A Complete Guide To Marketing Strategy For Travel Agency

4 years ago

With the improvement of people’s living standard, many people tend to have a trip during their holidays. However, it doesn’t mean every travel agency can seize this opportunity to boost their own businesses. If you want to figure out why you can’t attract more visitors to book your travel services even if you have offered the greatest discounts than ever, then there may be something wrong with your travel marketing strategies.

If you want to have a better understanding about how to increase your agency’s business by marketing travel services, then read this article till the end to get more information. Here, you will learn more about how traveling agency can market their services and advertise their activities to get more visitors.

The First Step: Set Up Your Agency

Because of the increasing number of people who ask for travel service, it means the competition is becoming harder and harder. So, you must create an appealing marketing campaign to make sure you can stand out among the sea of other travel agencies.

Hire a travel marketing agency to help you do the work.

You can hire a professional agency to help you do the work so you don’t have to do everything by yourself, which will take a lot of time and cost you a lot of energy. These agencies will be able to do the job for you.

Use Your Agency’s Unique Features

Each travel agency has something unique about their business. Try to find out what is special about your agency that will make your company stand out among the sea of other agencies. The unique feature of your company could be:

  • featuring well-experienced travel professionals,
  • providing more affordable prices and bigger discounts than other agencies,
  • offering lots of travel packages that have bigger savings.

You can promote your unique feature in any communication with your potential clients. Try to advertise your travel agency’s uniqueness on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, and other social media platforms. You can even create your own website and add this feature there for others to see. It will help you get more clients.

Create and Set Up Your Website

Besides promoting your agency’s unique features on social media, you can also make your own website and use it as a platform to do your marketing job. If you have your own website, you can use it as the main platform to sell your travel services and do your communication with others, especially your potential customers. You can put a lot of information about your agency on the website. You will be able to provide more details about your business and what kinds of travel services you have. You can also make a forum or a discussion area for your potential client to get to know your customers and their issues.

Besides, you can use your website in this way:

  • to create a call-to-action to meet your readers;
  • to share the latest news about your agency;
  • to attract more customers;
  • to make sure you have another place to promote your travel services, and you are not using social media only.

Share Your Content

After your website is up and running, you can use it as a place to share your content, such as:

  • blog articles that are relevant to your business;
  • business ideas for the travel industry;
  • tips on how to save money when traveling;
  • “how-to” guides on using your company’s services;
  • etc.

Doing these things will help you learn how to create the best marketing strategy for your travel agency. Don’t give up and you will get the best results.

How To Make Money From A Travel Blog And Can It Work For You

By now you’ve probably come across an individual or a company with a travel blog. Travel blogging is a fantastic way to share your passion for travel with others and to, hopefully, make some money on the side. There are so many different ways you can earn cash with your travel blog and one way is through affiliate programs.

Travel blog in the spotlight

One way you can make money from your travel blog is by creating a review of a particular brand of product or service that you can link to your affiliate account. Companies are constantly looking for product testers and reviewers and, if you’ve got a following, then you could be just who they are looking for.

Things to remember when you’re writing a review

A lot of people will have different viewpoints of any service and product that you might decide to review. Make sure to give constructive criticism of not only the product, but also the company. Your readers will appreciate your honesty. Also, while you want to give your honest review – it’s vital to rate the product positively.

Don’t review something that you’ve never actually used. Just because you have an affiliate account with a particular company doesn’t mean you have to only write about their products. You could even partner up with a travel company and be allowed to offer your followers special discounts or incentives.

Sign up for as many affiliate programs as you can

You can find tons of affiliate programs online and most of them are travel related. For example, Amazon will pay up to 8% on all travel products that you sell. They don’t pay you for just any product, but you’ll have to look at all their categories first. You can make a small fortune with a handful of affiliate accounts.

Want to make more money?

If you want to continue to make more money with your travel blog, feel free to take advantage of the bonuses and promotional offers that different companies offer. You’ll want to sign up with as many as you can because you can make big money if your readers click through to your affiliate link.

How To Start a Travel Blog In 5 Easy Steps

Starting a travel blog can be daunting. If you want to get a share of the mushrooming growth of this new media, the following will help you get started.

1. Start with a powerful message

Your core message should be absolutely clear. It needs to be memorable, authentic, and simple. Remember that signposts direct readers to your posts.

2. Be authoritative

Look for gaps in the market and start to create content designed to fill a need or to answer a question.

3. Get noticed

You need to grab attention and provoke an emotional reaction. One of the ways is to tell your story. Where you’ve been. Where you’ve been or want to go.

4. Connect with other bloggers

To connect with other bloggers, share your mutual interests with them by commenting on their blogs. Begin creating your own relationship with them and develop traction. That’s when the magic of social media starts to happen.

5. Build relationship with travelers

Travelers want authenticity. So, be authentic. Travelers want relationships and understanding. So, relate to them. Tell us what you have in common. Help readers to see you as their invisible travel companion.

Secrets to Running a Successful Travel Blog

There is a new form of publishing emerging on the Internet – the travel blog. Some travel bloggers are enjoying the fame, the spotlight, the money, and the free trips that come with it. There is a part of the sector, however, that is trying to make money, not by writing, but by promoting. This includes:

  • companies producing writing tools like travel blogging templates, travel blogging starter kits, and travel blogging themes,
  • companies wanting to promote their own travel and tourism destinations,
  • teams of hoteliers who want to get more people staying in their hotels.

The reality is, to make money on a travel blog, you need content. The writing style should be to the point and not “preachy.” There is no need for “filler” – and that includes links to companies that want to sell a product or service.

Do you have a travel blog?

You might not be in the writing group with the likes of Gary Arndt, or Rick Steves, or the travel bloggers promoting a thing or two, but there is a way that you can make money with your travel blog.

Some travel bloggers are reporting that they make a living with their blogs, because they have relationships with companies that send them “free” trips. Of course, the so-called free trips is, actually, a paid trip – but the travel blogger doesn’t necessarily pay for it, because the company paid a hefty price for the advertorial and the blogger promotes it to his or her audience.

How to make money with your own travel blog

If the above approach appeals to you, then there are ways that you can make money from the content that you produce on your travel blog.

One opportunity is the Google Adsense program. When your readers get to your blog, they will see ads placed by Google – and you’ll get a small share of that revenue.

Another way, is to use Facebook advertising tools to put your posts where your targeted audience members are. This places ads in news feeds and, based on the gathered information that Facebook has about the user, you can target a specific audience.

A third option is to join affiliate programs. Travel companies will pay you a commission if you send your readers to their site. Although you won’t get paid for just every click, you will get paid if your reader makes a purchase.

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