Top Influencers: 79 UK CIO’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Co-founder, CIO play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-founder, CIO role. We have selected these Co-founder, CIO’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-founder, CIO’s. The list is in no particular order!

Alexander de Carvalho

Co-founder, CIO @ Public

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Jeremy Coller

CIO @ Coller Capital

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Jeremy Coller founded the business in 1990. Prior to this, Jeremy spent five years at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) Investment Management, where he pioneered the acquisition of private equity secondaries. He began his career as a public equities investment analyst at Fidelity International Investment Management in London. Jeremy holds a BSc (Hons) in Management Sciences from the University of Manchester, UMIST; an MA in Philosophy from Sussex University; and a Diplôme Cours de Civilisation from the Sorbonne. He attended Carmel College. Learn more about Jeremy Coller on Crunchbase…

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Gael Itier

CIO, CEO and Co-Founder @ Automata

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Automata provides trading strategies for cryptocurrencies with a focus on risk management and capital protection. Read more aboutAutomata on Crunchbase…

Andrew Wolfson

Managing Director & CIO @ Pembroke VCT

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Andrew Wolfson is Pembroke’s Managing Director and is responsible for executing the firm’s strategy, leading the investment team, deal origination and supporting portfolio companies. Andrew sits on the board of a number of Pembroke’s investments. Prior to becoming Managing Director of Pembroke, Andrew worked with a number Oakley’s small company portfolio companies including KX, Tom Aikens and James Perse. Before joining Oakley, Andrew ran a number of businesses working across a breadth of sectors from hospitality to manufacturing and telecoms. Andrew is also a director of Benesco Charity Limited, and a trustee of The Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust. Learn more about Andrew Wolfson on Crunchbase…

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Pawel Aleksander

CIO & Co-Founder @ Coinfirm

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Pawel Alexander is Co-Founder and CIO of Coinfirm. One of the more recognizable fraud prevention experts in Central Europe, former Head of Fraud Investigations in ArcelorMittal, AML/CTF Project Manager in the Royal Bank of Scotland, fraud investigator and auditor in Ernst & Young; holds the titles of Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Internal Auditor. Learn more about Pawel Aleksander on Crunchbase…

Coinfirm is the global leader in regtech for digital currencies and the blockchain-based financial ecosystem. Read more aboutCoinfirm on Crunchbase…

Andrew Newington

COO & CIO @ Actis

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Andrew started his professional career as a lawyer specialising in cross border transactions, including in Asia and the Middle East, before moving into private equity with BT Capital Partners after completing his MBA at Columbia.He then spent 13 years with BC Partners, a leading global investment firm, latterly as Managing Partner and co-head of their London office. At Actis, Andrew has operational responsibility for the firm as well as sitting on all of the firm’s investment committees. Learn more about Andrew Newington on Crunchbase…

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Darryl West

Group CIO @ HSBC

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Darryl West is HSBC’s Group Chief Information Officer and Group General Manager, heading up the bank’s Technology function. He is leading the transformation of HSBC Technology to be the world’s leading financial services technology team, overseeing approximately 43,000 people spread across 53 locations. Darryl has more than 30 years’ experience in financial services, holding senior level positions with global organisations such as JP Morgan Chase, Accenture and National Australia Group Europe. Learn more about Darryl West on Crunchbase…

HSBC is a banking and financial services organization that offers a comprehensive range of services. Read more aboutHSBC on Crunchbase…

Judith Sciamma

CEO & CIO @ WyeTree Asset Management

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Judith has over 20 years of portfolio management and asset analysis experience and launched WyeTree’s residential asset and ABS platform in September 2007. She was previously Portfolio Manager and Head of ABS at Solent Capital, London. Solent won the Risk Magazine CDO manager of the Year award for 2006. Her previous experiences include IXIS CIB (London) as a Senior ABS Analyst and ABS trader, and ODDO Asset Management (Paris), as Fund manager of structured products and securitisation. In 1999, she was part of the founding team of Equigest Asset Management (Paris). A student from the French ‘grandes ecoles’, Judith holds a masters degree from ENSAE M’, the French top tier University specialising in Statistics, Economics and Mathematics. She agrees with American writer Laura Ingalls Wilder in thinking that “It does not matter so much what happens. It is what one does when it happens that really counts.” Learn more about Judith Sciamma on Crunchbase…

