What Is Boosting In World Of Warcraft, How Is It Done And Where To Order To Avoid Cheating And Character Theft

What Is Boosting In World Of Warcraft, How Is It Done And Where To Order To Avoid Cheating And Character Theft
1 year ago

World of Warcraft refers to an MMO RPG in which two aspects are important at once:

  1. The leveling process, which, although sometimes monotonous, gradually reveals to the player new mechanics of farming and quests, dungeons and new content from the next update. In this aspect, the character development path itself plays an important role, and not just the goal to get level 70.
  2. The result of pumping – the closer you are to the maximum of your development, namely level 70, the stronger your character is relative to other players, and only after reaching the development ceiling you can start collecting the most valuable equipment and weapons for the character, which will be the strongest and most useful up to new update in World of Warcraft.

Naturally, there are also players who like the very process of playing on highlv, or skimming the cream without hard work on character development, and such gamers most often prefer to look for a way to get a ready-made character, rather than pump it on their own.

This is where boosting in World of Warcraft comes to the rescue.


What is boosting in online games

Boosting is a service during which a character is placed under the control of an experienced player. The player, who is called a booster in gaming slang, begins the process of pumping the character to the required level and, upon reaching the goal, returns the account to the owner.

Risks when ordering boosting

As you probably already guessed, boosting is accompanied, first of all, by the loss of an account, and only then by the imposition of sanctions by the game administration.

It is extremely important to work with proven services, and Boosting in the World of Warcraft is provided by Skycoach.

This is a service that provides a huge number of services to various gamers and provides pumping, supplies gold and equipment, helps to complete the raid with a guarantee of victory and is not limited to World of Warcraft.

If you trust a random player, then you may well simply lose valuable resources on the character – he is unlikely to be able to fully change the account, but he can do a number of small dirty tricks.

As for the chance of game sanctions from the game administration – often the game master does not respond to such incidents, but there is always a chance, because the hero appears activity that was not there before in such a volume. Professional Skycoach players will use VPNs to increase their level of security, while ordinary boosters may simply try to quickly complete the service and get money, regardless of the consequences for the game account and the character as a whole.

It is extremely important to pump the character by legal and permitted methods. No bot programs, and preferably not even use macros. In many online projects, the use of third-party software is constantly monitored and severely punished by the game administration, as a technique that greatly spoils the pleasure of other players and introduces an unfair element into the process.

Skycoach boosters use only their game knowledge and upgrade the character using improved equipment and weapons, so the level is accumulated quickly and there is no violation of the game rules – the administration does not care about your equipment, since the character can be a twink of a stronger and already upgraded hero.

Skycoach leveling process

You need to go to the Skycoach website and leave a request with the manager.

When a specialist contacts you, you need to specify the required level, server and terms. The average response time of a manager is 2 minutes.

You need to transfer your account to a professional player through the Skycoach service – this is necessary to ensure leveling by legal methods with the ability of the booster to control the process and prevent it from interfering and be able to transfer personal equipment and weapons to speed up leveling while observing all the game rules of the World of Warcraft project.

While the order is being executed, you will be able to monitor its status and progress in real time.

When the service is completed, you will receive a notification of completion and an invitation to log into your account and independently verify that the order and the result match, as well as change the password for your own safety.

Skycoach guarantees the safety of personal data and all valuables that were on the account at the time of registration of the service and until its completion, but after that, protecting the account will remain solely your personal responsibility.

A nice bonus for many clients will be leaving all the extracted materials, gold and, if you’re lucky, equipment and weapons on the character upon completion of the boost.


For whom boosting services are suitable

Players who form a large number of Twinks to master professions and need many characters to gather resources and produce, as well as extract useful recipes and inscriptions.

Players who are well acquainted with the game mechanics of the World of Warcraft project, but do not want to spend time on farming and pumping and are ready to move quickly to highlvl and Dragonflight.

Players who have drastically changed their class and playing role and now have to level up to join the battle group on a new hero. Often these are healers and buffers – classes that are very difficult to pump alone.

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