CBD Drinks Vs Energy Drinks: What Should I Take?

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2 years ago

From giving the body a jolt of energy after pulling an all-nighter to that extra boost of adrenalin in the gym, there are various reasons why we consume energy drinks. Chances are that most people have used energy drinks at one point or another to help them power through the day or night.

But while they promise to deliver endurance and stamina, they’re not a harmless beverage. In fact, regulate intake of energy drinks can lead to health repercussions. There is an alternative though, and that’s flavoured CBD drinks. So, which is better for you, and which should you choose?

What are energy drinks and CBD-infused drinks?

Energy drinks are beverages that contain a high level of stimulants such as sugar and caffeine, but they also contain additives such as taurine to improve your mental alertness. Carbonated soft drinks were initial referred to as energy drinks back when they were first released, but in 1916, Coca Cola reduced the quantity of caffeine they were putting in their beverages which put an end to them being referred to as energy drinks. Energy drinks as we know them today were released in the 1980s, and became popular in the ‘90s when they were endorsed by professional athletes and seen as a way of improving your athletic performance.

CBD drinks are a far newer creation, having gained popularity more in recent years for their reported therapeutic benefits. CBD is a component of the cannabis plant and contains non-psychoactive compounds so it does not cause the ‘high’ that is usually associated with marijuana.

CBD has gained attention over the past few years for reports of its therapeutic effects, such as reducing stress, anxiety and helping with sleep and pain relief for some people. Some studies have also found that it may be helpful in improving alertness. CBD has been a popular ingredient in various products, from skincare and tinctures to drinks and food items.

Should you choose CBD or energy drinks?

If you need a boost of energy or want a drink that will give you the staying power for a late night or an early start, CBD drinks may be a better choice. You’ll get the benefit of alertness and focus, but without the side effects that are often associated with classic energy drinks. Standard energy drinks contain high levels of sugar and caffeine, and consuming them too regularly could come with negative health consequences such as palpitations, vomiting and nausea. What’s more, these drinks have been connected with health conditions such as type 2 diabetes due to the high level of sugar they contain.

Consuming energy drinks too often can be harmful to your health and wellbeing, which is why switching to a natural alternative such as CBD-infused drinks may be beneficial. These botanically infused drinks don’t contain artificial sugars or unhealthy levels of caffeine, so they’re gentler on your system. They offer the potential to lower stress and improve focus, but without the risk of harmful side effects.

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