Top Influencers: 62 UK Project Manager’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Co-Founder , Assistant Project Manager play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder , Assistant Project Manager role. We have selected these Co-Founder , Assistant Project Manager’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder , Assistant Project Manager’s. The list is in no particular order!

Ilyas Vali

Co-Founder , Assistant Project Manager @ rLoop Incorporated

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Ilyas Vali is the Co-founder and APM at rLoop. The company is a SpaceX Hyperloop award winning team and globally distributed organisation with over 1300 engineers from more than 59 countries. rLoop is a decentralised crowdsourced research and development organisation, engineering solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. rLoop’s mission is to develop and launch innovative technology fuelled by a genuine desire to improve the world and humanity. Learn more about Ilyas Vali on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutrLoop Incorporated on Crunchbase…

Paul Rous

Project Manager @ Yara International

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Paul Rous has over ten years’ experience as an entrepreneur, investor and active supporter of early stage businesses. His professional background spans the military, tourism, hospitality, finance, asset management and technology. He has worked with Goldman Sachs, Freeman, and Generation Asset Management a $1.4billion asset management business. Paul co-founded Fuel Ventures, a London-based seed venture capital fund and active accelerator focusing on early stage digital businesses, which he exited in 2016. Learn more about Paul Rous on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutYara International on Crunchbase…

Keith Lavelle

Ecommerce Consultant and Project Manager @ CK Consultancy

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Keith Lavelle the founder and CEO of South West Mountain Sports Limited which manages a number of e-commerce websites. South West Mountain Sports has grown to be a £2m business within 12 months of opening its doors showing strong profits in year one and huge potential for further dramatic growth. In 2010 Keith took over a failing e-commerce company Webtogs Ltd after the shareholders removed its former CEO Keith put the company through a rescue process of re-negotiating contracts , changing all the management processes, and putting in financial controls. Under Keith the company turned around from carrying a total loss of £750,000 loss into profit within 2 years. Keith has used his experience in company rescue to provide rescue plans and advise for a number companies focusing on helping people manage their companies out of difficulty or restructuring the company in a way that allows it to stabilise and grow. Learn more about Keith Lavelle on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCK Consultancy on Crunchbase…

Neth Williams

Marketing Project Manager @ CGI

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Read more aboutCGI on Crunchbase…

Alastair Majury

Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager @ Alastair Majury Project Management

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Alastair Majury is a highly experienced Senior Business Analyst and Data Scientist with a proven track record of success. Throughout his professional career, Alastair has had extensive experience in a variety of sectors, including planning, developing, implementing and delivering migrations, organisational change, regulatory, legislative, and process improvements. Majury has had extensive experience working for multiple global financial organizations. Through his Senior Business Analyst and Data Scientist services, Majury has also covered the Challenger Bank, Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, and Life & Pensions sectors. Through his decade-long professional career, Alastair Majury has honed his skill set in business analysis and financial services to become one of Scotland’s most successful and trusted analysts. As is the case with most analysts, Majury has worked alongside several leaders and senior managers in order to create long-lasting solutions. Majury’s success throughout his professional career is a testament to his ability to devise pragmatic solutions to support operational functions. Alastair Majury had started out in the financial services industry at HSBC as a market data analyst. This experience quickly led to him becoming an expert in OTC credit derivatives, which led to business analysis. Eventually, Alastair began working with multiple high-profile organizations and financial services corporations to deliver complex requirements and solutions. Majury, as a senior business analyst and data scientist, enjoys the always-changing and fast-paced environment that the industry provides. He draws inspiration from the fact that every single day can be vastly different; he also finds this to be the most rewarding aspect of the job. Alastair Majury, as any true professional does, hopes to continue to expand his knowledge of his industry and to increase his understanding of several core concepts, such as big data and regulatory projects. In doing this, he will continue his career and reputation as one of the UK’s most well-known and respected financial services professionals. Just recently, Alastair Majury passed CISI’s level 4 Derivatives (IAD) module spectacularly. The examination is specifically designed to challenge candidates’ knowledge of the regulations and practices in financial and commodity derivatives, their underlying markets and even the principles of investment strategies. In passing the examination, Alastair has proven his innate knowledge of derivatives, their underlying assets, clearing, delivery and settlements, portfolio research and construction trading, hedging and investment strategies, investment selection and administration and any other special regulatory requirements. This is a tremendous success for Majury and a large step forward in his already storied career. Alastair Majury is responsible for providing analytical services, including data analysis, to companies. Outside of work, Alastair Majury is heavily dedicated to philanthropic work. He is very much involved with a variety of charities and philanthropic organizations, both foreign and domestic. He believes that by working together, we can help make this world a better place. Alastair does not necessarily have a charity in particular that he enjoys working with. Instead, Alastair works with as many charities as he possible can in order to gain a greater sense of fulfillment and to help as many causes as possible. He is also very heavily involved with Scotland and thoroughly enjoys traveling his home country. From its sweeping, green hills to its rocky shores and historical landmarks, Alastair believes that Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and rightfully so. Learn more about Alastair Majury on Crunchbase…

