Top Influencers: 43 UK Principal Consultant’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Principal Consultant and Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Principal Consultant and Founder role. We have selected these Principal Consultant and Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Principal Consultant and Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Noel Ady

Principal Consultant and Founder @ Gravity 9 Solutions

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Gravity 9 Solutions combines arts and Science to help organizations create digital products. Read more aboutGravity 9 Solutions on Crunchbase…

Ahmet Taha Sakar

Principal Consultant @ Thoughtworks

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Ahmet Taha Sakar is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, information technology executive, and full stack developer with over 15 years of experience. He has served as the founding member of several startups. Since 2005, he has worked primarily with e-commerce, software as a service, and mobile products. He is endorsed as an Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology by Tech City UK. Learn more about Ahmet Taha Sakar on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThoughtworks on Crunchbase…

Kelly Kehn

Founder & Principal Consultant @ Kelly A. Kehn Consulting Ltd.

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Kelly Kehn has been in iGaming senior management since 2012. She’s led teams and brands through regulatory changes, migrations and rebrands as well as held leadership roles in marketing, operations, management and sales. In 2016 she formed Kelly A. Kehn Consulting Ltd., a consulting firm dedicated to helping companies grow their business and improve corporate governance through recruitment, retention, mentorship and empowerment of women. Her mission is to demonstrate to corporations the invaluable benefit of gender diversity through measurable results and revenue growth. Learn more about Kelly Kehn on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKelly A. Kehn Consulting Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Joe Kay

Principal Consultant @ The Table Group

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Read more aboutThe Table Group on Crunchbase…

Rodrigo Marcos

Principal consultant @ SECFORCE

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Rodrigo caught the hacking bug when he was 14 years old, after he hacked into his dad’s computer. After discovering his passion for white-hat hacking he started his career in the offensive security industry, eventually founding SECFORCE where he is currently CEO. SECFORCE provides IT security and penetration testing services to some of the biggest brands and government organisations in the world. During his career, Rodrigo has seen an increasing demand in security services from iGaming companies, which seek to safeguard their IT assets against Internet-borne attacks. With a wide knowledge of the offensive security arena and with a vast experience in online services, Rodrigo has an unparalleled understanding of current and future cyber-threats affecting iGaming businesses. Having published a number of books, articles and tools in the topic of penetration testing and IT security, Rodrigo is a sought after speaker who has participated in conferences and seminars all around the world. Learn more about Rodrigo Marcos on Crunchbase…

SECFORCE are vendor independent penetration testing, security specialists providing effective business risk intelligence, security guidance. Read more aboutSECFORCE on Crunchbase…

Anuj Khanna

Founder & Principal Consultant @ Peak State Consulting

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For the past two decades, Anuj Khanna has been helping businesses around the world in achieving success through his peak performance expertise and business strategies. Anuj’s career has spanned across the Technology, Telecommunications, Advertising, Hospitality and Financial Industry. In 2009, Anuj decided to exclusively focus on his passion for helping businesses in their corporate expansion, sales and marketing strategy by setting up his own consulting practice. He has helped over 50 companies and their executive teams in achieving exponential growth and reaching their Peak State. Anuj’s office is in London but he works on projects across the world, with the vast majority of his customers based out of the Silicon Valley in California and Europe. Anuj has also done work in India, China, SE Asia, Latam and Africa. Anuj completed his MBA in Marketing from The University of Sheffield and is an Economics graduate from the University of Mumbai. Anuj also holds a diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Anuj is well trained and experienced in business practice and management principles working with both blue chip corporates and start-ups. However, he is obsessed by his passion for business turnaround and leadership psychology. Anuj specialises in perfectly blending his well-honed business expertise with important psychological skills to achieve Peak Performance. Anuj Khanna was born in India in the year 1973 and is very proud of his humble beginnings. Anuj’s mother is a home-maker and his father spent over 40 years in the hospitality and hotel industry in India. From an early age the family environment was very business and customer service oriented and he grew up with the philosophy of “Customer is God”. Anuj is an open minded, high-energy problem solver who loves a challenge, hence has got the faith and respect of leading tech Founders, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms in helping them in investing and expanding their start up businesses. Anuj has experience of doing business in over 80 countries. Anuj speaks five languages and has business relationships with thousands of telecommunications, IT, advertising, media and financial industry executives. Anuj is highly recognised and recommended as a business visionary and peak performance expert by several global CEO’s and entrepreneurs. Learn more about Anuj Khanna on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPeak State Consulting on Crunchbase…

