Top Influencers: 57 UK Founder & Chief Executive’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer role. We have selected these Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer’s. The list is in no particular order!

Bernhard Niesner

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ busuu

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Bernhard Niesner is the CEO and Co-Founder of busuu – the world´s largest social network for language learning with more than 35m users. busuu provides language courses in 12 different languages combined with direct interaction with native speakers from the community. The London-based start-up received several awards and was named “Best Education Start-Up in 2011” by TechCrunch. busuu is backed by renown business angels like Martin Varsavsky and received investment from PRO-Founders Capital. Before founding busuu, Bernhard worked at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. In addition to busuu, he is Associated Professor at IE Business School in the area of online marketing. Bernhard graduated summa cum laude in International Business from the University of Vienna and holds an MBA (with honors) from IE Business School. In 2009 he was awarded “Entrepreneur of the year” in Austria. Learn more about Bernhard Niesner on Crunchbase…

busuu is a mobile app for language learning with the goal of breaking down language barriers. Read more aboutbusuu on Crunchbase…

Alex Zhavoronkov

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Insilico Medicine

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Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine (, a leader in next-generation artificial intelligence technologies for drug discovery, and biomarker development. He is also the founder and CEO of Deep Longevity, Inc, a global company developing a broad range of artificial intelligence-based biomarkers of aging and longevity. Since 2015 he invented critical technologies in the field of generative adversarial networks (GANs) and reinforcement learning (RL) for generation of the novel molecular structures with the desired properties and generation of synthetic biological and patient data. He also pioneered the applications of deep learning technologies for prediction of human biological age using multiple data types, transfer learning from aging into disease, target identification, and signaling pathway modeling. Under his leadership Insilico raised over $50 million in multiple rounds from expert investors, opened R&D centers in 6 countries and regions, and partnered with multiple pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic institutions. Prior to founding Insilico, he worked in senior roles at ATI Technologies (acquired by AMD in 2006), NeuroG Neuroinformatics, Biogerontology Research Foundation. Since 2012 he published over 130 peer-reviewed research papers, and 2 books including “The Ageless Generation: How Biomedical Advances Will Transform the Global Economy” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013). He serves on the editorial boards of Aging Research Reviews, Aging, Trends in Molecular Medicine, Frontiers in Genetics, and co-chairs the Annual Aging Research, Drug Discovery and AI Forum (7th annual in 2020) at Basel Life, one of Europe’s largest industry events in drug discovery. He is the adjunct professor of artificial intelligence at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Learn more about Alex Zhavoronkov on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutInsilico Medicine on Crunchbase…

Jenny Griffiths

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Snap Vision

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Jenny Griffiths is an award-winning technology entrepreneur and Computer Vision engineer. She founded her company Snap Vision in 2011, which was the first in the world to offer visual search for fashion retailers and publishers across both mobile and web. Being so early in the journey of the development and commercialisation of today’s AI market, Jenny is a thought-leader not only in AI and computer vision, but also in how to innovate and how to drive markets into adopting new innovations. Her work has led to her winning a number of awards, from the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Silver medal for personal contributions to UK engineering, to being awarded an MBE for Services to Innovation at the age of just 27. This year she was named as one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 50 Women in Tech in the world. Learn more about Jenny Griffiths on Crunchbase…

Snap Vision specializes in the fields of AI computer games and machine learning. Read more aboutSnap Vision on Crunchbase…

Mark Oleynik

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Moley Robotics

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An accomplished Ph.D. mathematician, computer scientist and proven trailblazer. Results focused, his career to date is characterized by delivering demanding major projects to time and to budget. Prior to founding Moley Robotics, Mark was a co-founder and a major shareholder of a number of companies working in a healthcare sector in Russia and internationally. Earlier in his career, Mark exercised his passion for building successful products at Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University and smaller companies. Mark Oleynik is a driven leader and passionate robotics and healthcare expert. Learn more about Mark Oleynik on Crunchbase…

Moley Robotics develops robotic kitchen with oven, hob, sink, and two dexterous robotic arms that allow it to cook. Read more aboutMoley Robotics on Crunchbase…

Charmaine Chow

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Get Harley

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Charmaine Chow Founder, CEO at Get Harley. Learn more about Charmaine Chow on Crunchbase…

Get Harley is an end-to-end skincare platform powered by practitioners. Read more aboutGet Harley on Crunchbase…