Alastair Majury works with the financial services sector to create process improvement, training, migration and subject matter expertise. Read more aboutAlastair Majury Project Management on Crunchbase…

Gianluca Forino

Project Manager @ Black Swan Equity Partners LLP

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Read more aboutBlack Swan Equity Partners LLP on Crunchbase…

Samantha Ward

Senior Project Manager @ INSHUR

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Read more aboutINSHUR on Crunchbase…

Frederic Garnier

Senior Project Manager of R&D Platforms @ Unity Technologies

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Read more aboutUnity Technologies on Crunchbase…

Tim Marsden

Project Manager @ Centre for Process Innovation

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Spoiler title
Tim is a Project Manager for the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, where he has been working for the last 2years. Prior to CPI, Tim worked for the British Plastics Federation (BPF), responsible for the Federation’s UK/EU funded R&D projects. Tim is currently responsible for a number of multimillion pound UK and European Funded R&D projects, particularly active in the ‘life sciences’ field, working closely with “Big Pharma” to develop smart packaging products, seeing these through to commercialisation. Learn more about Tim Marsden on Crunchbase…

The CPI is a technology innovation center helps its clients develop, prove, prototype, and commercialize products and processes. Read more aboutCentre for Process Innovation on Crunchbase…

Sam Seccombe

Technical Project Manager @ Zoological Society of London

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Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is an international scientific, conservation and educational charity. Read more aboutZoological Society of London on Crunchbase…

Carri Cunliffe

Project Manager @ Epic Games

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Read more aboutEpic Games on Crunchbase…

Piyush Kumar Singh

Technical Project Manager | CSM @ Capgemini

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Read more aboutCapgemini on Crunchbase…

Karen Welsh

Smart Building Project Manager of Google Account @ CBRE Group

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Read more aboutCBRE Group on Crunchbase…

Linda Nuamah

Project Manager Talent Acquisition @ IBM

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Read more aboutIBM on Crunchbase…

Andrew McElroy

Co-Founder & Strategic Project Manager @ Exvastat

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Exvastat is an innovative, preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company. Read more aboutExvastat on Crunchbase…

Jordan Fish

Project Manager @ Enki

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Read more aboutEnki on Crunchbase…

Sarita Harrison

Project Manager @ Motability Operations Limited

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Motability Operations specializes in vehicle finance and leasing, disability, contract hire, and worry-free motoring. Read more aboutMotability Operations Limited on Crunchbase…

Yasmeen Cappuccini

Project Manager @ Channel 4

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Spoiler title
Yasmeen leads multiple teams delivering strategic, commercial and legislative projects across the breadth of business at Channel 4. Having worked for Channel 4 since 2006, Yasmeen is now a subject matter expert in a number of areas within the company. Channel 4 is a British, public service, free-to-air television network delivering innovative ground-breaking content to the public. This includes, as a top priority, diversity in TV and the media both in the content they commission and within every level of the organisation. Yasmeen is part of the Channel 4 ‘Women in Tech’ working group, currently focussed on retaining, recruiting and development. Prior to working at Channel 4, Yasmeen worked at Atos Origin within Systems Integration in a variety of roles on a wide range of Public Sector projects. With a BSc in Computer-Aided Chemistry from the University of Surrey, Yasmeen has always enjoyed applying computation solutions to practical problems. Coupled with a comprehensive background in systems analysis and solutions architecture, Yasmeen is passionate about technology and advocates smart, pragmatic solutions. Learn more about Yasmeen Cappuccini on Crunchbase…

Channel 4 provides public broadcasting services via television. Read more aboutChannel 4 on Crunchbase…