Kieran O’Leary

Managing Director and Principal Consultant @ Mixed Signal Systems

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Mixed Signal Systems offers product development and consultancy services in the electronics, technology, and semiconductor industries. Read more aboutMixed Signal Systems on Crunchbase…

Robert Orr

Cyber Security Principal Consultant – CNI @ Context Information Security

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Rob leads information and cyber security regulation of the UK civil nuclear sector, in order to ensure the safety of the public, the protection and safeguarding of nuclear material, the non-proliferation of enrichment technologies, and the control of sensitive nuclear information. He is responsible for enabling, influencing, assuring and ensuring the transformation of cyber security and information assurance across the UK civil nuclear sector, through effective and efficient regulation. Prior to this appointment, Rob managed cyber security policy, strategy and programme/project assurance for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. His background is in intelligence, security and telecommunications management and leadership roles within the MOD. Rob holds degrees in Politics and International Relations (LSE), in Defence Technology (Cranfield), and in Advanced Computer Security & Digital Forensics (Edinburgh Napier). Learn more about Robert Orr on Crunchbase…

Context Information Security is a cybersecurity consultancy, specialising in assurance, technical security research. Read more aboutContext Information Security on Crunchbase…

Ian Lynch

Founder & Principal Consultant @ Active Consultants

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Active Consultants provides consulting services and solutions to improve business growth. Read more aboutActive Consultants on Crunchbase…

James Sykes

Principal Consultant @ SNC Lavalin

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Read more aboutSNC Lavalin on Crunchbase…

David Everett

CEO and Principal Consultant @ Microexpert

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David Everett is a leading authority on the security design of electronic payment systems. With a cryptographic background and extensive knowledge of the tamper resistant properties of smart cards and HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) David is able to assist clients with a deeper understanding of electronic payment systems and digital currencies. His expertise also includes novel approaches to securing data in the cloud and IOT. David is the CEO of Microexpert which provides consultancy services in electronic payment and transaction systems. The company has been advising clients on digital security for over 30 years. David is the co-founder of Tibado, a central ledger electronic cash system and prior to that was commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mint to analyse the future of electronic payments which culminated in the design of MintChip, an electronic cash system for both the physical and virtual worlds. Previously he was engaged by NatWest bank to design a fiat based digital currency system using public key cryptography that became known as Mondex. This also led to the invention of Multos, a secure multi-application Smartcard OS with a PKI based control module. David also represented the UK banks on the original research work designed to improve card verification methods. This eventually led to the chip and pin system adopted internationally today. As a consultant to eftPOS UK David undertook the security design of a national debit card system which resulted in the first significant commercial use of public key cryptography. Previously he was contracted by CHAPS, the UKs Clearing House Automated Payment Scheme as co-designer of the security scheme. As a cryptography consultant, David is particularly able to help his clients with the business and technical architecture of modern electronic payment systems, authentication, IOT security and digital currencies. Apart from his numerous lectures David also undertakes training sessions on various aspects of electronic payments and transactions. Learn more about David Everett on Crunchbase…

Microexpert are an independent data security consultancy and are leading experts in the application of cryptography. Read more aboutMicroexpert on Crunchbase…

Christina Thakor-Rankin

Principal Consultant @ Kelly A. Kehn Consulting Ltd.

