3 VR Reality Technology Applications In The Mainstream

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2 years ago

Virtual reality technology isn’t new. It was actually around since the late 1990s and early 200s. But, when an image of a VR headset pops up, we immediately think of VR gaming since VR headsets were initially considered for VR immersive gameplay, but during the late 1990s, the technology was far from what VR reality needed in order to provide a realistic gaming experience.

Fast forward to 2022, VR technology is not only associated with the gaming sector, but it has also found applications in other industries as well. It is entered the mainstream and found widespread usage in many vastly different industries, but here we will cover three top industries that successfully integrated VR technology within their operations.

Online Casino

VR technology found application in the iGaming industry. More specifically, VR-based casino games entered the market due to the popularity of new and improved VR headsets. Because online casinos are always up to date with the latest tech innovations, it was on didn’t take long before famous developers added popular titles to their collection as VR games. Some examples include VR Roulette, VR Poker, Gonzo’s Quest, and other games.

The next step for virtual reality technology and online gambling is to create a totally immersive experience in virtual reality casinos. That being said, it is still in the early stages of development, and there are there aren’t many VR games on the market.

Also, the current collection of casino games is far greater than the available VR games. In case you are still looking for a realistic gaming experience on casino sites like CasinoEncyclopedia you can play live casino games that are streamed directly to your device in real-time, and you can try your luck with roulette, poker, craps, and other options.


VR technology surprisingly found applications in the healthcare sector. More specifically, it created an interactive and immersive environment that is suitable for medical professionals that want to improve their skills or are in training as it simulates a real environment and allows them to learn, for example, to perform certain search surgeries without the risk of making a mistake.


VR Technology has also found applications in the hospitality industry. It is used to create an immersive experience and showcases different touristic destinations or even hotels. For example, VR technology was implemented as a marketing campaign that represents different Marriot hotels around the world, along with VR postcards that provide a more intimate experience for the recipient. So, VR technology can also be added as part of a marketing strategy for certain businesses that want to provide a taste of what they have to offer.

Automotive Industry

VR technology is applied for the development of realistic, 3D porotypes by car manufacturers. It helps them gain a better overview of the model, which reduces the possibility of errors and helps them make appropriate changes. It is also applied to better imagine road scenarios and the behaviour of the new models on the road in different weather conditions.

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