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3 years ago has taken on the necessary and enjoyable task of promoting innovative startups and British business achievements this year. The business successes of last year were hard-won and did not garner the attention that they deserved. Businesses in the UK have faced double-pronged difficulties in recent months, both from a worldwide pandemic and due to changing tax laws.

Despite the challenges of 2020, British business has risen from the ashes to produce amazing innovations in sustainable products and services. The UK has been home to thousands of amazing entrepreneurs for generations, and they deserve to be showcased for their talents and achievements.

Our Mission

We promote and showcase the best of British business. There is no part of British business that is overlooked, from the activity in London itself to the developments being created in Overseas Territories.  UK businesses make a difference each and every day, both at home and abroad, and has made it their mission to make sure that everyone knows about these achievements.

If you run a startup that is just getting its feet under it, or a large company that is adjusting to the new reality of remote sales and remote customer support, you are achieving innovations every day that will influence the future of business in the UK for years to come. Developments in business that began in 2020 will have long-term repercussions on the way that the UK does business in the future.

Founder Hassan Ahmed has been quoted saying, “With the Covid situation and Brexit putting pressure on local British businesses, we have seen many innovative and sustainable British businesses under increasing economic pressure. We, as a company, wanted to do something to help the situation.”

During a time where British business has been neglected and overlooked by the government in nearly every possible way, Best Startup is stepping in to fill that gap. helps local businesses, putting them on an international stage and driving sales and investment. The UK is home to thousands of spectacular and innovative companies that deserve much more appreciation than they are currently getting.”

Imagine if your startup or small business was suddenly given the attention that it deserved for its achievements in development and problem solving! Imagine being able to make people aware of the new services you are offering or new investment opportunities that you have created without having to beg and plead for other websites to take notice of you! You have probably given up on any promotion of your business that does not come from your own ingenuity, but that all stops here!

If you are looking for investors, trying to connect with customers, or seeking business partners, is here to help you get the exposure that you need to get connected with these opportunities. This is not the time for businesses to be forced to hide in the shade. UK businesses need to be brought into the light to receive the recognition they deserve and the exposure that they need to make their dreams a reality.

What Best Startup Can do For You!

Best Startup can promote these worthy businesses through articles that explain what the company does, what it stands for, and who needs to know about it. These are released as press releases or in blog-style posts which will reach a large audience that you might not have access to on your own. Even new services can be promoted through Best Startup!

Ahmed said, “ will showcase the best in class of UK business, breakthroughs in innovation and achievements. We hope that this will drive sales and investment to these businesses.”

Best Startup can offer businesses unique and area-specific exposure, bringing their products and services to the attention of local partners and local customers. For businesses with an online presence, Best Startup will offer you the chance to connect with a wider network of contacts that you would not have been able to access so readily on your own.

There is no downside to taking advantage of what can offer to businesses in the UK, and you are missing out if you are not already planning your blog post or press release! The sooner that your future investors and customers know about you, the sooner you can grow and scale your company to meet your long-term goals.

2021 Is the Year of UK Business

The UK is full of tenacious inventors who will find a solution to any problem, no matter how large or small. Promoting such ingenuity and flexibility is a pleasure and an honor, and feels blessed to be able to provide this support and exposure to the best businesses in the UK.

There is no reality wherein UK business does not rise to the occasion of the challenges that the world is facing as an extension of 2020. UK businesses are already working out ways to do business in a newly-virtual world and contactless business innovations are on the rise. These solutions will impact and improve the way that everyone does business for years to come.

Who knows what the coming developments in tech, software engineering, and financial services will be in 2021, but early signs show that there will be no limit to the exciting endeavors that are undertaken this year! If you want the world to know about your business, can help!

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