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Christina has over 25 years’ experience in the betting, and gambling industry, 15 at director level and above. Starting out in the pre-dotcom era, she has a career spanning land, internet and mobile, covering all aspects of gaming operations, holding senior roles with some of the world’s best known brands (incl. William Hill and Virgin) responsible for managing multiple business disciplines, functions and teams across a range of channels, products and customers, including regulatory compliance and money laundering. REGISTER FOR SiGMA17 Learn more about Christina Thakor-Rankin on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKelly A. Kehn Consulting Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Jason Durk

Principal Consultant @ 3Squared

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3Squared is a mobile app developer company which has developed apps like Festive Finge Read more about3Squared on Crunchbase…

Davina Hesmer

Principal Consultant @ AssistKD

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Davina Hesmer has extensive experience in business analysis, business process improvement, systems analysis and project management.She has worked in a range of organisations in both the public and private sectors. Davina was an independent consultant for several years offering services in her specialist disciplines in particular business analysis, systems analysis and project management. She is a passionate advocate for business analysis and is an oral examiner for the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis. Learn more about Davina Hesmer on Crunchbase…

AssistKD and they have helped to develop the company and its portfolio of services. Read more aboutAssistKD on Crunchbase…

Gary Munro

Principal Consultant @ Consult Hyperion

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Gary is a globally recognised retail payments expert with specific focus on digital transactions from the point of sale & mobile and services perspective. He leads Consult Hyperion’s POS practice, advising clients such as mastercard, eftpos, Worldpay, American Express and Visa on the commercial and technical requirements for enabling secure digital payment solutions. He often works on the specification, design and implementation of state of the art payments technologies which challenge the current models. Prior to joining Consult Hyperion Gary led Gemalto’s POS Division in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, prior to and during its acquisition by VeriFone. He has 28 years’ experience in electronic payments, with over 13 years’ experience of tailoring point of sale solutions to meet the specific requirements of the larger UK Acquirers, including Worldpay and HSBC Merchant Services.Gary holds a BSc (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. Learn more about Gary Munro on Crunchbase…

Consult Hyperion is an independent strategic and technical consultancy. Read more aboutConsult Hyperion on Crunchbase…

Marie Gilmour

Principal Consultant @ The Nichols Group

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Marie Gilmour is a Management Consultant with the Nichols Group, currently engaged as Innovation Programme Manager within Crossrail’s Innovation programme, Innovate18. Learn more about Marie Gilmour on Crunchbase…

Nichols is an elite company of strategic change specialists. Read more aboutThe Nichols Group on Crunchbase…

Erkut Evirgen

CEO, Principal Consultant @ Wisen

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Erkut Evirgen is the founder and principal consultant at Wisen. Learn more about Erkut Evirgen on Crunchbase…

Wisely Crafted Software Solutions Read more aboutWisen on Crunchbase…

Balendra Elangco

Principal Consultant @ PA Consulting Group

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Balendra has been delivering enterprise security architecture and solutions for financial services, telecoms, media and packaged goods that include Financial Extranets and a large Payment Card transmission network. He has experience in designing, implementing and maintaining solutions (technical and governance) that meet compliance requirements such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001. He has also led managed security services teams for multinationals with global footprints. He is an exam developer for CISSP at ISC². Learn more about Balendra Elangco on Crunchbase…

PA Consulting Group provides management consulting, IT consulting, and technology and innovation services. Read more aboutPA Consulting Group on Crunchbase…

Edgar Danielyan

Director & Principal Consultant @ Danielyan Consulting Ltd

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Security engineering & penetration testing consultancy helping start-ups deliver secure applications Read more aboutDanielyan Consulting Ltd on Crunchbase…

Ollie Gayton

Principal Consultant @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Ollie leads the Cloud Infrastructure for Azure and Azure Stack practice for HPE Pointnext UK&I. His team is responsible for designing and implementing secure and scalable foundational cloud environments capable of hosting multiple types of workload – IaaS and PaaS – as well as defining and implementing clients’ cloud migration plans. Learn more about Ollie Gayton on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHewlett Packard Enterprise on Crunchbase…

