What Is the Price of App Development in 2021-2022?

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At the very beginning of their journey, all application developers wonder about the price of such an expensive project. In fact, it is very difficult to estimate even approximately because each case is individual.

If you want to calculate the price on your own, then you need to be well aware of all factors influencing the final budget. You may be surprised, but things like the complexity of the project, its type, and even the geographical area can increase or decrease the overall expenses, you can also opt for custom application development.

Cost of Development Depending on App Complexity

Software creation is a very comprehensive process, and the price is determined by a variety of factors. It all starts with your idea — a complex application and a simple one require different amounts of resources, thus the price varies.

The best solution to define the approximate cost is to find the right technical experts for estimation of the development expenses. Professionals from the Diversido development company help businesses to assess the possible investments needed to build an app.

How Can the Complexity of the Project Affect Its Price?

Even on the stage of conceiving the idea, you can influence the final cost by choosing the app’s complexity:

  • For a simple app, you need to budget approximately $40,000-$60,000 and be ready for the development process to last 2-3 months.
  • Basic app development will cost from $60,000 to $150,000, and the duration will be somewhere between 3-6 months.
  • Prices for complex app development start from $300,000, and it takes at least 9 months.

What Are Other Factors That Influence the Cost and Complexity of App Development?

Except for app complexity, here are some more factors you should know about when calculating your budget:

  • The complexity of the design. As the visual part of your software is an important tool for attracting users, you should invest in good UI/UX design;
  • Development process. It is the most vital stage in app development that kickstarts other processes;
  • QA. As soon as you get the first version of your product, you have to test it. That is why you need to invest in QA testing — to check your app performance;
  • The number of functions and features. It is obvious that the more functions, the more time and money you have to invest;
  • The complexity of the database. If you decide to make a complex app, the database should be able to handle the big amount of data;
  • 3rd party integrations. Every integration with your app builds a complex architecture that influences the app components;
  • Implementation of security protocols like HIPAA. If you want to develop a healthcare app, you will have to implement specific protocols, which is not free;
  • Size and skills of the development team. The bigger your team and their technical expertise, the bigger budget you have to plan.

Cost of Development Depending on App Type

Much of your investment will also depend on the type of app you want to develop. See what are the prices for creating different types of applications.

Type of App


iPhone and Android apps – $50,000-$310,000

This type of app is the most popular one, so the cost reflects the demand.

Web app – $60,000-305,000

Although the web application uses online technology to perform many tasks, it is still costly and difficult to build.

Startup app – $30,000-$400,000

This type of app can be suitable for beginners in the app development industry.

Healthcare app – $45,000-$305,000

The reason why creating healthcare apps might be expensive is because they should comply with numerous HIPAA or GDPR data protection requirements.

Game app – $30,000-$255,000

Game creation is a very complex process. Creating characters, plots, and functions of good quality requires a lot of resources.

Cost of Development Depending on the Region

Developers from different areas have their own hourly rates, which are also formed according to the qualification of the employee – junior, middle, senior, the programming language, and so on. Here are the approximate hourly rates for popular regions.

  • The USA. American app developers charge $50-60 on average.
  • The UK. In the United Kingdom, you will have to pay $50-55 per hour.
  • Australia. Australian developers charge the same as English ones — $50-55.
  • Western and Eastern Europe. If you invite developers from the West, you will be charged $60-80 per hour. But if you go to the East, the price will be $30-50.
  • India. This is the cheapest region for app developers. Workers from India are ready to work for $20-30 per hour.

How to Estimate App Development Cost?

To make precise calculations, make sure to discuss the following stages of product creation:



Initial communication

  • Technical requirements. Discuss with your team what tools should be used for app creation.
  • Business requirements. Analyze the trends and tendencies. It often happens that the app is built perfectly, but it is not very popular in the market.
  • Solution. Find several alternatives and don’t stick to one decision.

Discover stage

  • Scope discussion. Define the scope of work that should be done and divide it among team players.
  • Estimate validation. Break the project into stages, plan the required time and discuss it with other members.
  • Development plan. Create your plan of development and marketing so that you know what goals you need to achieve, when, and in what sequence.

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