Experts Tell Us the Best CRM Software For Network Marketing

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best CRM Software For Network Marketing. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Tigh Loughhead from Forcery

Salesforce is not only one of the world’s leading CRM systems, it’s the perfect platform for network marketers. With the ability to seamlessly add and integrate channel partners, sales teams are easily organized so as to establish benchmarks and measure performance. With a distributed team managed from a single source of truth, Salesforce allows businesses to scale more rapidly than ever before.

Cloud MLM Software

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

It is very automatic, easy to use, and fast. I have used various software of this kind and this is the best so far. What I like most is that it is made in high programming technology which makes it very thin and easy to use on different platforms. the structures and the programming routine work in a way that does not delay the processing of the databases while maintaining a high speed in the system, which is very important. In addition to keeping a high standard in safety levels to check the filtering of malware and hackers. And to add a plus to the way is unbelievable the number of languages that can be added in a fast and very accurate way.

HubSpot CRM

This product was recommended by Avinash Chandra from BrandLoom

In my view, one of the best CRM softwares for marketing is HubSpot CRM. You will be exposed to a plethora of integration options. And the best part about it is that it comes for free. Also, there is no expiration date. Hence, it becomes beneficial for small businesses who want to regulate their business activities efficiently.


This product was recommended by Ales Wilk from animalfate

Bitrix24 is one of the best options you can avail of for network marketing. It helps fill up your database when people interact with your website, fill a form, or call you. It helps you with free email marketing and lead management tools. You can start with the free version of this software, which offers some basic features like video conferencing, customer support, CRM, document management, file sharing, etc. Once you have tested the free version and derive that it suits you, you can purchase a plan according to your preference to add features like an online store, contact center, administration, and sales center. The software offers five different pricing plans divided into two categories; special and business. The special plan offers services for 2 users, 6 users, and 24 users costing $19/month, and the other two cost $55/month. The plan for 6 users is called CRM+ and is the most efficient plan for network marketing, whereas the one for 24 users is more tilted towards project management. The software’s business plans include all services at their highest potential, costing $79/month for fifty users and $159/month for unlimited users.


This product was recommended by Janet Patterson from Highway Title Loans

Optimove is all about customer-centric marketing and autonomous transformation of customer data into marketing insights. I have found the software to be probably the most efficient in launching personalized marketing campaigns on different channels. It has helped our company retain old customers and attract new ones with the optimized customer experience it provides them with. I would suggest this software to every company that looks to strengthen its relationship with existing customers because this is what Optimove is best for. One of the many reasons I am suggesting this software to companies is that it works perfectly on customer segmentation based on their behaviors and choices. This feature allows us to retain our customers and make our relationship with them stronger.


This product was recommended by Cale Loken from 301 Consulting

MLMProtec is amongst the best CRM softwares for network marketing. This is a cloud-based software which means the users can access it on the go as well through their smartphones, tablets, or iPads even as it is deployed for both Android and iOS devices. MLMProtec is a great choice to make if your company is into direct selling or network marketing. It provides a number of features for both user back-office and company admin. Some of the prominent user back-office features that we make use of include dashboard, autoship, and credit wallet. The dashboard feature enables the company to produce daily activity reports which let you have an insight of the sales performance, total commissions earned, ranking details, team growth, and account details. Similarly, the Autoship feature lets you manage the inventory inflow and outflow which is inclusive of the quantity and billing frequency. These shipments are then billed to the specified payment method automatically. Lastly, the credit wallet feature is a great help when it comes to placing orders and transferring credit to other users. You can also activate new accounts through this virtual credit wallet.

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