Top Influencers: 7 UK Senior Data Scientist’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Senior Data Scientist play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Senior Data Scientist role. We have selected these Senior Data Scientist’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Senior Data Scientist’s. The list is in no particular order!

Gary Willis

Senior Data Scientist @ Faculty Science

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Gary Willis is a data scientist at ASI Data Science with a diverse background in applying statistical and machine learning techniques to commercial data science problems. Gary holds a PhD in statistical physics; his work included research into Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations of stochastic systems. Learn more about Gary Willis on Crunchbase…

Faculty provides data science and engineering training services. Read more aboutFaculty Science on Crunchbase…

Roshini Johri

Senior Data Scientist @ HSBC

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Roshini has a background in AI and electronics from Edinburgh university. She has more than eight years of experience in applying machine learning techniques to design scalable robust solutions in the fields of e-commerce, travel and finance. She has worked with modelling user behaviour, preditive models, recommendation systems, generative adversarial models with deep learning frameworks and is currently working on models in finance to assess risk. She is very interested in understanding how AI techniques can be applied in various industries to make them more efficient and accurate. She is also very passionate about encouraging more women to enter and lead in this field and runs the London chapter for women in machine learning and data science. In her free time she dabbles with creating artwork with neural style transfer and travel photography to show how easily AI can be integrated with day to day activities and enhance our creativity. Learn more about Roshini Johri on Crunchbase…

HSBC is a banking and financial services organization that offers a comprehensive range of services. Read more aboutHSBC on Crunchbase…

Naomi Beckett

Senior Data Scientist @ SparkBeyond

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Naomi Beckett was an early member of the SparkBeyond team, establishing the SparkBeyond London office in 2016. Naomi is a Senior Data Scientist, applying SparkBeyond’s technology to business challenges across multiple industries. Past solutions include: risk scoring for financial services, predictive maintenance in the resources industry and e-commerce pricing. With a Masters degree in Statistical Science from University College London, Naomi enjoys group exercise, happy hour and blanket forts. Learn more about Naomi Beckett on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSparkBeyond on Crunchbase…

Adam Hornsby

Senior Data Scientist @ dunnhumby

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Adam is a Senior Data Scientist at dunnhumby, where he builds and deploys machine learning algorithms at scale for some of the world’s largest retailers. He is also a part-time Experimental Psychology PhD student at UCL, funded by dunnhumby. His research aims to better understand customer purchase behaviour through a combination of data science, machine learning and cognitive modelling. Learn more about Adam Hornsby on Crunchbase…

dunnhumby is a U.K.-based company that helps retailers and brands analyze data in order to improve customer experiences and build loyalties. Read more aboutdunnhumby on Crunchbase…

Eliano Marques

Senior Data Scientist @ Think Big Analytics

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Read more aboutThink Big Analytics on Crunchbase…

Matt Jenkins

Senior Data Scientist @ Bloom & Wild

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Bloom & Wild is an online flower delivery platform developing a modern approach for sending flowers to loved ones. Read more aboutBloom & Wild on Crunchbase…

Lizzie Eardley

Senior Data Scientist @ Split Software

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Lizzie Eardley is an ex-astrophysicist turned data scientist with a passion for deriving insights from data and a mission to make statistics less scary. She is currently working on the statistical engine that drives the A/B testing functionality at Split, a product decisions platform to enable the rapid and safe delivery of software. Prior to Split, she worked on data science teams at Skyscanner and, helping colleagues of all disciplines benefit from the power of online experimentation and A/B testing. Learn more about Lizzie Eardley on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSplit Software on Crunchbase…

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