Nick Katz

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ acasa

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Nick Katz has worked in the US and the UK for nearly a decade in just about every segment of the real estate industry possible. He’s bought and sold commercial buildings, improved the energy efficiency of hotels, and deployed software to large property portfolios. In 2013 Nick joined VC backed Honest Buildings as Head of Europe before launching Splittable. Nick loves the idea of leveraging technology to help people live better at home. He’s an expert at dealing with housemate issues having rented and shared nine properties in London. Learn more about Nick Katz on Crunchbase…

acasa is a household management tool and bill splitting package that helps students, sharers and couples. Read more aboutacasa on Crunchbase…

Jan Amstutz

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Beem

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Beem provides key infrastructure for the future of spatial telepresence in the Metaverse. Read more aboutBeem on Crunchbase…

Sameer Rizvi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ RD Capital Partners

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Sameer Rizvi established RD Capital Partners LLP (RDCP) in 2015 and has served as its Managing Partner since inception, building RDCP into one of the leading healthcare investment firms in the UK. Headquartered in London, RDCP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and manages both partners’ capital as well as institutional capital, investing in a way that responsibly creates enduring value, superior returns and shared outcomes for RDCP partners, investors, portfolio companies and their employees. Mr. Rizvi focuses on deal origination, asset management, fundraising and investor relations. He has almost a decade of experience investing in public and private companies and has led RDCP’s investment strategy, resulting in some notable additions to the growing RDCP portfolio. Mr. Rizvi also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of RDCP Care, the firm’s healthcare subsidiary. Previously, Mr. Rizvi led a career as an investment banker, firstly at Commerzbank in London and then at the Royal Bank of Scotland in London and Dubai. Mr. Rizvi is a member of the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA), the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), Institute Krav Maga UK (IKMUK) and CFA UK. He mentors young companies and startups via Virgin StartUp’s mentorship program. He is a speaker at Kings College London. Mr. Rizvi is consistently featured in Private Equity Wire, Real Deals, Care Home Professional, The Business Desk, Private Healthcare Investor, eFinancialCareers and Palico, amongst others. Mr. Rizvi is a graduate of McGill University in Canada, holding a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance. He is a CFA® charterholder. Learn more about Sameer Rizvi on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutRD Capital Partners on Crunchbase…

Ohad Folman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Practi

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Read more aboutPracti on Crunchbase…

Will Wynne

Managing Director, Co-Founder & Chief Executive @ Arena Online Ltd

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Flowers & gifts, London, UK & Europe Read more aboutArena Online Ltd on Crunchbase…

Majid Shabir

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ instinct studios

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Majid Shabir is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at instinct studios. Learn more about Majid Shabir on Crunchbase…

Instinct Studios is a design-led FinTech company that simplifies financial services across web, mobile, and touch-enabled devices. Read more aboutinstinct studios on Crunchbase…

Alex Housley

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Seldon

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Alex is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to establish the new open standard for predictive AI, to make the world a more personalised, productive and fun place. He is the co-creator of the Genome Laser, which sequenced the inventors of the laser and high-speed genome sequencing and blasted their DNA into space with an enormous laser. Learn more about Alex Housley on Crunchbase…

Machine Learning Deployment Platform Read more aboutSeldon on Crunchbase…

Vishnu Chundi

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ AssetVault

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Vishnu Chundi is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at AssetVault. Learn more about Vishnu Chundi on Crunchbase…

AssetVault allows customers to catalogue all their physical and digital assets in one secure register. Read more aboutAssetVault on Crunchbase…

Edward Green

Founder & Chief Executive @ CHAIN Biotechnology

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Edward is a serial biotech entrepreneur, having founded Green Biologics and built it into a world leader for butanol fermentation. He is a microbiologist with over 25 years’ experience with anaerobic bacteria, obtaining a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. He has pioneered technical improvements in microbial strain improvement and fermentation process development for industrial biotechnology applications contributing to numerous scientific publications and patents. He recently founded CHAIN Biotech, a microbiome Company focused on development and commercialisation of microbial technology for the production and delivery of biotherapeutics. Edward participates in the IB Leadership Forum, several NIBB management boards; C1NET and LBNET and BBSRC advisory panels for Bioenergy and Industrial Biotechnology. Learn more about Edward Green on Crunchbase…

