Garden Maintenance: Looking After Your Mower While Running A Business

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2 years ago

When you’re busy running your own business, it’s easy to forget some of the other factors that can affect how you’re presented as a successful business person. Everything about you, from the clothes you wear to the presentation of your home, is an extension of you and your business, and if you’re forming new relationships and making progress, the slightest oversight can completely undo a potential deal in the blink of an eye.

Keeping your garden neat and tidy says a lot about how much pride you take in the place you live, and therefore, the amount of pride you take in your business. Regular lawn mowing and mower maintenance can make this an easy task that not only prevents future repairs and replacements, but makes the process far quicker so that you can waste less time while maintaining that look of style, attention to detail, and more.

So, how else can you look after your lawn mower to reduce outgoings and make your home look more beautiful? Read on to find out more.

Replace parts promptly

As a business person, you already know how essential it is to get strong brand name quality products for quality and longevity – such as Husqvarna – as it’s far more likely to give you the gardening results you want. However, even the most high-quality, well-known brands still need regular maintenance and replacement parts from time to time. After all, it’s this attention to detail and care that will keep your Husqvarna equipment running for years to come.

Unfortunately, even with good maintenance, there may still be issues with your mower. And if you’re a business owner who operates at home, and a last-minute meeting requires a home visit, having your mower parts seize up, snap, or corrode over time means you won’t be getting the fast and effective results you’ve come to expect from your Husqvarna machine. Ordering Husqvarna equipment parts in a timely manner can allow you to get your mower into good working condition as soon as possible, and avoid a poor first impression with a potential new client.

Even little things, such as screw caps or bolts, should be replaced after a certain period. While some of these may appear cosmetic, they may also help to prevent rust from forming, or help you to mow safely. Remember, when you order those replacement parts for your Husqvarna machine, it is important that you buy the correct parts for your make and model, and fit them as instructed in the manual.

Clean your mower

Any good business owner knows the value of rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands a little dirty. And while your lawnmower may not need to be perfectly sterile, some amount of cleaning can be helpful. Getting rid of dust and cobwebs can make using the mower a more pleasant experience while helping you to stop the blades from rusting as well.

Tasks like this remind you of the importance of maintaining cleanliness and order in your business, from the inner workings to the outer presentation of a product or pitch. With a moowy, each part works in tandem to achieve its larger goal, and this unity has some transferable skills you can take with you into that next marketing plan, negotiation, or training session.

Before cleaning the mower, make sure that it is unplugged, or that the gas tank has been removed, to avoid significant injury.

Consider storage

For business owners of all sizes, making the best use of the space available is nothing new. And these skills are transferable when it comes to deciding where to keep your mower. Ideally, your mower should be kept in either a shed or garage, free from damp. Alongside this, take good care when storing the cables as well. Failure to do so could cause them to become dangerous or prevent your mower from working. If your home doesn’t have a shed or garage, you may want to think about purchasing a lockable garden storage box.

Looking after your mower can be easy, especially if you relate it to how you run a business. Inevitably, if you ignore potential issues and allow them to build up, its components may not work together effectively to complete a task. But if you take care, and provide it with regular maintenance, it can work effectively for years, and provide you with the best possible results each time.

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