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What is a Management Consultant?

Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance. Organizations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external advice and access to consultants’ specialized expertise.


Management consultants provide independent, objective advice to senior business managers on a wide range of issues. They do not attempt to persuade clients to follow a particular course of action or advocate one point of view over another. They aim to identify the best alternative among the various options available to clients.

Advise on Vision and Values

A management consultant will advise you on what will be needed to implement the visions and values of the organization. Clients have often already identified a general direction they want to move in and a few key issues they want to address. A management consultant will ensure that the organization has the right layers of leadership, the right structure and systems, and the right culture to achieve its goals in a sustainable manner.

Develop Strategy

Consultants will help you anticipate and respond to changes in the market. Whether you need to develop a new strategy for your existing business or create an entirely new business, a management consultant can help you develop the plan to get there. A consultant will help you identify new opportunities, assess risk, and minimize costs and speed up the decision-making process.

Develop the Organization

A management consultant will help identify your organization’s potential strengths and weaknesses and build an improvement plan to address them. Management consultants are also experts on the tools and techniques needed to develop your organization’s human and financial resources.


Your people will benefit from having a facilitator who will provide the necessary tools and resources to strengthen leadership training and motivation. A management consultant will recommend techniques for developing staff to their full potential. They can also encourage a more business-like approach to problem-solving, and bring a fresh perspective to organizational issues and obstacles.


Management consultants can help you outsource higher value work, goods and services that do not fit well within the existing organizational structure. They can recommend low-cost approaches to achieve your strategic goals, identify new technology, and train employees to fully utilize available tools.

Implement an Improvement Plan

Management consultants provide tools and solutions to help you take action and solve problems. They will identify needs assessments, recommend changes, create solution statements, evaluate solutions, remove roadblocks, and facilitate project planning.

Maximize Return on Investment

Your business is built on resources and if you want to make it grow, the right investment in time, money and people will be a crucial factor in your success.

A management consultant can recommend multiple ways to increase your return on investment. They can provide insights on people management and organizational development, recommend the best IT systems and infrastructure, provide new strategies for marketing and forecasting, design new processes, and help you get the optimum results from your marketing and human resources efforts.

Manage Change

A management consultant can provide guidance on how to approach change and suggest tools and techniques for minimizing resistance to and improving the speed of change. They can facilitate the transition from the old structure to the new, and help staff to deal effectively with situations such as change of management, merger of organizations, shift in organizational structure, and workforce reductions.

Mitigate Risk

Organizations can reduce the risk of incorporating any of the following:

An organization seeking to mitigate risk in any of these areas will usually bring in a management consultant to design an action plan and manage the activities of the risk mitigation plan for that organization.

There are roughly 3 types of management consultants in India: the strategy consulting firms, the local process consulting firms and the yoga consultants.

To see the work culture of these groups of consultants, one can do a simple exercise: go to the lobby of a five-star hotel, and go to the bar. Order a Scotch, put your smartphone on charging and observe the others around. You will discover the following facts:

Change Management

Managing change in organizations can be a difficult process. A management consultant can provide key tools and techniques for change management that lead to successful organizational and business outcomes.

Risk Management

Employing a management consultant to identify and assess the major risks affecting your organization will help you develop an effective risk management plan and maximize the chance of successfully achieving your desired return on investment.

Structure Design

A management consultant will analyze and design your organizational structure and its relationships to each other to allow your business to function as efficiently as possible. An environmentally and socially sustainable structure will also deliver the best results for your organization in the long term.

Strategic Planning

Management consultancy helps organizations develop strategic plans for growth and sustainability. They can help the organization identify new markets, develop a realistic action plan to achieve business goals, or enhance the efficiency of existing operations.

Leadership Development

A management consultant will advise you on the types of leadership styles and traits you need to successfully manage your organization. You will learn how to motivate and inspire the teams you have, how to improve the performance of senior staff, how to develop junior staff, and how to manage conflict in the workplace.

Workforce Planning

Management consulting will help you develop a workforce planning strategy to match your workforce to your business, industry, and sector strategies. They can help you meet your business goals through effective and efficient workforce planning.

Research and Analysis

A management consultant’s research and analysis expertise can help you identify and analyze core issues of concern and recommend a variety of strategies to achieve your overall goals.

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