Louise Hart

Founder, Principal Consultant & Marketing Communications Consultant @ STEADY ON

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Louise Hart is the founder and CEO of Steady On Productions, a brand strategy and management consultancy based in Hollywood which focuses on film, fashion and new digital media. Hart is fluent in Japanese and this has taken her on many adventures in television, advertising and film. She started out in London working on the team that launched the UK’s first digital TV channels, BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge. When young media maverick Stuart Murphy started developing BBC Three, he entrusted Hart with the development and production of a weekend of programming on a Japan theme, including a series exploring youth culture in Tokyo (Music, Fashion, Sex, Shopping and the Future) and an English-dub of the cult anime Lum the Invader Girl. After working on various TV productions for the BBC and RDF Media, she set up a production division at the boutique London talent agency WSK Artists, representing art directors, stylists and photographers, where she produced various ad campaigns for the Japanese market, including Tokyo Beauty Center (TBC) ads featuring David and Victoria Beckham. In 2003, Hart returned to Los Angeles (where she had spent her teenage years) and joined the team launching Blu-ray at Sony Pictures. This placed her at the center of the notorious format war and as a result she is now known in the industry for her key role in defeating the HD DVD competition. Hart conceived of the idea to set up Steady On while at Sony and in 2009 she decided to strike out on her own as a consultant currently for Sony, Target, Adidas and various independent film producers and fashion designers. Hart holds a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Drama and Theatre Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London. Learn more about Louise Hart on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSTEADY ON on Crunchbase…

Danilo Sato

Principal Consultant @ Thoughtworks

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Danilo is a Head of Data & AI Services UK and polyglot Principal Consultant with more than 15 years of experience as an Architect, Data Engineer, Developer, and Agile Coach. He balances strategy with execution, helping clients refine their technology strategy while also adopting practices to reduce the time between having an idea, implementing it, and running it in production using Cloud, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Danilo is the author of the book “DevOps In Practice: reliable and automated software delivery”, a member of ThoughtWorks’ Office of the CTO, and an experienced international conference speaker. Learn more about Danilo Sato on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThoughtworks on Crunchbase…

Paul Denny-Gouldson

Principal Consultant @ Zifo RnD Solutions

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Read more aboutZifo RnD Solutions on Crunchbase…

Ian Adkins

Principal Consultant @ Analysys Mason

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Ian is a Principal for Analysys Mason and one of its leading experts in broadband, with extensive experience in policy development, network cost modelling, appraising commercial models and designing procurement strategies. He has managed over 40 broadband projects for public authorities that have resulted in successful broadband roll-out contracts. Ian is an expert on European State aid and has helped projects to navigate the complexities of securing European Commission approval. During his more than 15 years with Analysys Mason, Ian has worked on projects with regulators, fixed and mobile operators, utilities, national and local government, and multinational corporate enterprises. He has specific market strengths aligned to public policy and market competition, and his experience ranges from strategy development through to commercial contract negotiations for public sector, enterprise and operator clients wishing to develop innovative service solutions. He is adept at managing multiple stakeholder groups involved in complex programmes. Ian also specialises in utility telecoms and the economic development opportunity afforded by ICT in new-build property and regeneration developments. Ian is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Learn more about Ian Adkins on Crunchbase…

Analysys Mason is the leading management consultancy focused on telecoms, media and technology (TMT). Read more aboutAnalysys Mason on Crunchbase…

James Peet

Principal Consultant @ Amido

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Amido is an independent technical consultancy that specializes in implementing cloud-native solutions. Read more aboutAmido on Crunchbase…

Bruce Hallas

Owner & Principal Consultant @ Marmalade Box

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Bruce Hallas is an advocate, consultant, trainer and speaker in information security awareness, behaviour and culture (ABC), governance, risk and compliance. He is author of two upcoming books: ‘Re-Thinking the Human Factor’ and ‘Cyber Security ABCs’, commissioned by British Computing Society. He presents the Re-thinking the Human Factor podcast. Bruce’s background is in information security practise. Recently he has helped global organisations design highly effective infosec awareness programmes that demonstratively change behaviour and culture. Bruce is Chairperson of the Corporate Executives Programme’s, Embedding Information Security Awareness into Business Systems working group, Founder of The Analogies Project and of Marmalade Box.. Learn more about Bruce Hallas on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMarmalade Box on Crunchbase…

