Waxing Supplies You Should Tell Your Clients About

Waxing Supplies You Should Tell Your Clients About
2 years ago

As an esthetician, you are the most informed resource your clients can go to when they need to ask about waxing and waxing supplies. You probably use waxing supplies that clients haven’t heard of or don’t know how to use. If these supplies can help your client, you should take the time to explain what’s available. Keep reading to learn about some of the waxing supplies you should tell your clients about so they can better understand the waxing process and the products they should look for.

Pre- and Post-Depilatory Oils

Experienced waxing clients know to show up with clean skin and moisturize after waxing. But they may not know about the specific benefits of pre- and post-depilatory oils and how these oils can improve their waxing experience. Pre-depilatory oil ensures that the skin is clean and hydrated and that the wax will adhere to hair follicles and not the skin itself. Post-depilatory oil helps remove any leftover wax residue and locks in the skin’s moisture. If these oils are antiseptic, they can also help prevent infection. Your salon can sell these oils to your clients if you want them to take charge of this preparation and aftercare, or you can use them and explain their benefits to your client while you apply them.

Waxing Powder

Another supply that clients may not know about is pre-depilatory waxing powder. This is primarily used on clients with oily skin to absorb that extra oil and provide a smooth, easy surface for waxing. It also provides a barrier so the wax can stick to the hair follicles without catching sweat or oil from your client’s skin. While many people with oily skin are aware of anti-chaffing powders and other powders that help absorb oil, many don’t know that there’s a specific pre-depilatory waxing powder. Like the oils we mentioned above, you can explain about this powder as you apply it or sell it to clients who want to try using it at home.

Exfoliating Devices

Exfoliating before and after waxing can help your client’s skin stay smooth between appointments and prevent ingrown hairs. Most experienced waxing clients know this, but you can help them go the extra mile by telling them about different exfoliating devices like natural loofahs and exfoliating gloves. While you probably won’t use one of these devices on your client’s skin right before a waxing appointment, as this can increase skin irritation, you can still sell them in your salon or explain the benefits of using them to your clients when they ask for skincare help.

Some of the best waxing supplies you should tell your clients about are pre- and post-depilatory oils, waxing powder, and exfoliating devices. Informing your clients about these supplies can help them have a better waxing experience and will keep them coming back to you for more appointments and information.

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