Cryptocurrency Platforms That You Might Want to Check Out

Cryptocurrency Platforms That You Might Want to Check Out
3 years ago

With so many stories of people becoming sudden millionaires through crypto, it shouldn’t be surprising that more people are enticed to dive deep into these digital currencies and considering crypto mining in uae. Aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are many other up-and-coming coins worth investing money in.

If you want to try getting into the crypto space, then you need to know which online platforms to use. Remember, this is money we are talking about so platform security and stability are a must. Here are a few amazing crypto platforms that you should definitely check out.


Talking about sheer popularity and volume of daily trades alone, the platform that comes to mind immediately is Coinbase. This is the most popular crypto exchange in the US currently. One of the upsides is its wide selection of cryptos to choose from as well as fair exchange fees.

As it is one of the most established exchanges out there, you can guarantee yourself that Coinbase is indeed safe to trade on. You can set up an account for free but if you want access to amazing benefits such as lower exchange rates, you might want to subscribe to its Coinbase Pro premium service.


Yieldnodes isn’t your typical cryptocurrency exchange. Basically, Yieldnodes lets you grow your fiat currency or your digital coins by getting what’s called masternodes. These nodes are distributed between investors, hence you earn liquidity over time.

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It’s not a trading platform but it is where you can stake your coins. As per this Yieldnodes review, the minimum term for staking your coins is 6 months which is not bad considering the returns you’ll be getting overtime. It does sound too good to be true, but don’t fret, Yieldnodes is as legit as it sounds.


Of course, you shouldn’t just invest in crypto – you should keep your coins safe as well. One of the safest and most secure ways to store your wallet is Exodus. It’s a digital wallet that can store Bitcoin, as well as several other coins as well.

The platform offers various ways to protect your account and it’s a must if you are planning to hold vast amounts of coins for growth.


Another popular crypto exchange is Binance. What makes Binance a cut above the rest is that there are a lot of digital coins to choose from as compared to other platforms. However, if you are using Binance.US, you will have access to a smaller pool of options.

What’s great about Binance is that it has an intuitive app that has full and lite versions. Both versions are very easy to use but if you want a simple means to invest in crypto try out the lite version.

Cryptos are a great investment but it’s a must that you have the right platforms to help you out. Aside from investment platforms, also look for secure wallets to store your funds in. It’s very easy to get your coins compromised online so it’s a must that you only use the best crypto platforms available.

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