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CISMP is widely regarded as the ‘qualification of choice’ for IT professionals who wish to develop a career in information security management. Recognised across the UK as an essential first rung on the ladder to a successful career, this qualification is also approved by the UK government and the Ministry of Defence in the CESG Certified Professional training scheme.

CISMP is a Professional body accredited mapped qualification and CISMP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Practitioner. What does that mean? In effect, that CISMP is a recognised and trusted qualification and that whenever you put your CISMP certificate in the window, you can be certain that your business will be honoured and respected by other businesses.

The CISMP certification is a qualification for people who are looking to perform roles in the security management of an organisation or company’s Information Systems infrastructure. Currently, CISMP is a foundation level qualification as part of the UK government CESG qualification scheme, although in the not too distant future, it will be a blue-chip qualification in its own right.

Originally presented as a two year part-time course (with the option of studying in addition to full-time employment), CISMP has grown over the years to be one of the most popular UK certifications with over 2,000 successful CISMP candidates applying each year and a waiting list of over a year.

So what does this mean for you?

Whatever length of time you have to spare on study, you will find CISMP study hours are highly productive, thanks to a fun, fast paced blended learning curriculum, where learning is blended with self paced online learning and real life practical scenario based exercises where learning is personalised and enriched by an experienced tutor.

So what do you get for your investment in time and money?

First, obtaining your CISMP qualification will allow a leap in salary over a similar role where security management is not an added benefit (on average around £6,000 extra per annum).

In addition, the Qualification presents you with a career for life – as information security management is a discipline where security is a core part of business in all organisations. And, most importantly, CISMP is a forward looking qualification, with updates and new material being added on a regular basis.

In effect, a CISMP qualification is a passport to a bright future and a prosperous and successful career in IT security management. As the IT profession becomes ever more concerned with “Serious Information Security Management” and the role of CISSP is considered to be likely to be replaced in the future by a qualification which is more practical and hands on, the CISMP qualification shows current and prospective employers that you are prepared to learn and ready to take full advantage of a rapidly growing and evolving information security management job market.

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