CHAIN Biotechnology is a microbiome therapeutics company with a novel drug development platform targeting chronic gut-related diseases. Read more aboutCHAIN Biotechnology on Crunchbase…

Sara Murray

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Buddi

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Sara Murray (M.A. Oxon) is a serial entrepreneur. She founded Ninah Consulting, which uses proprietary software to advise clients, including GSK and Coca-Cola, on marketing effectiveness, and sold it to Publicis Groupe. In 1999, Sara founded Inspop, which owns the brand She built and sold the online company to the Admiral Group. She was a non-executive Director of Schering Health Care and a founding board member of Seedcamp. Sara won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009 and sits on the Technology Strategy Board Governing Board. Sara was awarded an OBE for services to Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2012 and is a qualified helicopter pilot. Learn more about Sara Murray on Crunchbase…

Buddi is an innovative, high-growth and british technology company that develops location and health monitoring technologies. Read more aboutBuddi on Crunchbase…

David Peto

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Aframe

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David founded Aframe with a vision to create a video platform that is powerful enough to handle the huge volumes and myriad formats of video production, but is simple enough that anyone could use it. He’s taken this idea from a one-room office covered in post it notes, to a global business with offices across the UK and US, raising significant Venture Capital funding along the way. Learn more about David Peto on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAframe on Crunchbase…

Stevan Bajic

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Manigo

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Stevan Bajic is Founder & CEO at Manigo. Learn more about Stevan Bajic on Crunchbase…

Manigo is a full stack Banking as a Service (BaaS) provider Read more aboutManigo on Crunchbase…

Alison Wedgwood

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ eWaterPay

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Alison Wedgwood is CEO of eWATERpay Ltd a UK tech start up revolutionising the delivery of water in rural sub-Saharan Africa. I have put in £500,000 of my own money and we have raised £350,000 of Angel funding, and are now looking to initiate a Series A fund round. Recently we have been advised by a Senior partner at Deloittes, and our new COO was, until three weeks ago the Commander of the UK Navy Maritime Fleet, Rear Admiral Alex Burton. eWater (, recently featured on the BBC news (click for link to video) and in the Economist (click for link to article), has also recently won the RELX Group Environmental Sustainability Prize 2017 which was presented in Stockholm at the UN CEO Water Mandate conference at World Water Week (click for link to article). eWATERpay is a pre-payment smart meter that can be fitted onto taps on any piped water systems in rural or urban areas of developing countries. It allows very low income households to pay affordable sums for water through loading their smart cards with eWATERcredit. The unique combination of three technologies integrating mobile and contactless pay technology, and IOT connectivity ensures the transparent collection of consumers’ water fees to fund the maintenance of water systems. Currently, $20 billion is invested in new water supply infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa per annum, but within three years, 40% of these systems are broken because there is no funded maintenance. eWATERpay solves this problem by ensuring revenue is tracked and accountable and transparently used by water Ministries, or private water utilities, to pay for continued maintenance. Learn more about Alison Wedgwood on Crunchbase…

Read more abouteWaterPay on Crunchbase…

Ashley MacKenzie

Founder & Chief Executive @ Fenestra

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Fenestra is a computer software company that specializes in booking, billing, payments, and audit transactions. Read more aboutFenestra on Crunchbase…

Collin Coleman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Abide Financial

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The initial impetus for founding Abide came from Collin’s desire for a better quality of transaction reporting service than was available when he was the executive responsible for transaction reporting at Schneider Group, where he was Chief Operating Officer. Collin has extensive experience with trade and post-trade processes and technology, from the cutting edge of high-frequency trading to complex post-trade workflows spanning multiple systems and asset classes. He is also well-versed in regulatory compliance for trading and broking firms. Before his 10 years at Schneider, Collin worked as a consultant in e-banking security, and prior to that spent several years designing and implementing some of the first global-scale fully-integrated enterprise email system deployments. Learn more about Collin Coleman on Crunchbase…

Abide Financial is a market leader in global regulatory reporting solutions. Read more aboutAbide Financial on Crunchbase…

Roland Lamb

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ ROLI

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After leaving school in the UK, Roland moved to Japan to practise Zen Buddhism. He then moved on to Harvard University, and a degree in Classical Chinese and Sanskrit Philosophy. This – naturally – led to an interest in technology and industrial design, so he won a scholarship to pursue an MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art. While at RCA, he invented an award-winning new approach to building pressure-sensing interfaces and ROLI was born. Roland is joined on ROLI’s board of Directors by Salahdin Imam, Sarah Chalfant and Tahmima Anam. Learn more about Roland Lamb on Crunchbase…