Yolanda Berry

Principal Consultant @ UK Behavioural Economics

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Yolanda has spent her career applying her psychology background to the world of technology – she has led issue escalation teams for several technology companies, helping them deal with both their most intractable customers, as well as those with the most difficult issues. In 1997, as part of the Mars Pathfinder program, Yolanda became the first person in history to field a support call from another planet. Three years ago, Yolanda founded UK Behavioural Economics, a consultancy that focuses on applying modern behavioural methods to help solve some of the world’s most challenging sustainability issues. Learn more about Yolanda Berry on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutUK Behavioural Economics on Crunchbase…

Ben Morgan

Principal Consultant @ Revoco

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Ben Morgan is a principal consultant at Revoco. Learn more about Ben Morgan on Crunchbase…

Revoco is a recruitment company that offers a variety of services to clients who seek talents in tech. Read more aboutRevoco on Crunchbase…

Kylie Fowler

Principal Consultant @ ITAM Intelligence

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IT Asset Management Consultancy, specialising in software, hardware and mobile device management. Read more aboutITAM Intelligence on Crunchbase…

Ian Nock

Founder and Principal Consultant @ Fairmile West

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Ian Nock is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Fairmile West Consulting and has over 25 years of experience in high technology research, development, and operations. Since entering the TV industry in the late 1990s, he has worked in the setup and launch of many Satellite, Cable, IPTV, and OTT video platforms across Europe in diverse roles that encompass technology and operations from production to consumption. Ian moved into consulting in 2004, working with some of the most innovative vendor and operator companies in the industry. He founded Fairmile West Consulting ( in 2012 as a multi-national, high expertise Digital TV and Media consulting and professional services company, working with large/small operators and technology vendors on product/technology strategy, architecture, and delivery. Taking an early interest in the development of Ultra HD, Fairmile West has been a member of the Ultra HD Forum since 2015 and has been an active participant in their efforts around Interoperability, taking a leading part in those efforts with member companies and organizations. Ian graduated with a First Class Bachelors Degree in Engineering Technology in 1992 from Leicester Polytechnic (now De Montfort University), undertaking research into medical automation, flexible packaging dynamics, and post-graduate research into artificial intelligence-based control systems with a number of published papers in those areas. He quickly jumped out of academia into the nascent Internet and Networking industry before moving into TV. He is a member of the IET, IEEE, RTS, and Fellow of the SCTE: The Society for Broadband Professionals. Learn more about Ian Nock on Crunchbase…

Fairmile West is the specialist TV & Media Technology and Business Consultancy Read more aboutFairmile West on Crunchbase…

David Johansson

Principal Consultant @ Synopsys

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David Johansson has worked as a security consultant for several leading IT-security companies and has 10 years of experience in software security. Among other things, he has worked with software development and architecture, web security testing and training developers and testers in security. David lives in London where he works as an Associate Principal Consultant for Synopsys Software Integrity Group (formerly Cigital). Learn more about David Johansson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSynopsys on Crunchbase…

Thomas Cannon

Principal Consultant @ NCC Group

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Thomas Cannon is the former Director of R&D at viaForensics LLC. Learn more about Thomas Cannon on Crunchbase…

NCC Group exists to make the world safer and more secure. Read more aboutNCC Group on Crunchbase…

Denesh Bhabuta

Principal Consultant @ Meidan Ventures Limited

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Denesh was elected to the Board in May 2014. He has extensive experience of the Internet Industry and is currently a Director and Principal Consultant at Meidan Ventures Limited, Executive Director and Event Manager for the UK Network Operators Forum (UKNOF), and External Relations and Event Director for the DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC). Denesh is also joint Director and Chairman of event management company D&A Events in Portugal and Chairman of Usurp, a not-for-profit art collective which develops opportunities for communities to work with artists and activists from diverse backgrounds. He is a member of the Audit and Governance Committee. Learn more about Denesh Bhabuta on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMeidan Ventures Limited on Crunchbase…

