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This article showcases our top picks for the Best WMS For Small Business. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Fishbowl Inventory

This product was recommended by Roy Morejon from Enventys Partners

Fishbowl is an excellent WMS for small businesses with inventories too complicated for excel spreadsheets. This software allows you to track inventory (or multiple inventories if necessary), manage work orders, perform batch counts, and set up automatic re-ordering. It also has custom fields for tailoring the software to your business’s unique needs. This app integrates with many popular business tools, so you can easily sync your inventory with your other apps and software. Some of the more popular integrations Fishbowl connects with are Amazon, Quickbooks, Xero, Shopify, Fedex, Salesforce, and eBay. They also offer custom demos before requiring financial investment.

Zoho Inventory

This product was recommended by Stella Scott from EasyPaydayLoan

Zoho Inventory is the best Wms software for small businesses. The cloud-based system helps create and manage sales and purchases while tracking your inventory. Users can integrate the software with online sales channels like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. Also, it integrates well with shopping carts such as Shopify and more. It is a software best tailored for e-commerce businesses, retailers, wholesalers, online sellers, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Although it is a paid platform, users get a free trial to have first-hand experience with how it works. The software supports Cloud, Saas, Android, iPhone, and iPad deployment.


This product was recommended by Josh Nelson from Seven Figure Agency

For supply chain firms that deal with omnichannel sales, Logiwa is a cloud-based inventory, warehouse management, and order fulfillment system. It delivers multichannel harmony across all phases of your supply chain–from choosing, packing, separating, sorting, shipping, and returning–by linking to shopping sites and third-party carriers. Logiwa’s goal is to help organizations dealing with erroneous inventory avoid the expenses and dangers of incorrect orders, late delivery, and missing goods. All of your company and sales channels will be synchronized in real-time to minimize stockouts and shortages thanks to our 70+ connectors to marketplaces, eCommerce, shipping, and accounting systems. The UI and connectors of Logiwa’s 3PL platform are extremely customizable, allowing you to design rule-based solutions for your 3PL clients. Logiwa allows you to manage an ad-hoc warehouse network and generate customer-specific invoicing reports while adding and removing users, locations, and warehouses. Customers can also access their own data and reports through customer portals.

3PL Warehouse Manager

This product was recommended by Peter Robert from Expert Computer Solutions

When it comes to user accessibility and navigation, there is no better WMS than the cloud-based 3PL Warehouse Manager. It provides endless features like billing methods, mobile barcode scanning, inventory management and so much more that will make running your warehouse a breeze.

Infor SCM

This product was recommended by Steve Anderson from Junk-Yard-Near-Me

Infor SCM was first introduced in 2002 under Agilysys, with 1300 clients. Infor SCM strives to provide solutions to your industry’s most pressing issues. Infor is a global corporation based in New York City, United States.


This product was recommended by Steve Anderson from Junk-Yard-Near-Me

TECSYS was founded in 1983 in Montreal, Canada, and has its headquarters there. It has a client base of over 600 people. The Technology Innovation Leadership Award went to TECSYS WMS. It is a cloud-based solution best suited for medium and big businesses.


This product was recommended by Jeff Johnson from How To Sell House Fast

GoFrugal is one of the best warehouse management systems that allows small businesses to work with minimal workforce. It offers cloud and mobile ERP solutions to retail, restaurants and distribution businesses. It helps the business to maintain data consistently and provides complete information required for deliveries. For a single retail store, it is capable of supporting multiple warehouses. Overall, it helps in streamlining supply chain management, outlet administration, price management, and warehouse management.

QuickBooks Commerce

This product was recommended by Elisa Bender from RevenueGeeks

QuickBooks Commerce is a cloud-based solution that offers inventory management features for small businesses. It includes warehouse management, price management, shipping, and reporting. By using this software, small businesses can avoid product expiration, as it uses the First in, First out (FIFO) method. This way products are sold in the order in which they were manufactured.


This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

This is one of the best smart warehouse management systems for businesses. It provides an enterprise solution across various industries like Automobile, FMCG, and 3PL. Its web app can be accessed from any browser.

Logix Platform

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

This supports logistic service providers in transportation and manufacturing. It assists courier services to manage their entire logistic operation on one platform. This platform helps business owners track inventory across sales channels and receive notifications about stock-keeping units.

EZoffice Inventory

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

This enables business owners to manage and control inventory stock with ease. It enables entrepreneurs to create purchase orders and manage vendors effectively.

Infor Cloud-Based WMS

This product was recommended by Jeremy Clifford from Router CTRL

The best features of Infor WMS include its scalability, its ability to be quickly configured to meet changing business needs, and its embedded labor management capabilities. The solution also includes 3D visual analysis tools that help users optimize warehouse operations. One drawback of the software is that it is not as widely adopted as some of the other options on the market, so there may be less support available for users. Overall, Infor WMS is an excellent option for small businesses that need a scalable and configurable warehouse management solution. The visual analysis tools can also help users optimize their warehouse operations and improve overall efficiency.

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