ROLI is a London-based music technology company that produces musical instruments and software products. Read more aboutROLI on Crunchbase…

David Walsh

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ CFC Underwriting

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David Walsh has a spring in his step today as he greets Insurance Times with a smile. The managing director of CFC Underwriting is on the up having led a management buy-out (MBO) from Hyperion. As a show of faith in his managerial ability, just under half the staff bought shares in the business as part of the MBO. Walsh is keen to talk about the MBO and what it means for his cyber specialist business, based in Gracechurch Street at the heart of the London insurance market. First though, a bit more about Walsh, who is making his first appearance in Insurance Times. Learn more about David Walsh on Crunchbase…

CFC Underwriting is the largest independent specialty MGA in the UK. Read more aboutCFC Underwriting on Crunchbase…

Alex Hunn

Founder & Chief Executive @ Freemarket

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Alex founded freemarket to create a democratic, efficient alternative to traditional exchange mechanisms. And today, freemarket’s network gives every member access to the infrastructure, information and pricing normally only available to the biggest institutions. Learn more about Alex Hunn on Crunchbase…

Freemarket accelerate’s businesses growth by giving them access to cross-border payments and currency exchange optimized for their needs. Read more aboutFreemarket on Crunchbase…

Mehool Sanghrajka

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Learning Possibilities

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Mehool H. Sanghrajka founded Enterprise MPC, which he served as its managing director from 2004 to 2007, in 1989 that became Learning Possibilities in 2007, since which he has been serving as its chief executive officer since May 2007. Mehool has been working at the leading edge of the global education and educational IT markets for over two decades. Dr. Sanghrajka serves as a Director of Learning Possibilities Limited. Mehoo is a Member of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Engineer. In addition, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce, and the Institute of Directors. He graduated from City University Business School in London. Learn more about Mehool Sanghrajka on Crunchbase…

Learning Possibilities develops and provides a cloud based school learning platform for education and government customers. Read more aboutLearning Possibilities on Crunchbase…

Mathew Hassell

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @

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[custom-twitter-feeds screenname=”mathewhassell”] offers group transport to festivals, hen/stag events, weddings, corporate events, birthdays & sporting events. Read more on Crunchbase…

Benji Lanyado

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Picfair

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Benji Lanyado live in London, and have a great sense of humour. I studied Modern Middle Eastern History at university before landing the jammiest job of my life – traveling the world writing for the Guardian and the New York Times. Then I ended up in house at the Guardian, writing and web producing on the Travel desk. I also made Twitter mapping service and news aggregators RedditEdit and (US version here). At the moment I’m working on my first startup, while building interactive stories. I’ve recetly started coding, and built this site from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Do have a look around – at my travel writing, features, and digital dabbling. Learn more about Benji Lanyado on Crunchbase…

Picfair is an open-to-all image licensing marketplace. Read more aboutPicfair on Crunchbase…

Marcelo Bravo

Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ OxVax

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Marcelo Bravo Chief Executive Officer at OxVax Ltd. Learn more about Marcelo Bravo on Crunchbase…

OxVax focused on the development of an advanced next-generation dendritic cell vaccine platform for the treatment of solid tumor cancers. Read more aboutOxVax on Crunchbase…

Imran Amed

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ The Business of Fashion

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Bringing a unique understanding of the creative and commercial sides of fashion, Imran Amed has emerged as one of the fashion industry’s leading writers, thinkers and commentators. In 2007, he started writing a blog called The Business of Fashion (BoF) from his sofa just as social media and smartphones were about to explode onto the scene, new markets were rapidly emerging in China, India and Brazil, and the financial crisis threw the industry into a tailspin. Five years on, with its award-winning editorial franchises and a global reputation for intelligent, analytical content, BoF has grown into the pre-eminent daily destination for the global fashion community. Imran has been named to British GQ’s list of the 100 Most Influential Men in Britain, Indian GQ’s list of the 50 Most Influential Global Indians, British Vogue’s list of 25 New Fashion Faces to Watch, and Wired UK’s list of the 100 most influential figures in Britain’s digital economy. Previously, he was a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.Com from McGill University. He holds Canadian and British citizenship. Learn more about Imran Amed on Crunchbase…

