What Are the Famous Bingo Numbers’ Names?

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2 years ago

If there is one memorable thing about bingo, it has undoubtedly got to be the hilarious bingo calls that have been around for centuries. Every time you walk into that bingo hall and see the flamboyant caller standing up on the stage next to the tombola machine, you know that in a few moments there will be lots of joking and crudeness around the bingo numbers.

Do you have a favourite bingo number call that cracks you up every time, or are you there to hear the bingo caller produce random and charming wits to the unlucky few sitting in the front row? Either way, you might be beginning to wonder what the most famous bingo numbers’ names are and why they are that famous. Everybody knows 88, but why does everyone love it so much?

We are here to take a look at all the queries you might have about famous bingo numbers names!

The most famous bingo numbers names and why they are so popular

Some die-hard bingo players reading this will be able to list off all the classic bingo number names and the rhymes to go with them, all the way from 1 through to 90. But, some are not so well acquainted with the most famous bingo names and where they originate from.

For those wanting to know more about the most famous bingo numbers names, read on and you will not be disappointed:

Bingo Numbers Names

Why they are so popular

88, Two Fat Ladies

We have to start with the all-time classic! The two 8s next to each other vaguely resemble two larger-than-life ladies!

90, End of the Line

In a game of 90 ball bingo, it has to stop at 90 (obviously). Hence the reference to the end of the train line.

45, Half way there

Not particularly in-depth, but famous none-the-less. Half of 90, half way there!

56, Was she Worth it?

Back yonder, a marriage cost 5 shillings and a sixpence. When asked ‘was she worth it?’ the audience will reply ‘every penny!’

40, Life Begins

A rather optimistic bingo number name, the inference here is that life starts getting interesting at 40.

32, Buckle My Shoes

Knock at the door, pick up sticks, a big fat hen? We all know that classic kid’s rhyme.

What are the main components of a famous bingo number?

As you can see, they are not always the most inventive of rhymes or reasons, but they are a lot of fun. If you are wondering what the main attributes of the classic famous bingo numbers are then simply take a look at our list below!

· They do not necessarily have to rhyme, but it certainly helps stick them in players’ brains!

· But, they do have to be a lot of fun. If the famous bingo numbers names were boring then people would not be interested and perhaps start stopping playing the game!

· There must be an element of banter around them. Bingo players want to have a good time and it is up to the caller to ensure that this happens.

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