Kaspar L. Palgi

Project Manager, Coder, Co-Founder @ – Freelancers’ Agency

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Spoiler title
I’m a BA IT graduate that’s best at UX/software planning, software architecture and developing software in various programming languages/frameworks/platforms, including Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby and more. I’m worked with various frameworks like Django, Flask, Rails, CodeIgnitor, Yii, Zend etc. I have experience also with most of the popular open source solutions like Django CMS, KeystoneJS, MODx, Magento, WordPress, OpenCart, Prestashop, vTiger, Odoo, Rhadoop/Hadoop and the list goes on. I always keep my eyes open for the most promising new technologies such as MEAN Stack, Kivy, Meteor and many various others that facilitate building multi-platform applications. I’m a very adept project manager that can always come up with a short/smart and simple solution that works. I’ve completed a teaching course at university that has given me plenty of experience teaching in front of a classroom, performing remote one-on-one training and creating easy to follow manuals. My general skills are in business development. I started my first business when I was 13 and my first IT company when I was 17. Right now I’m a shareholder of four different companies and am currently working on establishing a promising new start-up that will utilise IT management to make freelancers (like us) much more productive. Learn more about Kaspar L. Palgi on Crunchbase…

Platform for project managers. Work with hand picked freelancers used to work together & managed by local PMs. Mostly European developers. Read more – Freelancers’ Agency on Crunchbase…

Delia Salikhova

Project manager @ Tatakoto

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Solutions for personal medical diagnostics and health tracking Read more aboutTatakoto on Crunchbase…

Thomas Wilczek

Project Manager @ FundingBox

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Spoiler title
Thomas Wilczek is Co-Founder & Project Manager at Living Indie. Learn more about Thomas Wilczek on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFundingBox on Crunchbase…

Andrew Speakmaster

Project Manager – Qatar Petroleum & Office of National Statistics @ Transitional Data Services,Inc.

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Read more aboutTransitional Data Services,Inc. on Crunchbase…

Stephen McKillop

Global Brand Asset Management Lead, Commercial Planning Manager, & Project Manager @ Diageo

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Spoiler title
Steve started with Diageo in 1999 with GB field sales; with a passion for Guinness, it was a life’s ambition to work for the famous Irish Stout. Quickly moving through sales teams, he moved to Diageo’s head office in London as planner for fledgling off-trade field sales team. From here, Steve headed up the GB Sales Operations department, introducing innovative digital sales tools and reporting solutions and then on to several customer marketing roles before joining Global Procurement to work on SmartBrand delivery. The recently launched DAM system was Diageo’s marketing approval and asset library tool and the build was heavily influenced by the company’s legal team; it was superb at what it did, but didn’t really consider the marketer’s user experience –Steve’s customer marketing experience was used to develop the platform into a series of tools that had the user at the heart of it, driven by the business’ need for compliance and cost efficiencies. After 2.5 years Steve was given the global lead role for the platform and has concentrated on delivering a best-in-class DAM system. Smartbrand is recognised today as a leading case study for owned DAM/WIP platforms within a multi-consumer brand environment. Over 15k active users, 300k downloads, 17k approval project seeing 125k approver interactions in the past twelve months are just the beginning of the story. Learn more about Stephen McKillop on Crunchbase…

Diageo is a premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, beer, and wine. Read more aboutDiageo on Crunchbase…

Pranay Misra

Project Manager @ DotSquares

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Pranay Misra serves as a project manager at Dotsquares. Learn more about Pranay Misra on Crunchbase…

DotSquares is a web and mobile app development company with over 15 years of international experience. Read more aboutDotSquares on Crunchbase…

Rebecca Ashfield

Senior Project Manager @ Jenner Institute

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Read more aboutJenner Institute on Crunchbase…

Daniela González

Project Manager @ BARO Vehicles

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Daniela González is the COO at BARO VEHICLES LTD. Learn more about Daniela González on Crunchbase…

Tech company that develops products for self driving cars and mobile robots with AI. Building the bridge to autonomous vehicles! Read more aboutBARO Vehicles on Crunchbase…

Abdul Mateen

Regulatory Project Manager @ AstraZeneca

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AstraZeneca is a global pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets prescription medicines. Read more aboutAstraZeneca on Crunchbase…

Angela Murphy

Senior Project Manager @ Barbican

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Barbican is a world-class arts and learning organization supporting art forms, including dance, film, music, theatre, and visual arts. Read more aboutBarbican on Crunchbase…

Patrick O’Brien

Project Manager @ Angels in MedCity

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Patrick O’Brien is a project manager at Angels in MedCity. Learn more about Patrick O’Brien on Crunchbase…

Angels in MedCity aims to introduce business angels to investment opportunities from healthcare and life sciences companies. Read more aboutAngels in MedCity on Crunchbase…

