Andersen Charity: A Way to Help People During These Trying Times

Andersen Charity: A Way to Help People During These Trying Times
2 years ago

For 15 years, Andersen has been delivering cutting-edge solutions for logistics, healthcare, fintech, automotive, and other industries. This reputable European software development company not only provides innovative IT services but also regards human life as the highest value. Therefore, in addition to developing state-of-the-art software solutions, Andersen is engaged in non-profit activities aimed at those who need urgent assistance. Currently, when millions of people in Ukraine have lost their loved ones and homes, the company is raising funds to help those in need, providing humanitarian aid, and arranging supplies of medicines and necessary equipment.

Andersen has clearly stated that it condemns the war and stands with Ukraine. More than 800 Andersen’s developers, QA specialists, BAs, designers, HRs, and other IT professionals come from this country. On February 24, they faced the new brutal reality as their habitual way of life was completely shattered. Those who managed to relocate have already received full legal and financial support from Andersen. The company has also opened more than a hundred vacancies for employees’ family members.

Andersen Charity fundraiser

Andersen has always cared for its team. But at present, the software provider focuses not only on its employees. In April 2022, it announced the Andersen Charity campaign aimed at helping people all over Ukraine. First, a fundraiser for Cherkasy Regional Oncology Center was launched. This healthcare facility is currently receiving people not only from the Cherkasy region but also from cities affected by hostilities (Kharkiv, Irpin, Chernihiv, Sumy, Donetsk, and others). The clinic needs three UTAS bedside patient monitors controlling vital signs with a total cost of 300,000 UAH.

Currently, Andersen is running 8 donation campaigns. Besides the above-mentioned devices, the company is raising funds for a blood pressure monitoring recorder, ECG system, SonicAid monitoring system, hearing screening system, B. Braun Infusomats, surgical instruments, and pharmacy refrigerators. If you wish to donate, follow this link.


Andersen Charity is currently focused on medical institutions as Ukrainian doctors are working under an increased load. They must treat not only regular patients but also soldiers and victims of military action. This means, they must perform dozens of operations a day, and any material assistance is a significant contribution.

Charity events

The company cherishes its specialists and maintains a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels at home and is ready to help a colleague whenever needed. So, many of Andersen’s team members from Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, and other locations advise their fellows who have relocated from Ukraine on housing, local laws, and other relevant issues. Special events are held to unite people and build a strong IT community where professionals can not only share their knowledge and expertise but also find new friends and soulmates. This is especially important in times of crisis when many of us are uncertain about our future and desperately need warmth, attention, and hope.

On May 14, Andersen hosted the IT-Charity party in Tbilisi. Numerous visitors attended a lecture on the state of things in the IT sector, enjoyed the breathtaking Mtatsminda scenery and soul-stirring music, tried delicious food, had a chance to take photos in Georgian folk costumes, and participated in contests and masterclasses. But the company’s main objective was to promote the charity campaign and raise funds for Cherkasy Regional Oncology Center. Those present at the party were told about the opportunities to donate and participated in a charity auction.

The next charity event is to be held in Poland. Follow the company on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) to receive important updates about Andersen Charity.

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