WyeTree Asset Management is a systematic investment approach to source new and innovative opportunities. Read more aboutWyeTree Asset Management on Crunchbase…

Wouter Volckaert

CIO @ Force Over Mass Capital

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Francois Oustry

CIO @ Suzugia

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I am co-founder and Chief Innovation/Investment Officer of Suzugia Limited, a FinTech company delivering AI-powered investment decision making solutions. Learn more about Francois Oustry on Crunchbase…

FinTech: AI-powered Investment Decision Solutions Read more aboutSuzugia on Crunchbase…

Claire Dickson

CIO Downstream @ BP

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As the CIO for Downstream at BP, Claire is accountable for the provision of IT to global marketing and manufacturing operations businesses from Crude to Customer, including Refining, Petrochemicals, logistics networks (road, barge, rail), pipelines, airports, the Castrol business and 18,000 retail sites globally. Claire is a transformational CIO. She is executing a leading IT Strategy to simplify the old legacy estate to prepare the company for a resilient future at the same time as accelerating digital, building digital platforms that enable speed to market of new customer offers and intelligent operations. As senior female leader in BP, she mentors and actively coaches leaders, creating a pipeline of STEM talent for the future. Learn more about Claire Dickson on Crunchbase…

BP delivers heat, light and mobility products and services to people all around the world. Read more aboutBP on Crunchbase…

Tom Tang

CIO @ Argos

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Tom is a technology leader with a penchant for technology strategy and an eye for execution. At Sainsbury’s-Argos he is responsible for the software development, testing and platform engineering organisations. Tom has a wealth of experience leading global technology teams, delivering technical platforms that vary from warehousing to checkout. Always mindful of emerging technologies, he is passionate about about technologies that can positively impact the customer and business. Tom has a degree in computer science and a MBA. Learn more about Tom Tang on Crunchbase…

Argos is a British online retail store that offers a range of consumer products in the U.K. and Ireland. Read more aboutArgos on Crunchbase…

Alexis von Dziembowski

Partner & Co-CIO @ CAM Alternatives

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Alexis joined CAM Private Equity (original predecessor of CAM Alternatives) in 2006 as part of the investment team in Cologne. He spent several years in Singapore for the group and is currently based in London. Alexis started his career in financial and M&A transaction advisory. Learn more about Alexis von Dziembowski on Crunchbase…

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Arif Mustafa

Group CIO @ Ma’aden

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Frederic Couderc

Co-CIO @ Chenavari Investment Managers

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Mr. Frederic Jean Sylvain Couderc is a Co-Chief Investment Officer at Chenavari Investment Managers LLP. Mr. Couderc is a Partner at Chenavari Credit Partners LLP. He is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director at RiverRock Securities Limited. Mr. Couderc is the Managing Director at Chenavari Financial Group Limited. Mr. Couderc was a Managing Director Principal at Bear Stearns. Prior to this, he was employed at Natixis, where he was responsible for originating, structuring, and distributing European structured credit products. Mr. Couderc holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Dauphine University. Learn more about Frederic Couderc on Crunchbase…

A group of alternative investment management companies focused on a broad range of credit,structured finance, real estate and private debt Read more aboutChenavari Investment Managers on Crunchbase…

David O’Rourke

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) & Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) @ Bea Fertility

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David O’Rourke is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Bea Fertility. Learn more about David O’Rourke on Crunchbase…

Bea Fertility is a monthly subscription program that provides users with at-home fertility treatment and ovulation tracking. Read more aboutBea Fertility on Crunchbase…

David Leitch

Co-Founder / CIO @ Peak

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David Leitch is the CIO and Co-Founder at Peak. Learn more about David Leitch on Crunchbase…

Peak is a decision intelligence company that provides a platform to offer data analysis services. Read more aboutPeak on Crunchbase…

