Why Some Companies Are Reluctant To Fully Embrace the Cloud

Why Some Companies Are Reluctant To Fully Embrace the Cloud
2 years ago

We live in a world that is constantly technologically evolving. Despite that, many companies still try to hold on to the old practices for as long as possible, which inherently slows down innovation. In this article, we will focus primarily on this problem and how it relates to cloud computing. Specifically, we’ll be covering why some companies are reluctant to embrace the cloud and take the steps needed to enhance their data storage capabilities.

Don’t Think It’s Worth the Investment

A common complaint about switching to the cloud is that it takes too much time and costs a lot of money. While the time issue has some legitimacy, the money one simply isn’t true. Setting up your own servers and running them afterward is a massive drain on your company’s capital. In the end, it’s much cheaper to pay someone else to use their servers.

As far as the time concern goes, it does take a while to upgrade to the cloud provider’s systems and move all your data over. However, after completing all of that, you save a lot more time thanks to the increased speed of access to your files.

Stuck in the Old Ways

Unfortunately, many older companies that haven’t made the change simply won’t because they’re stuck in their old way. They like to use the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but that very phrase has sunk so many companies in the past.

Remember Blockbuster? Despite the apparent industry change to video streaming as the new medium for TV shows and movies, they stuck to their guns and kept doing things their way. It wasn’t until it was too late that they tried to make some changes, but by then, nobody cared. If you don’t adapt, you’ll get left behind, and more businesses need to realize that.

Worried About Compliance

Out of all the reasons some companies are reluctant to embrace the cloud, this one is the most legitimate. No one wants to make a drastic change only to find out that they are now in violation of multiple industry-specific rules. However, the cloud has been around for quite a while now. These groups with stricter regulations have started to notice and make changes to accommodate those who want to utilize the cloud. A perfect example is the medical field. They’ve worked with many cloud providers to set up self-service infrastructures that help with HIPAA compliance.

Afraid of Cyber Threats

If we wrote this article 10 years ago, another legitimate fear would be all the cybersecurity threats. While there are still many risks out there today, our ability to fight them is better than ever. Cloud providers have become professionals at creating nearly uncrackable firewalls and staying one step ahead of the hackers at every turn. Obviously, there is always a chance someone could hack into your data from the cloud, but the chances aren’t any greater than if you had it all stored in a personal data center.

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