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Lemo connectors are one of the finest and most effective connectors manufactured by the Swiss brand LEMO. Found in 1946, the company rose to prominence with the unique push-pull connectors that are now used all over the world. The connectors from LEMO are now used in different medical, industrial, military, scientific research, telecommunications, and audio/visual industries.

How Did They Start?

The company initially started to manufacture products made from rare metals, but they soon switched to making electric connectors, which turned out to be a fantastic decision. As of now, the flexibility, style, and quality of Lemo series connectors are unmatched. They’re what we call the crown jewel in any connector setup.

Different Types of Lemo Connectors

As said before, Lemo started off with the push-pull connectors that brought them worldwide fame and recognition. This type of connector is full in size, and you get both the male and the female halves available. It’s a rapid system and is implemented in all the modern connectors that Lemo makes.

These days, Lemo is selling two main types of connectors. One is the LEMO B series that is one of the highest sold connectors in the world. The other is relatively new, and they’re calling it the LEMO T series, which is supposedly better than its predecessor.

Why Are Lemo Connectors So Good?

The push & pull system is what makes Lemo Connectors a fascinating option for everyone. The slimline circular design of these connectors alongside the push-pull system makes sure that it can mount a high-density of connectors.

Traditional bayonet connectors or screw-coupling connectors often fail to do this; hence when the space is scarce, Lemo connectors turn out to be a real winner!

Their circular push-pull design also ensures you get the job done easily, as a very audible click will be enough to understand that the connection is secured.

In restricted spaces, other types of connectors won’t be able to connect as safely, which makes Lemo connectors way ahead of their competitors. The high-quality material in their making also makes them a standard option.

Where Are Lemo Connectors Mainly Used?

Because of their ease of use and flexibility, Lemo connectors are used in many different lines of work. From aerospace to Formula 1 racing to nuclear research and even medical instruments — these connectors are everywhere!

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