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You can now find cannabis dating apps and sites for those who want the presence of a 3rd party in their relationship.

Finding a great match online can be challenging, especially if you love pot and can’t be with someone who shares your views. Yes, there are platforms such as bumble, tinder, and hinge, where you can try to filter the non-smokers based on their profile information. 

However, if you want something that guarantees a hook-up with another marijuana connoisseur, you can download a specialty application, especially a dating app for weed smokers. The good thing is several firms, including AskGrowers, have capitalized on the famous weed market. Some sites post content where they can learn about weed, while others have created apps that allow marijuana fans to link up. 

Dating apps are some of the easiest ways to meet other people, but things become complicated for weed consumers. Pot can be a tricky subject to introduce to someone you’ve just met for the first time. For the conversation to flow, you need to have good chemistry and feel comfortable when you want to smoke a joint after a task.

How Do You Find a User-Friendly Weed Smokers App?

Currently, many dating sites are explicitly for weed lovers. We’ve discussed some of the best apps in this article.

How Much Will You Pay On These Sites?

Each app or site we’ve listed here comes with a free version – however, these are basic levels and provide other access to the features you can enjoy. For serious users, it’s worth paying some money to get premium membership levels that unlock more features. If you’re a premium member, it opens a door for better matches which means better dates. There are price points for every type of budget, meaning you have all the freedom.

Top 4 Dating Apps for Weed Smokers

Below are some of our top picks:

My 420 Mate

The app for weed smokers has a practical and straightforward tagline that resonates with their target market – “Don’t be a lonely stoner, find your Mary Jane.”

The websites feel more of a dating app and less of a hook-up application. Although cannabis is the central theme, it’s more of a regular dating site. Users must provide all the typical questions, such as location and the type of relationship they want, and then fill in the about me details.  

It will also ask several weed-related questions such as “what’s the favorite strain” and why do you smoke marijuana. Such questions give this application an algorithm to locate people who love smoking like you. If you’re an avid stoner, it will probably not link you with someone who uses it for medicinal value. 

The platform is free to download, but you can make in-store purchases. It has 65 free credits, but you will pay for upgrades later. 

High There!

You can find this app on Android or iPhone, and it might be the flashiest of all weed dating apps. The makers made it for tech-savvy individuals, which gives individuals full functionality. The latest versions of this application allow users to compose video statements and add them to their profiles.

High There functions the same way as most dating apps, allowing consumers to browse through other profiles, email, and chat. It also offers the functionality of creating a unique personal profile. The About Us page claims that its target audience is “med and recreational” cannabis users that don’t want to be judged by the public.

The platform has a social community that promotes cannabis use. The company has a Twitter page, Facebook page, Instagram account, and blog. Fans can also connect with other people on these pages.

420 Singles

The application was established in 2011, comes with a free version, and has a premium version that costs slightly above $10. It prides itself on providing a place to meet other individuals in the cannabis world. The app will not dismiss you if you’re a beginner or an experienced stoner. Unlike traditional apps, 420 Singles focuses on locating matches without prejudice or judgment. 

If you have used tinder before, you will find it easy to navigate through the app because it has a similar interface. A user swipes left or right if they want to show interest in a particular profile or not. The app comes with a messaging section. However, it would help if you watched for dodgy or fake profiles. Research has shown several bots, fake profiles, and inactive users.

After creating a profile, you can indicate what you’re looking for by filtering distance and age range. The app also asks personality questions like hobbies. 

Navigation is more straightforward on the app, but the website has extra channels such as forums and groups where you can interact as a community instead of chatting with one person.

420 Friends 

420 Friends is another unique dating app for marijuana users. One factor that makes this app special is that the others are it’s easier to customize profiles. Members can provide their weight, height, hobbies, religious beliefs, etc. It’s more similar to OK Cupid or POF than to Hinge or Tinder. However, it has an in-app feature called ‘spark,’ which allows members to swipe right or left. 

The only con about this app is users might feel like they are using a traditional dating site. Although it mainly focuses on weed users, a new member would not necessarily know this. Most sections are not mainly cannabis-centric. 

Final Thoughts 

you don’t need to sit through an awkward date with someone who openly dislikes your cannabis lifestyle. Today, the cannabis industry has ensured it’s easy for you by inviting all the single weed enthusiasts into one platform. There is a wide range of dating sites and apps that have made it possible. Thanks to this unique innovation, people get to be themselves on the first date and talk about something they are both interested in. Most cannabis smokers prefer interacting with others over a joint, and it’s incredible knowing this before meeting up with a potential lover. 

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