The Business of Fashion is a online platform for the global fashion industry, offering content and tools to industry professionals. Read more aboutThe Business of Fashion on Crunchbase…

Daniel Thompson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Kluster

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Forecast, manage pipeline, and execute strategies to beat your revenue target using Kluster’s revenue analytics platform. Read more aboutKluster on Crunchbase…

Jedidiah Francis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Labs

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Jedidiah Francis is a technologist, entrepreneur, and CEO of, a start-up studio that incubates innovative and impact-driven businesses that leverage machine learning. From education to health, Jedidiah is passionate about leveraging the latest technologies, especially personalisation, to transform user experiences and improve outcomes for customers, patients and students. Jedidiah has over 10 years’ experience building and successfully scaling organisations – from start-ups to e-commerce giants – through the application of data science, personalisation and digitisation. Throughout his career, he has applied cutting-edge academic research to deliver a better, more personalised user experience. In 2017, Jedidiah founded Labs to launch start-ups that use the latest technologies to enhance day-to-day life, make a positive social impact and provide end-users with personalised, data-driven advice and support. Based in London, started out providing businesses, non-for-profit organisations and innovative start-ups with strategic, hands-on advice to deploy machine learning to deliver a personalised service. Last year, Jedidiah Francis pivoted to focus on the development of its own products and services after recognising the opportunity for technology to not only drive organisational growth but improve people’s lives and quality of life. Fundamental to his work at, Jedidiah believes that the next wave of technological developments will provide proactive assistance to users in a business, social and educational context. Alongside his work at, Jedidiah remains a technology adviser to disruptive start-ups around the world including Robin, a Toronto-based company providing personal concierge for concerts and live events. Prior to founding, Jedidiah Francis was Head of Data Science at British e-commerce giant ASOS. Joining in 2013, Jedidiah spearheaded the retailer’s personalisation strategy, recruiting and leading a team of highly specialised engineers, developers and data scientists to leverage the latest machine learning to improve customer recommendations. During his time at ASOS, Jedidiah established the company’s data science team from scratch and was responsible for taking the cutting-edge data science research from the academic world and applying it in a commercial context. Between 2012 and 2017, ASOS expanded its revenues from £552 million to nearly £2 billion. Passionate about the unrivaled power of education in unleashing individual potential and reducing poverty, Jedidiah has held multiple, voluntary teaching positions over the course of his career. Growing up in a family of teachers, his passion and love for mathematics and science was instilled in him from an early age and harnessed by his school teachers. In his early twenties, Jedidiah spent time teaching maths and science in a refugee centre in the Turks and Caicos Islands. After arriving in the UK in 2001, Jedidiah went on to teach at a youth centre in Brixton, one of the most deprived suburbs in London. While studying at the University of Oxford, Jedidiah Francis also held a number of research and student mentoring positions as a student. Alongside his studies, he also worked within a team of statisticians, virologists and data scientists at the University to develop a new machine learning method to learn about the evolution of HIV. Jedidiah Francis was born and grew up in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. He studied at Saint Vincent Grammar School, and his time there helped galvanise his interest in science and mathematics. In 2001, he was awarded a scholarship to study biology with business management at Queen Mary, University of London. He graduated three years later with first-class honours. He then moved to the University of Oxford (Mansfield and Pembroke Colleges) to read for a DPhil in Statistics. Learn more about Jedidiah Francis on Crunchbase…

Read more Labs on Crunchbase…

Neel Patel

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ ZiO Health

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ZiO Health has developed proprietary pocket-sized technology, bringing lab testing to the point of use. Read more aboutZiO Health on Crunchbase…

Adam Penny

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ The Beautiful Truth

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The Beautiful Truth is a magazine that honors people and businesses who live their lives with purpose. Read more aboutThe Beautiful Truth on Crunchbase…

Robert Garbett

Founder & Chief Executive @ Drone Major Group

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Drone Major Group delivers a range of advisory services focussed around the rapidly growing drone industry. Read more aboutDrone Major Group on Crunchbase…

Graeme Risby

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Hiyacar

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Graeme Risby is Co-Founder and CEO of HiyaCar. Simply put, HiyaCar is the Airbnb for motor cars with all the insurance barriers overcome, matching car hirers with car owners and changing the way we use cars forever. Graeme is a social entrepreneur who believes strongly in using technology and peer-to-peer networks to improve people’s lives, make new friends and bring communities together. Learn more about Graeme Risby on Crunchbase…

