How to Select the Right Furniture for Virtual Staging

How to Select the Right Furniture for Virtual Staging
3 years ago

Virtual staging is the graphic setup of a product or service. It is more common in the real estate industry where agents use it to attract prospective buyers to the property. Staging can be through the use of a laptop or a smartphone. Home staging gives prospective buyers the ability to see how the property will look when they occupy it. This is done by styling and furnishing the home to create an emotional connection with the property. Once you’re ready to kick off virtual staging, you need to get in touch with the pros.

Such viewings are at the comfort of your own home without having to move to the open houses for actual viewing. This type of home staging is slowly taking over the business world with the number of options that it has to offer. The software used in staging is also easy to learn. It doesn’t require much experience. With the help of a good interior designer, you can style up the home and put it out there in the market at competitive rates.

To fill this space, however, we need furniture and other materials to be readily available at our disposal. We have a virtual online library that contains everything we will require to fill out a room. The virtual libraries have different furniture to suit a client’s taste. However, selecting the right furniture may be difficult without understanding the type of space and client you are dealing with. The following are some of the guidelines and different types of furniture that you can use for your virtual staging. They will capture the attention of different types of clients, according to their styles and personality.

Select a Style

Selecting furniture for your home will always depend on the architecture of the house and the target market for the staged home. Some of the most common styles when selecting furniture include modern, traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles.


This style combines both qualities from traditional types of furniture to modern styles of furniture. If you are doing virtual staging and the client requires you to use transitional style, what this basically means is that they find traditional furniture too old-fashioned. The modern furniture to them is too cold and lacks a sense of warmth. As a stager, you need to use this concept and create furniture in the middle of two styles.

The transitional style is an updated look of traditional styles. In most cases, you will find the furniture is medium scale. Neither too low nor too large, wood finishes and upholstery fabrics. There are simple and also sophisticated lines. The types of furniture available for this style include Thornton and Barton springs. They are the best when virtually staging a home in this type of style.


Traditional furniture is comfortable and classic in nature. You can never go wrong with traditional furniture because it is often great when targeting a demographic who grew in a home with this type of style. This type of furniture is easy to pick out during virtual staging. It is because you will find that the edges are soft and smooth with gentle curves. Fabrics come in different patterns like floral, plain, and striped. And the furniture is upholstered.

The colors of this type are always warm and soft. Like in the kitchen counters, you will find it colored in beige or brown. Details are always key in this type of furniture style. These types of furnishings are always, however, outdated. But if well done and styled, the home appears elegant and classy.

A More Modern Approach

This is one of the most popular styles of furniture. Modern is a style for a person who wants an updated, simple, uncluttered look with clear lines. During most virtual staging processes, this is the style that is used for furniture finishing so as to attract a large number of prospective buyers in the market looking to own a home.

In modern furniture, you will find that there is the use of raw natural materials like unpainted metals or wood. There are low furnishings, there are clear horizontal lines. There is also the use of monochromatic colors like white, grey, and white-washed. Some of the modern furniture is Highland and Marlin for virtual staging.


Contemporary furniture works well with homes that have exposed structural elements such as concrete and gloss finishes. This type of style focuses more on the natural form of the furniture than its function. This type of furniture is often confused with the modern type of furniture.

It is a little different on how to differentiate them. Mostly, contemporary furniture involves the use of strong and bold colors. They have geometric shapes. They have strong visible lines. Black and white is normally the main color of the furniture with bright and bold accents.

Final Thoughts

The good thing about virtual staging is that you get to change it as many times as you want. This is until it fits your style and looks of the home. So Take your time and do the proper research before really committing to a specific furniture style.

Overall, staging can be a rather expensive step in real estate, as such, being clever with your budget is crucial. Being clever with your furniture is the main factor to be one step ahead of your competitors.

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