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There’s nothing worse than getting nuisance calls and attention from other telephone scammers. Sometimes it can feel like a little too much to deal with, but stick to this guide and you’ll soon reduce the number of calls you get.

Look up the number if you’re unsure

It’s always frustrating to receive a call from a phone number that doesn’t look familiar to you. So, if you get a lot of these calls, try searching online to see if others are experiencing the same issues as you. While it’s still an inconvenience, knowing you’re not alone can make you feel a little less worried, and help you to locate the source of the call.

In fact, many people will comment on the number to give more details about who the company is, and the experience they had during the call. For example, several people were once getting a call from 08007613362. After a quick online search, they were able to discover the number associated with a reputable firm, but other reports noted lots of cold calls coming from it by another business.

Either way, everyone came together to collectively share more information to keep one another in the loop. A powerful tool when dealing with nuisance calls!

Double check that it’s not a number you might actually know

Sometimes, we can receive calls from friends, doctors, or other legitimate sources without having their information saved properly on our mobile devices. If you’ve looked up the number and nothing has come up, try to make a list of your most important contacts.

Have they changed numbers recently without telling you? Did you make an appointment for an eye exam, a check-up, or a dinner reservation you may be getting a call about? While it’s not a certainty, there’s a chance someone has just forgotten to tell you about their new contact information.

Look into number blocking options

If it doesn’t look like this number is anything other than a scam or a cold caller, it’s time to simply block the number from your devices just to be on the safe side. Many phone companies now offer a service to block these kinds of calls.

Some phone blocking companies even offer systems to screen calls to help people protect vulnerable elderly relatives, who may be more prone to believe what these pesky callers say.

Be careful about consenting to receive marketing from companies

Sometimes we can unknowingly give up our information to third parties by agreeing to receive marketing messages and other information from the companies we use and deal with, especially online. At worst, your details may then be potentially sold online to others, or at the very least, you’ve consented to receive calls from this company.

Companies are good at hiding the tick boxes that permit them to pass your details on to other parties. In the future, always try to make sure you’ve not ticked this box before checking out of an online purchase. If that fails, remember that companies are legally required to cease calling you if you ask them to. Be sure to request that these nuisance callers take you off their call list.

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