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Windows 11 is Microsoft’s newest operating system, and we must say that it came with many new, exciting features. Besides having a new, clean design, Microsoft made sure to make Windows 11 easy to use.

This Windows version focuses on all people who use their PCs daily. It enables them to access anything, quickly helping anyone working from home. Since the pandemic started, we all know that many businesses have shifted their operations online and enabled remote work.

The remote work preference also meant that many companies had to reconsider their cybersecurity models. For instance, one option was to initiate company training for accessing corporate assets remotely.

Since its release, Windows 11 has become popular among this operating system’s users. What is the reason behind that? Is this operating system genuinely better than its older versions?

Let’s explore the new features of Microsoft’s Windows 11, which will help you decide whether you want to become its user.

App store

The newest Windows version offers an updated app store. It has many more apps to choose from now, and you can even change the store’s theme.

The app store offers various useful apps and supports Android apps as well. Now, you can access new apps in the blink of an eye. You can download the apps you typically use on your phones, such as Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, TikTok, and Netflix.


You may not have considered using widgets on previous Windows systems, but they can be handy. This new feature enables easy access to any app or information you might need.

Microsoft’s team thought about their customers and created new and organized widgets. You can now display news, weather, photos, stocks, etc.

The best part is that you can customize each widget to your preference.

With the new Windows, you can create a desktop that fits your lifestyle, which is excellent if you use your PC regularly.

Your phone app

As the name suggests, this app allows you to connect your phone to your PC without needing additional tools. You only need to install the app on your phone and computer, and you are good to go.

Although this feature was available in the older versions, Windows 11 offers a more stable connection than before. You can now send messages, make calls, and take photos on your computer, just as you do on your phone.

This app is easy to set up, and you will have everything you need in one place. However, add an extra protection layer to protect your data from potential intruders. We recommend using a VPN for PC to keep your data safe and secure when transferring data on a network. A Virtual Private Network encrypts all internet traffic, leaving fewer opportunities for snoopers to capture them. This tip is essential when using free Wi-Fi or networks you cannot confirm to be secured.

Focus sessions

As previously mentioned, many businesses switched online when the pandemic started. That means more people are spending their time looking at the screen. However, looking at that unnatural blue light for prolonged periods makes many people tired.

For that reason, Microsoft has introduced Focus Sessions, helping you make time for yourself during the day. This feature will remind you that you need to take a break during your work hours and will keep track of your progress.

It is an excellent way to care for your mental health during work hours.

Multitasking features

People nowadays like to do more than one thing at a time, and Microsoft didn’t fail to consider that when designing the new Windows 11. The latest OS offers new and improved layouts which you can use.

You can organize these layouts however you like and make your desktop your perfect work environment.

You can also create as many desktops as you want and easily switch between them. So, if your work requires you to multitask often, you will love the updated feature of Windows 11.


The newest version of Microsoft Windows focuses on those who spend a lot of their time on their computers. Whether a student, a gamer, or working from home, Windows 11 offers new and improved features that suit everyone.

We have listed some of our favorite and maybe the most advanced features. We can see that Microsoft thought about everything you might need if you spend a lot of time on your PC.

So, you can find new apps that you weren’t able to use before, or you can turn your PC into your phone. When it comes to working, you can set up focus sessions that will improve your productivity, multitask, and create a desktop that fits your lifestyle.

Are you excited about the new Windows 11 features? Will you upgrade your OS? You don’t have to, at least not until October 14, 2025, but we recommend switching to the latest version to enjoy better performance and higher security.

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