…

Melanie Scott

Chief Revenue Officer @ DMG Media

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Melanie Scott is Chief Revenue Officer at DMG Media. Learn more about Melanie Scott on Crunchbase…

DMG media is a consumer media company engaged in print and online newspaper publishing. Read more about DMG Media on Crunchbase…

Dick Cahill

Chief Revenue Officer @ Concentra

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Dick is responsible for revenue management at Concentra. He has 30 years’ experience in all areas of revenue and profit generation for global technology organizations. Dick has worked across the full lifecycle of business development, having operationalised start-up organizations, worked with enterprise companies to manage turn-around and growth covering all international geographies. Learn more about Dick Cahill on Crunchbase…

Concentra is a UK-based business consulting and technology services company, serving clients across a number of economic sectors. Read more about Concentra on Crunchbase…

Nick Cheetham

Chief Revenue Officer @ Currencycloud

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Nick thrives in environments where new technology and creative ideas bring about market disruption. Prior to Currencycloud, Nick created a new division for mobile banking player, Monitise, introducing a ground-breaking development-to-production platform for banks, resulting in the group’s acquisition in 2017 by US giant, Fiserv. At Currencycloud, Nick’s role is to support the global sales and client success teams with this rich experience and passion for bringing outstanding value to customers. Learn more about Nick Cheetham on Crunchbase…

Currencycloud specializes in a fully cloud-based platform for B2B cross-border payments. Read more about Currencycloud on Crunchbase…

Matthew Kelleher

Chief Revenue Officer @ Cognassist

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Cognassist is an ed-tech SaaS platform that helps every learner reach their full potential & empowering learning providers for the future. Read more about Cognassist on Crunchbase…

Adam Bruce

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) @ SecurEnvoy

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SecurEnvoy provides mobile phone-based tokenless two-factor authentication solutions. Read more about SecurEnvoy on Crunchbase…

Chris Methven

Chief Revenue Officer @ Achilles Group

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Chris has spent the last 15 years in various sales and services leadership roles in the enterprise software and consulting sector. With a particular focus on asset intensive companies, he has led Sales, Marketing and Business Development teams around the world to deliver solutions that enabled regulatory compliance and business performance improvements to customers. Most recently Chris spent 8 years with IHS Markit in a variety of commercial leadership roles, including a focus on operational risk management software for the world’s largest energy, chemical and mining companies. In this role, Chris worked with many Achilles customers to manage risk through better compliance and assurance programmes. This experience, coupled with a passion for Environmental and Social Responsibility, stemming from a BA in Environmental Management, has resulted in a drive to deliver meaningful improvements across the supply chain for customers. Learn more about Chris Methven on Crunchbase…

Achilles Group provides identification, qualification, evaluation, and monitoring services for managing supply chain risk. Read more about Achilles Group on Crunchbase…

Matt Byrne

Chief Revenue Officer @ Vane

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Read more about Vane on Crunchbase…

Jason Hill

Chief Revenue Officer @ appScatter

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AppScatter is a B2B SaaS platform that distributes, manages, and monitors mobile apps across multiple app stores worldwide. Read more about appScatter on Crunchbase…

John Seaton

Chief Revenue Officer @ Cendyn

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Read more about Cendyn on Crunchbase…

Angelo Di Ventura

Chief Revenue Officer @ MTI

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Read more about MTI on Crunchbase…

Peter Turner

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Consumer & Chief Revenue Officer @ Avast

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Peter Turner is our Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Avast Consumer business and joined the company in September 2016. Prior to Avast, Mr. Turner was General Manager, Consumer for AVG. Before AVG, he was Managing Director, Consumer Services, for global information services company Experian. Mr. Turner has held commercial roles in a variety of organizations, including Orange, Freeserve, Sainsbury’s, Dixons, and GE. He holds an HND in Business and Finance, with merit, from Humberside Polytechnic and a postgraduate diploma in Marketing Management from Staffordshire University, both in the UK, and completed training in International Executive Management from EMYLON Business School, France. Learn more about Peter Turner on Crunchbase…

Read more about Avast on Crunchbase…

Will Mills

Chief Revenue Officer @ LyricFind

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Proven track record in Business Development, Operations and growing category leading global technology and media companies. I’m currently Chief Revenue Officer at LyricFind the World’s Leader in Lyric Licensing, delivering growth for the music industry and innovation to many music/media services. LyricFind power lyric/data solutions for clients including YouTube, Amazon, Google, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Microsoft and many others. Prior to LyricFind I helped scale Shazam as the most Senior Music Executive there during years of explosive global growth, towards its eventual acquisition by Apple. I built and led the Music Business Development, Content Licensing/Ingestion and Content Creation teams. I have consulted to Warner Music Group on digital business and also co-founded the music for picture company (acquired by BMG in 2020). Experienced public speaker on music/technology, having keynoted, moderated or represented at events such as SXSW, Cannes Lions, TechCrunch, Sonar and many others. Co-inventor of patented sync technology used in Shazam. Passionate about entrepreneurship and a mentor on Techstars London and Ignite programs. Learn more about Will Mills on Crunchbase…

Read more about LyricFind on Crunchbase…

Nick Shaw

Chief Revenue Officer @ Ocean Outdoor

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Nick Shaw is a Sales Director at Ocean Outdoor. Learn more about Nick Shaw on Crunchbase…

Ocean is a media advertising company specialized in designing iconic landmark large-format digital banners in super-premium locations. Read more about Ocean Outdoor on Crunchbase…

Ruben Andres-Maldonado

Chief Revenue Officer @ Chasyr

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Read more about Chasyr on Crunchbase…

Mark Castle

Chief Revenue Officer @ Globalgig

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Mark was co-founder of Globalgig and has over 20 years’ experience in the mobile telecommunications industry. He was key to many of the commercial, technological and strategic directions of Globalgig and remains responsible under the new iGEM ownership for all commercial aspects within EMEA. Previously Mark has held senior positions in the SIM industry with Sagem Orga (now Safran Morpho) and Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) including working in the UK, Middle East and India. Learn more about Mark Castle on Crunchbase…

Read more about Globalgig on Crunchbase…

Chris Forrester

Chief Revenue Officer @ Telegraph Media Group

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Chris Forrester is the Chief Revenue Officer at The Telegraph. Learn more about Chris Forrester on Crunchbase…

Telegraph Media Group is a multi-media news publisher behind The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph newspapers. Read more about Telegraph Media Group on Crunchbase…

Rachel Stark

Chief Revenue Officer @ UniLED

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UniLED is UK’s leading digital signage specialists, Providing a fully integrated solution: UniLED, UniHUB and UniLIVE. Read more about UniLED on Crunchbase…

Chris Evans

Chief Revenue Officer @ SentryBay

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SentryBay is a security software development company. Read more about SentryBay on Crunchbase…

Matthew Wood

Chief Revenue Officer @ Concorde Technology Group

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Matthew Wood is the chief revenue officer at Concorde Technology Group. Learn more about Matthew Wood on Crunchbase…

Concorde Technology Group delivers cost-effective and innovative IT solutions to businesses across the United Kingdom. Read more about Concorde Technology Group on Crunchbase…

Mike Letchford

Chief Revenue Officer @ IGS Limited

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IGS Limited provides ideal environments for plants and humans based on a philosophy of continual innovation and brilliant, simple design. Read more about IGS Limited on Crunchbase…

Duncan Tickell

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) @ Immediate Media Co.

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Immediate Media Co. is a special interest content and platform company. Read more about Immediate Media Co. on Crunchbase…

MIchael Steinberg

Chief Revenue Officer @ Mira

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Read more about Mira on Crunchbase…

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