Ed Clarke

Co-Founder and CIO @ Infracapital

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Ed co-founded Infracapital, the infrastructure investment arm of the Prudential Group. Ed has over 25 years of infrastructure investment, funding and advisory experience. Infracapital has made investments across all sectors of infrastructure, in both brownfield and greenfield. Prior to joining M&G, Ed worked at Societe Generale where he was responsible for structuring and arranging capital markets issues to fund infrastructure projects and prior to that he was a leading member of the Hambros Bank infrastructure advisory team. During his time at Hambros, Ed also set up their infrastructure advisory business in South Africa. Learn more about Ed Clarke on Crunchbase…

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Mairtin O’Riada

Founder & CIO @ Ravelin

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Mairtin is the CIO at Ravelin, which provides fraud protection for online businesses.The “I” in CIO stands for “Intelligence”, and Mairtin runs the Signals Intelligence team, responsible for the machine learning and graph network models at the heart of Ravelin’s detection engine. He was previously the Head of Fraud at the taxi app Hailo, where he honed his fraudster frustrating skills. He is an internationally experienced intelligence analyst, with stints in Scotland Yard, the United Nations and elsewhere, busting down doors and taking names. An enthusiastic amateur violinist, any resemblance to a certain fictional detective is entirely coincidental. Learn more about Mairtin O’Riada on Crunchbase…

Ravelin is a smart fraud detection and prevention platform that helps companies stop online payment fraud. Read more aboutRavelin on Crunchbase…

Anthony Woolley

UK CIO @ Societe Generale

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Anthony Woolley was appointed Head of Innovation for the UK, Societe Generale in September 2017. He previously served for 4 years as the UK Chief Information Officer for the bank and has over 20 years of management experience delivering technology solutions to the Corporate and Investment Banking Industry. Learn more about Anthony Woolley on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSociete Generale on Crunchbase…

Jason Liggins

CIO @ Crown Hosting Data Centres

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Jason Liggins Expert in digital transformation, cloud migration, infrastructure change, data centre consolidation, networks, physical and cyber security. 20 years providing consultancy to multi-national commercial organisations and the UK public sector. Learn more about Jason Liggins on Crunchbase…

Crown Hosting Data Centres helps in delivering efficiency and transparency of data centre hosting utilisation. Read more aboutCrown Hosting Data Centres on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Cohen

CIO & Managing Partner @ RoboCap

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Jonathan Cohen is the CIO and Founder of RoboCap. He has over 11 years of investment experience across asset classes with a specialisation in equities acquired at investment management companies and banks such as Goldman Sachs. He started his career as analyst and later held the titles of CIO and Senior Portfolio Manager. Jonathan holds a Masters degree in Management with a major in Finance from the University of St Gallen (HSG). Learn more about Jonathan Cohen on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutRoboCap on Crunchbase…

Tom Duke

CIO @ TVSquared

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For two decades, Tom has worked with fast-growing companies to design and develop products that meet and exceed the needs of rapidly evolving industries. As CIO, Tom leads TVSquared’s technical strategy and roadmap. He manages an EMEA and U.S.-based team to ensure the TVSquared vision becomes a reality – building the most innovative products for measuring and optimizing TV. Prior to TVSquared, Tom was the operations director at Brandwatch and CTO at iBAHN, where he managed a global team to provide market-leading network and video products to the hospitality industry. He has also held senior-level positions at Memex, Orbital Software and Vision Consulting. Outside of work, Tom is an avid rower and recently won two gold medals at the 2016 Henley Masters Regatta. Learn more about Tom Duke on Crunchbase…

TVSquared is the global leader in TV attribution. Read more aboutTVSquared on Crunchbase…

Richard Cammish

Group CIO @ Essentra

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Essentra is a leading international supplier of specialist plastic, fiber, foam, and packaging products. Read more aboutEssentra on Crunchbase…

Steven Pimblett

CIO, COO & CDO @ Wejo

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Steve is a proven C-Level executive with a background in data engineering and analytics. He has previously held the position of Chief Data Officer at Bettson, as well as General Manager of Data for Moneysupermarket. Learn more about Steven Pimblett on Crunchbase…

Wejo gathers & analyzes car data from connected cars to help car manufacturers improve their products through data driven descisions. Read more aboutWejo on Crunchbase…

Peter Ebden

Chief Infrastructure Officer (CIO) @ Thought Machine

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Thought Machine is a Fintech company that builds cloud-native technology to revolutionize core banking. Read more aboutThought Machine on Crunchbase…