Hiyacar is a UK peer to peer car sharing platform. Read more aboutHiyacar on Crunchbase…

Devi Kolli

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ AiSolve

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Devi has over 13 years of experience in planning and delivering transformational digital strategies involving real time human computer interactions across retail, shopping malls, theme parks and education sectors globally. She’s one of the early pioneers who spent relentless hours in educating the enterprise and consumer markets to consider and adapt gamified content into everyday communications whether it’s for marketing, entertainment, out-of-home displays, corporate training and learning. At AiSolve, she leads a diverse team of tech experts with individuals specialising over a wide spectrum of technology spheres including: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Immersive Gaming. As a visionary, she stayed on the forefront of articulating technology trends that influence the market changes and consumer behaviours. Learn more about Devi Kolli on Crunchbase…

AiSolve is a virtual reality developer for gaming, entertainment and education at destinations worldwide. Read more aboutAiSolve on Crunchbase…

Grzegorz Jarząbek

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Trustedoctor

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We want to provide the prime, trustworthy and borderless healthcare advice to help patients and their families in the fight against cancer. Read more aboutTrustedoctor on Crunchbase…

Owen Nicholson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ SLAMcore

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Over a decade of experience in early stage R&D management working on both UK government and industry research portfolios. Successfully delivered technologies in a wide range of areas including UK augmented reality for the UK Special Forces, next generation nuclear submarines and domestic electronics. Worked for four years building and managing the University Research Programme for a leading global engineering company, transferring technologies from top research institutions around the world. Specialised in the strategic and commercial aspects of technology development acting as an advisor to the UK government on university technology transfer. Learn more about Owen Nicholson on Crunchbase…

SLAMcore provides location, mapping and perception software for robots and other autonomous machines to become spatially intelligent Read more aboutSLAMcore on Crunchbase…

Michal Marcinik

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ AdTonos

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Creating innovative technologies for voice commerce, enabling voice transactions. Bringing the power like Adwords has to audio advertising. Read more aboutAdTonos on Crunchbase…

Julian M. Baladurage

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ MBJ LONDON

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Julian Baladurage joined MBJ LONDON as CEO & Co-founder in 2011. Learn more about Julian M. Baladurage on Crunchbase…

MBJ LONDON is a web and app development company offering Website as a Service. Read more aboutMBJ LONDON on Crunchbase…

Matthew Beatty

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Spacehop

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An online platform for people to list and book cheap, flexible office space at the days and hours of their choosing in London and the UK. Read more aboutSpacehop on Crunchbase…

Andrew Dillon

Founder & Chief Executive @ National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

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Andrew Dillon joined the NHS in 1975 and has held a number of senior management positions, including General Manager of the Royal Free Hospital and Chief Executive of St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust. He joined the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as its founding Chief Executive in 1999. Learn more about Andrew Dillon on Crunchbase…

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care. Read more aboutNational Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on Crunchbase…

Emma Rogers

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Little Bridge Ltd

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Emma Rogers is CEO at Little Bridge. Learn more about Emma Rogers on Crunchbase…

Little Bridge is a unique social platform for young, digital learners of English from over 100 countries around the world. Read more aboutLittle Bridge Ltd on Crunchbase…

Ayisha Davis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ The Crafterpreneur

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Fashion, creative and DIY internet content Read more aboutThe Crafterpreneur on Crunchbase…

Paul Ash

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Basalt Global

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Basalt Global is a power generation business supplying heat and power to its clients in the UK agricultural and horticultural sectors. Read more aboutBasalt Global on Crunchbase…

Matt Wells

Co-founder & Chief Executive @ Frontgrid

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Frontgrid provides project management, software development, and digital content production services. Read more aboutFrontgrid on Crunchbase…

Roger Noble

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Zegami

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Roger Noble is a Software Developer and Data Visualisation expert with a passion for building new and innovative technologies that help people see the world in a new way. Learn more about Roger Noble on Crunchbase…

Delivering explainable AI faster and more accurately. Zegami are end-to-end imaging AI specialists combining unique tools and ML services Read more aboutZegami on Crunchbase…

