What Betting Systems Are Better To Use?

12 months ago

At one day all bettors understand that it’s possible to beat the bookies only with a help of some betting strategy. But the main problem here is to find such betting system. Let’s figure out if it’s really possible.

Types of existing strategies

Nowadays all the betting strategies possible to divide on financial and game ones. The aim of the financial strategies is in work in one specific kind of sport and the correct division of the bankroll.

The word “attached” indicates that the mentioned strategy can be effectively used only for bets in one kind of sport: soccer, hockey, tennis etc. Of course, every strategy includes its own nuances which is better to learn before the start of work with it.

The list of popular betting systems

Value bets. The aim of this system is in operation with the outcomes of sporting events, which are for some reason were overestimated by bookmakers.

This strategy already proved its effectiveness and can bring a real profit in a long distance. However, like all another betting systems, valuebets has some disadvantages. Read more about valuebets here: https://www.betwasp.com/valuebet

Miller’s betting system. Due to this betting system you need to work with outcomes with odds of 1.83 – 1.94, with a fixed stake of 1% of your current bankroll. After increasing bankroll for 25%, the size of the stake can be reviewed.

Martingale strategy. The aim of this betting strategy is in work with odds 2.0 and higher, and includes doubling the stake after losing. If the bettor wins, stake amount returns to its original value.

System 2 out of 3. The entire game cycle is divided into several steps, each of which consists of 3 bets. To make a profit, you need to win at least 2 of the 3 selected outcomes.

We have told in a few words about only 4 betting strategies, but currently there are more than 50 of them. All of this systems has its own advantages and drawbacks so it’s hardly to choose the strategy which will be work correct for you.

What betting system to choose?

Among the all existing systems, the most popular is sports arbitrage betting. This popularity is caused by the effectiveness of the strategy. Bettors can place bets and get a guaranteed income regardless the outcome of the match (fight) which is impossible for any other betting system. How it’s possible? Let’s consider a real example:

Suppose we have a soccer match between Inter Miami and Orlando City. Two bookmakers FanDuel and BetMGM set for it the following odds:

FanDuel: TU 2.5 = 1.69, TO 2.5 = 2.08;

BetMGM: TU 2.5 = 2.18, TO 2.5 = 1.80;

In this case, the result TO 2.5 at Fanduel and TU 2.5 in BetMGM form arbitrage situation. Let’s check it by making simple calculations:

100$ * 2.08 = 208$, 100$ * 2.18 = 218$. Our total bets amount is 200$, so we’re really get 8$ or 18$ no matter how this match will end. The only thing now is to explain how to find  such arbs to get stable income from sports betting.

Arbitrage situations search process 

Searching for arbitrage situations is quite a complicated process due to the necessity for manual analyze of bookmaker’s lines in all existing events and outcomes. You probably understand that can take a lot of your time. Moreover, you need to make necessary calculations to identify is there any arb in every sports event.

The resolving of this issue is in using of arbitrage betting services. The most popular among them is BetWasp. The aim of this arbitrage sports betting finder is to check the lines of 42 bookmakers in all kinds of sports and markets with further providing found arbs and valuebets for the clients. 

You just need to make few clicks to do the necessary calculations in a handy arbs calculator and then make bets on bookies website’s. That’s all: it’s time to wait till the end of the chosen event and get your guaranteed profit.

If you still doubt about the effectiveness of the above-described betting system – you can always read more about it on BetWasp website and other betting websites and forums. It’s important to learn all the nuances of arbitrage betting before starting your work with it. 

Let’s summarize

As you surely understand from our article, it’s really possible to find profitable strategy – you just need to trust the reviews of experienced bettors and experts. In any case, your need to learn as much as possible about the system you choose to understand all its advantages and drawbacks.

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