Michel van Tol

CIO and Co-founder @ Huddlestock

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Michel is co-founder and CIO of Huddlestock, a financial technology company based in Oslo, Norway and London, United Kingdom. Michel has experience from working at Meditor Capital in London, and UBS O’Connor in Chicago. Learn more about Michel van Tol on Crunchbase…

SaaS, Fintech, Mobile App, Wealth Management, Asset Management, Trading, Investing Read more aboutHuddlestock on Crunchbase…

Michael Wong

Co-founder and CIO @ Prime Factor Capital

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Michael Wong is the co-founder and chief investment officer of Prime Factor Capital. Learn more about Michael Wong on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPrime Factor Capital on Crunchbase…

Nick Leake

CIO @ King’s College London

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Jim Walker

CIO & VP of Global Operations – Technical Co-Founder @ Wandera

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Wandera provides a unified cloud security solution to protect the modern workplace Read more aboutWandera on Crunchbase…

Dan Fiehn

Group IT Director / CIO @ Markerstudy Group

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With over 20 year’s experience in insurance and IT, Dan Fiehn has full responsibility for all IT at the Markerstudy Group. Since joining Markerstudy in 2010, Dan has revolutionised the daily operations of the IT department, enabling the rapid growth of the business, increasing from 500 in 2011 to over 4000 staff in 2015, based all over the UK. His role at Markerstudy Group, as a leader and strategist, puts him at the cutting edge of driving transformational change in order to make a positive lasting difference, underpinning the growth of the Group. His team have achieved recognition and numerous industry awards as a result of successfully implementing big data and insurer-hosted rating hub initiatives, establishing a new capability for the business to transform its operational efficiency. Learn more about Dan Fiehn on Crunchbase…

Markerstudy Group is an energetic and innovative company. Read more aboutMarkerstudy Group on Crunchbase…

Dan Mercea

Senior Lecturer in Sociology @ City University London

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Dan Mercea is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at City, University of London and associate editor of the journal Information, Communication & Society. He has a lasting interest in the implications flowing from the adoption and repurposing of Internet technologies in various domains of social and political activity. Over the course of this decade, his empirical research has focused on the impact of Internet-enabled networked communication on participation in protest politics. More recently, he has started to examine disruptive political communication on social media. He has published widely in academic journals, is regularly interviewed as a subject expert and has been a contributor on popular science outlets such as the Washington Post’ Monkey Cage. He is the author of ‘Civic Participation in Contentious Politics: The Digital Foreshadowing of Protest” (2016, Palgrave Macmillan). Learn more about Dan Mercea on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCity University London on Crunchbase…

Zishan Cheema

CIO @ Apsara Capital

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Zishan manages Apsara Capital’s investments in publicly listed water companies. Prior to joining Apsara, he spent 6 years at PineBridge Investments as an investment analyst covering utilities and technology, and 3 years at Global Wealth Allocator, an investment firm developing smart beta products. Zishan holds a BSc in Chemistry from UCL and MSc in operational research from Warwick University. Learn more about Zishan Cheema on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutApsara Capital on Crunchbase…

Magnus Mattsson

CIO @ Alteri Investors

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Magnus Mattsson is a Principal in the Retail & Consumer team. He is based in London, but spent seven years in the Munich office. Magnus has either led or participated in a number of key deals including Epicor/Activant, LR Health & Beauty Systems, Plantasjen, Tommy Hilfiger, Tnuva, Netrada (D+S europe), Advantage Sales and Marketing and most recently Cole Haan. He is serving as a board member in a number of Apax portfolio companies including LR Health & Beauty Systems, Plantasjen and Netrada (D+S europe). Prior to joining Apax Partners, Magnus was working with Procter & Gamble across different FMCG sectors and geographies. Magnus holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Gothenburg School of Economics in Sweden. Learn more about Magnus Mattsson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAlteri Investors on Crunchbase…

Julian Leadbeater

Founding Partner & CIO @ HomeRenter

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HomeRenter is a marketplace for private rentals, connecting tenants and private landlords. Read more aboutHomeRenter on Crunchbase…

