Want to Protect your Small Business? These are the Cyber Security Software Services for You

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4 years ago

It is well know that every small business should be taking their cyber security seriously, so we’ve put together this list of services that we would recommend to small businesses in particular.

Action1 Endpoint Security Management Platform

This product was recommended by Alex Vovk from Action1

Action1 do automated patch management for remote employee computers. This is the #1 priority for securing all these newly remote workers small businesses have today. While many small businesses ask their employees to work remotely from their homes, companies are facing challenges of securing all those newly remote workers. Action1 is helping organizations to keep their computers secure by implementing automated patch management, it asset management and endpoint configuration reporting for both office and remote employees.

According to RedmondMag: What are the obvious steps that IT departments need to take to protect their remote workforce? As in, the top 3-5 moves that will prevent 80 percent of the problems?

#1 priority: Figure out how you can make sure these remote systems are patched and updated at all times. Just this week it was announced that there are two vulnerabilities that affect Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008-2019, which haven’t been patched yet. Have security teams communicated that to all employees? Given them the workarounds to help protect their systems from this vulnerability?

LuxSci Smart Hosing

This product was recommended by Erik Kangas from Lux Scientiae

LuxSci’s HIPAA-complaint smart hosting solution hooks into your existing Office365, G Suite, Exchange, or other email hosting service, making your outbound email sending secure and HIPAA compliant.


This product was recommended by David Richards from Enveloperty

Enveloperty is the simplest phishing solution. Changing the balance of power from the senders & vendors to the user. This is great for small business because the market leaders will never alter their algorithms for the needs of small business. But with Enveloperty, each user, and company, can structure their email as harshly or relaxed as suits them.

If you’ve ever had an important email eaten by a spam filter, you understand how important this is. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and there’s nothing you can do about it. Installing the Enveloperty add-on into Outlook or Gmail gives you explicit control over your email, the way it should always have been. At $2 a user how is it not a total win? Enveloperty works by users giving each of their contacts a unique email address (much like HARO does).

Email is sorted based on the destination address. If you want to see email from a sender, have it sorted to a visible folder. If not, route it to quarantine where it won’t bother you, but is retrievable in case you made a mistake. To be legitimate email, a sender must send to the right destination address, from the right sending address. If someone sends a Google password reset form to the address you gave the IRS, you know it’s phishing.


This product was recommended by Harshit Agarwal from Appknox

Appknox is an on-demand mobile application security platform that helps businesses detect and fix security vulnerabilities using an Automated Security Testing suite. We have been successfully reducing delivery timelines, manpower costs & mitigating security threats for Global Banks and Enterprises in 10 + countries.

AVG Antivirus Business Edition

This product was recommended by Nidhi Joshi from iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd

AVG Antivirus Business Edition is one of the advanced protection software against the trendy ransomware, viruses, and malware, safeguarding abreast of these through regular updates. Software is majorly used by many SMBs and Mid-sized companies, powered with new cloud-based features as Cyber Capture, improved malware detection and enhanced web shield. It has a magnificent facility of notifying instantly through email alerts about any threats to its users.

This product also includes free remote management and great reporting features. It is quite easy to install this software which has many tools that make it epitome for its users such as uninterrupted protection, free support by phone or email, Link scanner, Firewall, network antivirus, data identity, data saver, smart analyzer, and many more tools to assure the security of the gadgets and user information. Software is having a smooth and reliable user interface and is available for Windows PCs, desktops and servers. AVG provides free 24/7 phone support to its customers.

Sophos Intercept X EDR

This product was recommended by Nick Allo from Semtech IT

It gives small business award winning protection from ransomeware and other threats with capabilities to trace where the outbreak came from.

Kraft Technology Group’s EmployeeGuard Service

This product was recommended by Don Baham from Kraft Technology Group

A cybersecurity awareness training program is one of the most cost effective security tools available to small and medium sized businesses. With human error causing over 92% of data breaches, businesses need to understand the importance of focusing on the weakest link by empowering employees through self-improvement, personal protection, and engaging training that is relate-able, not demeaning. Kraft Technology Group’s EmployeeGuard service provides continuous security awareness training throughout the year, real-time dark web scanning and alerting, automated phishing exercises, and customizable security policy and procedure templates for businesses.


This product was recommended by Alun Baker from Clario

Clario Tech Limited is a London-based cybersecurity company. It was founded in 2019 to disrupt the security software industry by securing people’s digital lives with a human, customer-focussed approach to cybersecurity and acting as a consumer champion. Clario’s is modernizing and revolutionizing historically stodgy cybersecurity software. Clario’s software includes threat detection, VPN service, and live support, among other things. So far, Clario has been testing its software in a private beta. It demonstrated it publicly for the first time at the tech industry trade show CES this week. The plan is to launch a public beta in July and charge around $15 per month for service, starting on iOS and Mac and headed to Windows and Android in the future.

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Scalability Issues: In-house teams may struggle to adjust their capacity swiftly to meet changing project demands or priorities. Flexibility Constraints: Internally-based teams may find it challenging to accommodate varying working hours, meet project deadlines, or adapt to different methodologies compared to outsourced teams. Outsourced Development Team: External dedicated development teams, sourced from third-party providers, focus solely on the organization's projects. These professionals offer numerous advantages: Cost Savings: Outsourced teams often provide competitive pricing, reducing expenses on infrastructure, technology, and overhead costs. Access to Expertise: Engaging with a software outsourcing company grants access to specialists from a global talent pool with the required skills and experience. Scalability: Outsourced teams can adjust their workforce to match fluctuations in project scope and priorities, making them valuable for businesses. 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Agile development stands at the forefront of the software industry, championing an
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