Wayne Galea

Project Manager @ Hummingbird Resources

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Read more aboutHummingbird Resources on Crunchbase…

James Corden

Senior Project Manager – Innovation and IP @ Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

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Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust is a foundation trust which operates 10 hospitals throughout Greater Manchester. Read more aboutManchester University NHS Foundation Trust on Crunchbase…

Jane Thorburn

Project Manager @ Railsbank

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Jane Thorburn is a project manager at Railsbank. Learn more about Jane Thorburn on Crunchbase…

Railsbank is an open banking API and platform that gives regulated and un-regulated companies access to global banking. Read more aboutRailsbank on Crunchbase…

Rachel Carney

Project Manager @ Abstraktion

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Web Apps for Humans Read more aboutAbstraktion on Crunchbase…

Reese Jenner

Project Manager @ AstrizStudios

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Provides tools for business and consumers as well as entertainment platforms. Read more aboutAstrizStudios on Crunchbase…

Sameer Mitter

Project Manager @ JP Morgan

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Sameer Mitter has completed their study in Masters of Information Technology in between 1990 – 1992. And now he is collected many more experiences from his work. Learn more about Sameer Mitter on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutJP Morgan on Crunchbase…

Martin Rayomand

NPD Commercialization Project Manager @ Monster Energy

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An aspiring bi-lingual Project Manager who has gained invaluable skills and experience across the private sector both internationally and in the UK. Possesses a detailed knowledge of all aspects of the packaging development and design, manufacture engineering, IT sector, advertising and printing industry combined with business development, marketing, branding, project and production management. Highly skilled to deliver pre-planned business objectives within a highly competitive industry. Learn more about Martin Rayomand on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMonster Energy on Crunchbase…

Mahadev Ganti

Solutions Lead – SuccessFactors & Project Manager @ Infosys

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Spoiler title
Mahadev Ganti is the Solutions Lead of SuccessFactors & Project Manager at Infosys Limited since February 2014. Prior to his current role Mahadev was Lead Consultant of SAP HCM Practice at Infosys Limited. Previously, Mahadev was Senior Consultant of Human Capital Management at Sodexo, Senior Consultant of SAP Human Capital Management at Capgemini and HCL and Senior Consultant of SAP for North America at Compass Group PLC. Mahadev earned his M.Sc. degree from Osmania University at Hyderabad, India. Learn more about Mahadev Ganti on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutInfosys on Crunchbase…

Edgar Dalusong

Senior Digital Project Manager @ Formula 1

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Edgar Dalusong is Senior Digital Project Manager at Formula One Management. Learn more about Edgar Dalusong on Crunchbase…

Formula 1 is a auto racing league. Read more aboutFormula 1 on Crunchbase…

Dean Gammage

MUFG: UMR / CSDR / Collateral Project manager @ Luxoft

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Read more aboutLuxoft on Crunchbase…

Andrei Sandu

Project Manager @ ENTIQ

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Entiq is a global innovation and economy enabler, and a leader in innovation delivery, new venture development and ecosystem creation Read more aboutENTIQ on Crunchbase…

Scott Hope

Senior Project Manager @ FUSION 2K

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FUSION 2K is a marketing agency that supports auto brands and retailers across multiple OEMs. Read more aboutFUSION 2K on Crunchbase…

Scott Hope

Senior Project Manager @ FUSION 2K

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FUSION 2K is a marketing agency that supports auto brands and retailers across multiple OEMs. Read more aboutFUSION 2K on Crunchbase…

Wendy Cartledge

Senior Project Manager @ Equiniti

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Equiniti the specialist technology outsourcer, providing non-discretionary payment and administration services to blue-chip companies. Read more aboutEquiniti on Crunchbase…

Ian Litton

Identity Project Manager @ Etive Technologies

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Etive which is expanding its Birmingham operations, is capitalising on the government’s desire to move all public services online. Read more aboutEtive Technologies on Crunchbase…

Rasesh Vasani

Founder and Finance Project Manager @

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Spoiler title
Rasesh Vasani is the Founder of Learn more about Rasesh Vasani on Crunchbase…

Read more on Crunchbase…

Cédric Bouché

Project manager in the global finance incubator @ Societe Generale

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Cedric Bouche is part of the Global Finance Incubator at Societe Generale, a business development team which focuses on innovative businesses in the Structured Finance division. We’re developing new financing solutions through the incubation of internal startups or by partnering with promising companies. Cedric is a seasoned technology manager who spent 10+ years in New-York, Paris and London managing the design and delivery of IT solutions dedicated to the Structured Finance and Securities Services divisions. Embracing the values of innovation and growth, Cedric has managed multiple initiatives leveraging emerging technologies such as Blockchain. Cedric holds two French Masters of Science from EM-Lyon Business School and EPF Engineering School. Learn more about Cédric Bouché on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSociete Generale on Crunchbase…