Ian Syer

Deputy Group CIO @ Atalian Servest

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Servest Group is a multi-service facilities management provider. Read more aboutAtalian Servest on Crunchbase…

Adrian Thompson

CIO @ Dyson

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Dyson is a global technology company that designs iconic reinventions that work, perform and look very different. Read more aboutDyson on Crunchbase…

Chris Hewertson

Principal | CIO | CTO | Board Advisory @ Freeman Clarke

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Freeman Clarke creates, manages, and executes technological strategies and solutions to help one’s company grow. Read more aboutFreeman Clarke on Crunchbase…

Damian Atkinson

CIO and Founder @ Maxatta Limited

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Over 30 years financial markets IT experience and former UK Region CIO for ING Bank for 12 years, spearheading technology strategy for the Bank, whilst running the IT organisation of 90 +staff. Business Leadership and Management at Maxatta. Damian will lead the Robotics CDAAS DevOps operation. Learn more about Damian Atkinson on Crunchbase…

Maxatta is a leader in Robotic Process Automation and the delivery of AI through automation for Front Office Financial Markets. Read more aboutMaxatta Limited on Crunchbase…

Omid Shiraji

Interim CIO @ oneSource

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Read more aboutoneSource on Crunchbase…

Philip Delamore

Co-Founder & CIO @ Change of Paradigm

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Read more aboutChange of Paradigm on Crunchbase…

Ash Shahata

Enterprise Strategy & CIO Advisory @ Wipro Digital

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Wipro Digital, the digital business unit of Wipro Read more aboutWipro Digital on Crunchbase…

Adrien Pujol

CIO @ Callsign

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Delivering digital trust through simple secure customer interactions Read more aboutCallsign on Crunchbase…

Ryan Bryers

CTO & CIO @ Carfinance247

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Ryan has 20+ years in the IT industry with Barclays Bank, Atos & Worldline. He?s worked in all aspects of development, testing, service management, IT & IS architecture and Enterprise Architecture. Over the last 5-6 years Ryan has specialized on leading the architecture of major bids, major delivery projects and project recoveries. The wide breadth of experience has led Ryan into leading roles that have culminated in the CTO role for Worldline in UK&Ireland. Ryan is bringing a digital and agile focus to his role and is enjoying the challenges of digital transformation as well as seeding new teams with digital by default. Learn more about Ryan Bryers on Crunchbase…

Vehicle finance company. Read more aboutCarfinance247 on Crunchbase…

Mike Simcock

CEO and CIO @ ClearMacro

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ClearMacro helps institutional investors integrate actionable insights from data into their portfolios to enable smarter decision-making. Read more aboutClearMacro on Crunchbase…

Zin Bekkali

CEO & CIO @ Silk Invest

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Read more aboutSilk Invest on Crunchbase…

Romain Cohen

CIO @ Credit Peers

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Credit Peers is a privately held company that makes commercial property lending accessible to everyone. Read more aboutCredit Peers on Crunchbase…

Paddy Osborn

CIO – Chief Investment Officer & co-founder @ MoneyDrome Ltd

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MoneyDrome is a hybrid investment & trading platform enhanced by analytics, machine-learning and artificial intelligence Read more aboutMoneyDrome Ltd on Crunchbase…

Scott Cohen

CIO @ Warner Music Group

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Scott Cohen serves as the Chief Innovation Officer at Warner Music Group. Learn more about Scott Cohen on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutWarner Music Group on Crunchbase…

Tom Clark

CIO: Business & Product Innovation (Emerald Group Publishing) @ Sourcely

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Sourcely is the “Spotify” for eTextbooks and Academic Journals. Allowing students to rent content for short periods of time. Read more aboutSourcely on Crunchbase…

Gideon Smith

Europe CIO, Rosenburg Equities @ AXA Investment Managers

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Read more aboutAXA Investment Managers on Crunchbase…

Laura Mitchell


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Just Develop It (JDi) is a Hampshire based investment company that specialises in early stage and growth capital across. Read more aboutJUST DEVELOP iT on Crunchbase…

Rudy De Waele

Keynote Speaker, Conscious Futurist, Personal Transformation Coach, Mentor, Author, Co-Founder @ Human Works Design