Julian Mills

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Quorso

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Julian is a former partner at McKinsey & Company, where he was a leader in the Travel, Transport, and Infrastructure practices. He also founded and co-chaired the Global Infrastructure Initiative with Madeleine Albright, a gathering of the world’s most influential infrastructure leaders. Julian spent much of his childhood growing up on a remote Scottish island surrounded by sheep and has degrees from Oxford University and Stanford University. Learn more about Julian Mills on Crunchbase…

A new era for store management: Agile. Simple. Human. Read more aboutQuorso on Crunchbase…

James Leavesley

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ CrowdControlHQ

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CrowdControlHQ is the social media platform to engage your audience, manage your activity, and analyse your performance. Read more aboutCrowdControlHQ on Crunchbase…

William Britton

Founder & Chief Executive @ AutonoMe

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After completing his Video Production Degree and Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) specialising in Learning Disabilities he went on to teach ICT, Media and graphics to Adults with Learning Disabilities. William also worked for 5 years as an Assistive Technology specialist and combined his understanding of Learning Disabilities, Video production and technical knowledge to develop a prototype of AutonoMe. After receiving high praise he founded AutonoMe to build a 21st-century solution to the barriers to independence faced by the Learning Disability community. Learn more about William Britton on Crunchbase…

AutonoMe is a support provider delivering independent living skills to people with learning disabilities. Read more aboutAutonoMe on Crunchbase…

Matt O’Donovan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ WiFi SPARK

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Matt is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of WiFi SPARK Ltd. With over 30 years IT experience Matt founded WiFi SPARK in 2003 to become the leading supplier of internet access control systems. He believes passionately in his business, citing customer service and quality as the highest criteria. Learn more about Matt O’Donovan on Crunchbase…

WiFi SPARK is a specialist wireless network solutions provider. Read more aboutWiFi SPARK on Crunchbase…

Aldo Monteforte

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ The Floow

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As CEO Aldo leads the sales and business development efforts and is responsible for growing The Floow into the world leading provider of analytical insights at the service of the global automotive ecosystem. He conceived and founded The Floow in 2012, with the vision of making vehicles safer and cheaper for all. In particular Aldo saw the potential to transform the telematics industry from the convergence of mobile technologies, large scale data mining and psychology applied to driver behaviour. After a career in investment banking, in 2000 Aldo became an entrepreneur and investor in high growth telematics companies. Learn more about Aldo Monteforte on Crunchbase…

The Floow designs the world’s most advanced and lowest-cost telematic systems to make vehicles safer and cheaper for all. Read more aboutThe Floow on Crunchbase…

Edward Sparks

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ KoolBeans

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Order ahead from the best independent coffee shops Read more aboutKoolBeans on Crunchbase…

Qian Zhi Long

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Aixuedai

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Qian Zhi Long Founder, graduated from the Department of Physics, Zhejiang University. Learn more about Qian Zhi Long on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAixuedai on Crunchbase…

Chris Gould

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ All In Media

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Chris is a technology professional with over 20 years’ experience in radio and digital platforms. He has been involved the development of DAB data applications since 2000, and headed up the development of the international DAB Electronic Programme Guide standard. He founded All In Media in 2007. Learn more about Chris Gould on Crunchbase…

All In Media is a supplier of smartphone apps and broadcast systems for the radio industry. Read more aboutAll In Media on Crunchbase…

Peter Head

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ The Ecological Sequestration Trust

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The Ecological Sequestration Trust establish low carbon development pathways to improved water, energy and food security. Read more aboutThe Ecological Sequestration Trust on Crunchbase…

Anne Dickinson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Alcyomics

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Alcyomics is a UK based unique pre-clinical service provider non-artificial human skin explants for safety and efficacy assessment. Read more aboutAlcyomics on Crunchbase…

Alkiviades A. David

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Anakando Media Group

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Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Alkiviades David, founded ANAKANDO in 2008. He has over 20 years of diverse global experience to draw on. He is an acknowledged authority on international marketing, with a particular interest and focus on digital media delivery and management. He is a strategic and innovative business thinker who has made a number of key investments globally and established a significant portfolio of assets ranging across banking, entertainment and broadcast media technology. He is listed among the top fifty wealthiest businessmen in the United Kingdom and received a Master of Arts degree from the prestigious Royal College of Art’s – Film & Television Program. As Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Alki leads the operational growth and strategic direction of the ANAKANDO Media Group. Learn more about Alkiviades A. David on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAnakando Media Group on Crunchbase…

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