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Top Influencers: 6 UK CSO & Co-Founder’s To Follow in 2022

by David Friedland
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CSO & Co-Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CSO & Co-Founder role. We have selected these CSO & Co-Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CSO & Co-Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Eoin McKinney

CSO & Co-Founder @ PredictImmune

Follow Eoin McKinney on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Eoin is a Wellcome-Beit intermediate Research Fellow in the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge and an honorary consultant in nephrology and transplantation in Cambridge University NHS hospitals Foundation Trust. He obtained a first-class degree in pre-clinical medicine from Keble College, Oxford University in 1999 and graduated in clinical medicine with honours from Edinburgh University in 2002. His primary interest is the use of systems immunology approaches to translate high throughput analyses of autoimmune disease datasets into clinical practice. Learn more about Eoin McKinney on Crunchbase…

Providing tools to physicians in the treatment of patients with immune-mediated disease, through prediction of long term clinical prognosis. Read more about PredictImmune on Crunchbase…

Mark Preston

CSO & Co-Founder @ StreetDrone

Follow Mark Preston on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Mark Preston is a Formula E Team Principal and founder of Street Drone, not to mention all the years he has worked in Formula 1 with McLaren and Arrows. His vast experience makes Mark uniquely positioned to deliver business planning and execution advice including technical due diligence, operations and management. Learn more about Mark Preston on Crunchbase…

StreetDrone is a full-stack autonomous technology developer Read more about StreetDrone on Crunchbase…

George Daaboul

CSO & co-founder @ Nanoview Biosciences

Follow George Daaboul on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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George Daaboul joined NanoView Biosciences as CSO and co-founder in 2015. Learn more about George Daaboul on Crunchbase…

Read more about Nanoview Biosciences on Crunchbase…

Markus Gershater

CSO & Co-founder @ Synthace

Follow Markus Gershater on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Markus co-founded Synthace after working as a Research Associate in Synthetic Biology at University College London where he developed novel biosynthesis methods using pathway engineering. Prior to UCL, he was a Biotransformation Scientist at Novacta Biosystems working as part of the industrial biotechnology group that conducted more than 90 contract research projects for over 20 clients. Markus has a PhD in Plant Biochemistry from Durham. Learn more about Markus Gershater on Crunchbase…

Synthace is a Life Sciences R&D cloud platform that enables experiments to be automated, with the resultant data seamlessly integrated. Read more about Synthace on Crunchbase…

Hakam Ghabra

CSO & Co-founder @ Mag Optics

Follow Hakam Ghabra on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Hakam Ghabra is the co-founder and CSO at MAG Optics. Learn more about Hakam Ghabra on Crunchbase…

Read more about Mag Optics on Crunchbase…

Thomas Twigg

CSO & Co-Founder @ The ASO Co

Follow Thomas Twigg on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

The ASO Co provides an end to end, global App Store Optimization and management service. Read more about The ASO Co on Crunchbase…

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