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Read more aboutHuman Works Design on Crunchbase…

John Rogers

Fractional CIO/CTO/IT Director @ Freeman Clarke

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Freeman Clarke creates, manages, and executes technological strategies and solutions to help one’s company grow. Read more aboutFreeman Clarke on Crunchbase…

Martin Veitch

Editor In Chief, CIO @ IDG Communications Australia

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Read more aboutIDG Communications Australia on Crunchbase…

Ian Turfrey

CEO & CIO @ Technology Transformation Group

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Read more aboutTechnology Transformation Group on Crunchbase…

Ian Sherlock

Interim CIO @ Fuel3D

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Read more aboutFuel3D on Crunchbase…

Tomas Nascisonis

CIO @ Agent House

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Agent House is building a Real Estate Ecosystem – End to End Platform for agents, clients and suppliers. Read more aboutAgent House on Crunchbase…

Andrew Flack

CTO & CIO @ WorldStores

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WorldStores is a UK-based online retailer of furniture and homewares. Read more aboutWorldStores on Crunchbase…

Andrew Hill

CIO @ Serco

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Spoiler title
Andrew recently took on Serco’s central government CIO role with a focus on direct support of Serco’s services and solutions for government customers. Andrew has been with Serco for nearly 8 years in a variety of P&L roles and more recently as MD for the London Cycle Hire Scheme, a fully managed outsource (design, build and operate) for Transport for London. Prior to joining Serco Andrew built a track record in large public sector technology enabled change programmes and ICT management, including : • Managing Partners and Suppliers; • Portfolio and Programme Delivery • ICT Operational Strategy Development and Planning; • Delivering in political and complex multi-stakeholder environments • Provision of ICT from the supplier perspective. Andrew joined Serco from IBM and prior to that spent 18 years in the public sector with Inland Revenue (HMRC). Joining as a fast streamer from Warwick University where he completed a PhD in Mathematics, Andrew built a portfolio of experience in government ICT delivery in large complex programmes and operations. As a senior civil servant he spent 18 months in his final role with HMRC heading the department’s ICT Operations. Learn more about Andrew Hill on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSerco on Crunchbase…

Lee Stretton

CIO @ Monevo

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Monevo is a global Financial Technology marketplace and platform. Bringing Marketers, Lenders and Brokers Together Read more aboutMonevo on Crunchbase…

Mark Bramwell

CIO @ Saïd Business School

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Mark is the CIO and Director of Professional Services and an Associate Fellow of Green Templeton College. Before joining Saïd Business School Mark spent 9 years as Head of IT for the Wellcome Trust (a global charitable foundation with a £20 billion endowment), prior to which he worked as Head of IT Development for WHSmith Limited. Within the University of Oxford Mark is a member of the University IT Committee, and Chairman of the User Services and IT Excellence Board. Outside of Saïd Business School, Mark is also Chairman of the Corporate IT Forum Membership Council and a Non-Executive Board Member of CPM/Stipenda. Known for business transformation, IT strategy and building high performing teams, he has been named in the UKTech50 most influential IT Leaders in the UK IT industry and the CIO100. Mark is also a Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS). Learn more about Mark Bramwell on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSaïd Business School on Crunchbase…

Steve Howling

CIO @ QuoinStone Investment Management

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QuoinStone Investment Management is a specialist UK focused, value-add real estate investor Read more aboutQuoinStone Investment Management on Crunchbase…

Steven Cooke

Co-founder and CIO @ Tagsmart

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Tagsmart offers an all-round complete art authentication solutions, designed for artists, collectors and sellers of art. Read more aboutTagsmart on Crunchbase…

Anthony Davies

CIO and Co-Founder @ Fourthtier

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Spoiler title
Overall responsibility for IT strategy and product development for Fourth Tier. 28 years in Information Technology, 12 of which were with Budget Rent A Car International as one of their chief IT architects. Tony has extensive experience and expertise in reservation and front counter systems as well as business process, systems design and latest technologies. Learn more about Anthony Davies on Crunchbase…

A fusion of car rental and IT professionals with extensive experience in international vehicle rental and building specialised software. Read more aboutFourthtier on Crunchbase…

