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2 years ago

Regardless of what your photo was taken on, a regular phone or a professional camera — one problem will haunt you. I think everyone was already mixed up with the problem of oily skin or the glare in the photo. It is impossible to escape from the features that are given by nature. Bald people also face this problem, because bald is always shining in the sun. If you want to solve this issue with makeup, it is likely to look like plaster, because you will need a dense layer to cover the shine on the skin. Moreover, on the bald you are unlikely to put on makeup, firstly, it will look strange, and secondly, you will stain all your clothes. Of course, various applications like Photoshop come to the rescue, but not everyone has skills in this field because it needs to learn. In this case, you can refer to You can download the RetouchMe app on your phone and edit your photos anywhere in the world. In addition to removing the gloss on the skin, you can familiarize yourself with a wide range of tools that will make your skin perfect. With the advent of new technologies, we were able to deal more easily with photography, because now everything can be edited. If you have too oily skin and no powder helps to remove the shine, then you can easily remove it by pressing just a couple of buttons in the editor. The drawback of any phone’s retouching is noticeable editing, as such manipulation smooths your skin so that it becomes not natural, and even more so it immediately becomes clear that you have photoshopped your photo. That is why it is best to refer to a professional application, for example, RetouchMe, because there, your photo will be edited by a team of experienced editors. All you have to do is send your photo and then the team will do everything for you in the best way because your skin will not lose its naturalness and will be professionally worked with special brushes that you will not find in the ordinary app on the phone.

Benefits of professional editing

Of course, there are a lot of photo editors, but let’s take a look at the benefits of professional processing. Professional processing implies a set of special tools that are used only in the manual editing of photos. These features are present only in Photoshop and in some professional applications on the computer. This art needs to learn for several months and it is quite expensive in finance. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on education, you can just do these steps:

  1. Download RetouchMe app.
  2. Open the app and add photos to the editing.
  3. Choose the appropriate section, for example, «remove shine».
  4. Next, you press the button «send» and the photo is sent for editing to our professionals.
  5. After just 5 minutes you get back your new updated photo without skin defects.

You should not think about how to remove the imperfections on the skin, you just need to use this app, which will do everything for you. The advantages are enormous, as the skin does not lose its natural appearance and radiance during professional editing. Shine is beautiful, but not when it is an excess of fat on your skin. The radiance should be real, thanks to your healthy skin. Moreover, usually, the editors on the phone are removed not only the shine but also all the pores. As a result, your skin becomes like a doll or painting, which immediately says that the photo was edited. In order for the changes in the photo to be invisible – you need to use manual processing, but this feature is not available in mobile applications. In this case comes a special application RetouchMe, which with a little cunning can perform these functions without a computer. Thanks to the tools used by the team of editors your photo becomes professional processing because all the details are retained, except for flaws. Now you do not need to buy a foundation that will completely cover the color of your skin, just press a few buttons and get a photo from the cover of a magazine! 

Photo editors pledge clean skin not only in the photo 

Absolutely every girl wants to look beautiful in the photo and that is why she makes pretty bright makeup that will emphasize her eyes, lips, eyebrows, and cheekbones, but at the same moment, too much cosmetics can cause rashes on the skin, especially in hot weather. The interesting thing is that any make-up will hide your oily skin if it’s hot outside. Also, do not forget that if you go on vacation to the sea, then makeup in the water is not exactly your best friend for the period. Even if you just go to a spa or a swimming pool, make-up is also not appropriate, as it will just float and your skin will look terrible. Moreover, makeup in summer is very harmful to your skin, because the toner closes the pores, as a result of which you have pimples. That is why you should not worry about makeup especially on vacation, because you can use the application that will remove the extra shine from the skin and will make you a beautiful photo. If you have a bald head, then you are familiar with the problem when your bald head has gathered all the light on itself in the photo, but nothing – you will find the solution in RetouchMe. If these problems are familiar to you, then you definitely need this editing. Do not waste your time and money on finding a professional editor who will process your photos for a few days, simplify your life and try this app. You will also be able to economize on cosmetics beauticians because your skin will be able to breathe and get vitamin D, which gives a natural radiance to your skin.

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