Why Use Temp Agency Seattle to Find A Job

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4 years ago

Seattle is a well-known seaport city in the United States of America. It is the biggest city in both Washington and the Pacific NW region of North America. According to Census data released in 2019, the Seattle population stands at 3.98 million, making it the 15th-largest city in the United States.

According to the Seattle workforce, the two highest-paying jobs are software developers and general and operations managers. Most of the workforce approaches different temporary agency Seattle to get careers of their caliber. While spending hours searching through job boards and online postings, candidates seeking job opportunities may have thought to apply for a job through a temp agency, but not knowing how they work may have prevented candidates from submitting their application. Somehow it has proven that working with a temporary agency in Seattle (also called temporary agencies or staffing agencies) can benefit candidates in numerous ways.

Here we have described the common concept about how the world of temporary agency Seattle works for employees!

What is the advantage of a temporary agency?

Candidates can take the help of temp agencies to find a job for them in a shorter time. It usually is considered a way to get their foot into a door to get a full-time job or get experience in their work field. Here, employers benefit from the temporary workforce to get the work done effectively while searching for more permanent employees.

Recruitment process of temporary agencies

Likewise any other job, a candidate has to apply for the job online or in person so that the recruitment agency takes the interview and does the necessary screening to match him with a particular and appropriate job suits to him. Temporary agency Seattle places the applicants on numerous jobs with the companies under contract. Those contracts explained the type and duration of work, the candidate’s duties and responsibilities, and their remuneration.

The recruiter sets up a meeting where the candidates have to fill an information sheet regarding their strengths, weaknesses, and expertise. The candidates have to present their resume to the recruiter; if he is new in the field, then recruitment agencies help them create one. Most of the time, agencies required references also to scrutinize the background of the applicant. The interview process is all the same as if an applicant applies to an organization directly. The recruiter or company staff member asks the question regarding their experiences, introduction, and strengths and weaknesses. They can also ask for the reasons and circumstances under which the applicant left their prior employers.

Additionally, a candidate may ask to give tests to examine their skill and strength level for the kind of work they intend to perform. For example, if he is applying for a typist job, he will be given an exam to assess how many words per minute he can type and accuracy.

Schedule and remuneration

When a candidate works with a temporary agency in Seattle, his work schedule can change drastically depends on his preferences and what is there to work. Sometimes, temporary staff schedules are unpredictable, and agency personnel may call them at any moment on short notice and ask them to contact for an interview with a contracted company. If a candidate can’t work on weekends or night shifts, they should speak up and let the employer know their schedule constraints.

The temporary agency Seattle is responsible for paying the employees they send to an organization. Recruitment agencies charge the organization a negotiated amount per hour from which they take a percentage. Temporary agencies are also held responsible for collecting taxes from workers’ pay concerning the worker’s contract terms.

When a company wants a temporary candidate to hire full time

Suppose a worker’s skills and expertise perfectly match the company requirement where they are already working as a temporary employee. In that case, they may get an offer of a permanent position with that company. In such instances, an organization’s human resource personnel contacts the temp agency Seattle and convey their intention of hiring that particular employee permanently.

Some agency clients may use the temporary agency to examine an employee before deciding whether to hire him or not. When the company decides they want to hire the worker, the temporary agency releases that candidate from its employment contract to work for the new employer.


Temporary agencies are equally important for companies to search for the right candidate for the right job and also for job seekers to get the right job according to their qualifications and expertise. Working with the right recruitment partner is vital, either you are a client or a candidate. Here we can say that choosing a consultancy that takes the time to assess the candidate’s expertise, experiences, and characteristics, in order to effectively match both organization and applicant adds great value to any process.

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