Loic Fery

CEO and Co-CIO @ Chenavari Investment Managers

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A group of alternative investment management companies focused on a broad range of credit,structured finance, real estate and private debt Read more aboutChenavari Investment Managers on Crunchbase…

Gavin Scruby

CIO and Director @ Smartdebit

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Streamline payment handling, improve your cashflow and increase customer retention with SmartDebit. Read more aboutSmartdebit on Crunchbase…

Tommaso Venanzoni

founder and CIO @ Roofora

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Roofora is a new exclusive and trusted marketplace specially designed for students, employers and employees. Read more aboutRoofora on Crunchbase…

Mark Hill

CIO and Co-Founder @ Vestemi

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Mark has a computer systems engineering background with 15 years of experience managing complex IT systems in the City and 7 years working in start-ups in a variety of leadership roles. Learn more about Mark Hill on Crunchbase…

Vestemi is a new technology product company with a social purpose. Read more aboutVestemi on Crunchbase…

Andrew Nappin

CIO @ Lumen Research

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Lumen is a specialist eye tracking research agency based in London, who help optimise advertising across a number of platforms. Read more aboutLumen Research on Crunchbase…

Graeme Hackland

CIO @ Williams Grand Prix Engineering

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Graeme Hackland is the Williams Group Chief Information Officer, joining in January 2014, this is Graeme’s 20th season in Formula 1. Graeme serves on the company’s Executive Committee and leads the IT Risk Committee. Learn more about Graeme Hackland on Crunchbase…

Williams Advanced Engineering is the technology and engineering services business of the Williams Group. Read more aboutWilliams Grand Prix Engineering on Crunchbase…

Charles Ewen

Director of Information Technology & CIO @ Met Office

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Charles Ewen responsible for the development and implementation of our ICT Strategy and for the internal technical teams within the Technology Information Services Directorate – and work closely with our Science teams to operate our High Performance Computing capability. The Met Office relies heavily upon cutting-edge IT to improve the quality of forecast services and increasingly to make those services accessible and effective for customers and the Public. I have worked for the Met Office in a number of senior technology roles since 2008 and, prior to that, worked in the Business-to-Business online retail and distribution industry. During this time I used relevant technologies to transform businesses from traditional retail approaches to being internet and technology capable. As well as a number of consulting appointments, I worked within the Premier Farnell group of companies for over 10 years. I have run my own small technology company and started my career as an Electronics Engineer in the defence industry. Learn more about Charles Ewen on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMet Office on Crunchbase…

Paul Coby

CIO @ Johnson Matthey

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Johnson Matthey is an international speciality chemicals company, founded almost 200 years ago in London. Read more aboutJohnson Matthey on Crunchbase…

Dan Mauger

CIO & Co-Founder @ Demand Logic

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Dan is an experienced developer of enterprise information and ecommerce systems and has an MSc in Information Systems from City University for which he won a departmental award. Dan leads on the development of Demand Logic’s core software, from the underlying data management engines to the front-end web application. Learn more about Dan Mauger on Crunchbase…

Demand Logic is an online energy efficiency system that analyzes data from building management systems. Read more aboutDemand Logic on Crunchbase…

Ubbo Maagdenberg

CIO/Founder @ EMARK

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Read more aboutEMARK on Crunchbase…

Vince Cara

CIO @ BiBox

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Bibox offers integrated and orchestrated bank solutions through the BiBox Marketplace Read more aboutBiBox on Crunchbase…

Peter Finch

Group CIO @ Trak Global Group

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An insurance IT systems specialist. After leaving the NHS, Peter spent 6 years at Carole Nash, the UK’s leading motorbike insurance broker, building and maintaining systems that managed 250,000 policies. Peter has worked with all of the major insurance administration platforms. Learn more about Peter Finch on Crunchbase…

Trak Global Group provides its partners with the very latest in technology to enable and support telematics insurance propositions. Read more aboutTrak Global Group on Crunchbase…

Peer Mohamed

CIO @ Favorey

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Read more aboutFavorey on Crunchbase…

Stephen Darnell

CIO & Co-founder @ Workteam

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Provider of HR employee management SaaS offering Read more aboutWorkteam on Crunchbase…

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