Victoria Hypher

Project Manager @ Data Techniques

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Data Techniques is a specialist in network infrastructure design, installation and support services. Read more aboutData Techniques on Crunchbase…

Kevin Fotheringham

Project Manager @ Teledyne Technologies

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Read more aboutTeledyne Technologies on Crunchbase…

Christopher Rose

Global IT Project Manager Forecast and Planning @ AGCO Corporation

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Spoiler title
Christopher Rose from AGCO Corporation will be the Technical Committee Leader. Learn more about Christopher Rose on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAGCO Corporation on Crunchbase…

Gillian Berry

Digital Project Manager @ After Digital

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Digital Agency in London and Glasgow Read more aboutAfter Digital on Crunchbase…

Maria Roberti

Project Manager @ Cake Technologies

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CAKE is revolutionizing the way restaurants and bars engage with their customers. Read more aboutCake Technologies on Crunchbase…

Jorge Llambrich

Concept Creator and Project Manager @ Soulhunter Ltd.

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Spoiler title
Entrepreneurial attitude with a view on identifying society needs and new ways to satisfy them. A highly motivated, proactive and enthusiastic professional with more than 10 year experience in the engineering industry. In-depth knowledge of computer aided engineering and physical modelling, excellent communication and presentation skills. Have initiative and can work independently or as part of a multidisciplinary team. Adaptable and quick to learn new skills. Driven to pursue a successful career in the engineering sector. Learn more about Jorge Llambrich on Crunchbase…

Catching up with people around has never been funnier! Read more aboutSoulhunter Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Viktoria Webber

Project Manager @ Ocasta

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Spoiler title
Viktoria Webber serves as a project manager at Ocasta. Learn more about Viktoria Webber on Crunchbase…

Ocasta develops knowledge, training & education tech for your employees or students. Read more aboutOcasta on Crunchbase…

Ian McNamara

Project Manager @ Omiino Ltd

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Omiino Ltd is a semi-conductor manufacturer. Read more aboutOmiino Ltd on Crunchbase…

Jeremy Lock

Senior Project Manager @ Sharp Laboratories of Europe

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Spoiler title
Jeremy Lock – With a degree in electronics having over 30 years’ experience in the electronics industry with extensive project management of new display development including Display working group chair of MIPI. Currently working for Sharp Devices within the industrial sector in Europe covering wearables through to large size displays. Learn more about Jeremy Lock on Crunchbase…

Sharp Laboratories of Europe carries out research and development in consumer electronics for Sharp Corporation. Read more aboutSharp Laboratories of Europe on Crunchbase…

Megan Bland

Project Manager @ Ocasta

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Spoiler title
Megan Cragg serves as a project manager at Ocasta. Learn more about Megan Bland on Crunchbase…

Ocasta develops knowledge, training & education tech for your employees or students. Read more aboutOcasta on Crunchbase…

Ingrid Orbie

PROJECT MANAGER @ The Business Plan Team

FollowIngrid Orbie on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Professional Business Plan Writing Services to Professional Start-Ups, Growth SMEs and Corporate Entities Read more aboutThe Business Plan Team on Crunchbase…

Steve Feeney

Project Manager @ Arena

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Sports Analytics through Global Industry-Leading A.I. for Sports Right’s Holders Read more aboutArena on Crunchbase…

Kathryn Warrden

Project Manager @ Team Dignitas

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Spoiler title
Kathryn Warrden is team dignitas project manager, love eSports, tech, gadgets and design and spread that love with a smile. Learn more about Kathryn Warrden on Crunchbase…

Team Dignitas offers e-sports organizations. Read more aboutTeam Dignitas on Crunchbase…

Bukhtiar Ahmed

Senior Project Manager @ Anique Studios

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Our professional, tailored web design service ensures a great design. Read more aboutAnique Studios on Crunchbase…

James Hallam

Senior Project Manager @ VMware

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Spoiler title
James Hallam serves as senior project manager at VMware. Learn more about James Hallam on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVMware on Crunchbase…

Nick Carrier

Project Manager @ AdoreGames Studio

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Mobile apps development and end-to-end outsource: UI, animation, graphics, and applications. Read more aboutAdoreGames Studio on Crunchbase…

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