Craig Dangar

Principal Consultant @ C&D Restructure and Taxation Advisory

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Craig Dangar is the principal consultant of C&D Commercial Partners and C&D Restructure and Taxation Advisor. A stalwart of the industry, he has worked tirelessly as a thought leader, entrepreneur, and writer. Learn more about Craig Dangar on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutC&D Restructure and Taxation Advisory on Crunchbase…

David Reid

Principal Consultant – CRM @ Microsoft

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A technologist at heart and an experienced technical seller of customer service solutions to enterprise customers. He is keen to show the value of the Microsoft Business Applications platform and how Dynamics 365 can enable your business and your customers to achieve more. Learn more about David Reid on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMicrosoft on Crunchbase…

Denis Baranov

Principal Consultant @ DataArt

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Denis Baranov is Principal Consultant at DataArt. Learn more about Denis Baranov on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutDataArt on Crunchbase…

James O”Neill

Principal Consultant @ Mobula Consulting

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Read more aboutMobula Consulting on Crunchbase…

Simon Stanley

Founder and Principal Consultant @ Earlswood Marketing Limited

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Simon Stanley is Founder and Principal Consultant at Earlswood Marketing Ltd., an independent market analyst and consulting company based in the U.K. His work has included investment due diligence, market analysis for investors, and business/product strategy for semiconductor companies. Simon has written extensively for Heavy Reading and Light Reading. His reports and Webinars cover a variety of communications-related subjects, including LTE, Policy Management, SDN/NFV, IMS, ATCA, 100/400G optical components, multicore processors, switch chipsets, network processors, and optical transport.Prior to founding Earlswood Marketing, Simon spent more than 15 years in product marketing and business management. He has held senior positions with Fujitsu, National Semiconductor, and U.K. startup ClearSpeed, covering networking, personal systems, and graphics in Europe, North America, and Japan. Simon has spent over 30 years in the electronics industry, including several years designing CPU-based systems, before moving into semiconductor marketing. In 1983, Stanley earned a Bachelor’s in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Brunel University, London. Learn more about Simon Stanley on Crunchbase…

Earlswood Marketing Limited is an independent market analyst and consulting company based in the UK. Read more aboutEarlswood Marketing Limited on Crunchbase…

Matt How

Principal Consultant @ Adatis

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Matt is a passionate and creative Business Intelligence consultant and international conference speaker. Having spoken at several large conferences across the world he is committed to sharing knowledge and insight to the wider community. In his spare time he is dedicated to writing blogs, researching the latest cloud based tech and attending user groups. All of Matt’s sessions have a strong focus on demos and ensure attendees come away with applicable knowledge and a good place to start their own research. Learn more about Matt How on Crunchbase…

Adatis is a specialist Data Analytics Consultancy and trusted Microsoft business intelligence partner. Read more aboutAdatis on Crunchbase…

Ralph Kugler

Principal Consultant & Senior Research Fellow @ University of Malaya

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Read more aboutUniversity of Malaya on Crunchbase…

Paul Hanks

Principal Consultant @ Health2Works

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Spoiler title
Instrumental in shaping Health2Works development since its formation Focused on delivering effective solutions on time and on budget Strong background in R&D IT Learn more about Paul Hanks on Crunchbase…

Health2Works, an innovative software company. Read more aboutHealth2Works on Crunchbase…

James Birnie

Principal Consultant @ Codurance

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James has worked in software since the 1990s, when TDD was something you studied but never did and Agile and Lean were words you used to describe athletes. After working in a startup for 9 years, where he learnt the hard way about Agile, Lean Experiments, Microservices and Pipelines, he started a new life as a consultant in 2015. James is now a principal at Codurance where he tries to encourage positive business transformation through software excellence and a focus on outcome driven cross functional teams. Learn more about James Birnie on Crunchbase…

Codurance is a software company that offers embedded solutions and software creation. Read more aboutCodurance on Crunchbase…

Jim Gumbley

Principal Consultant @ Thoughtworks

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Spoiler title
Jim is a software consultant with a range of experiences in finance, public sector and healthcare. For the last few years he’s been focussing on improving information security outcomes in agile and lean development projects for ThoughtWorks in London, UK. Learn more about Jim Gumbley on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThoughtworks on Crunchbase…

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