Steps To Take To Boost Your Online Restaurant Food Delivery Sales

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1 year ago

If you run a restaurant, while a huge portion of your success will be down to the customers who flock through the door and sit down for a meal, you can squeeze your profits further by offering delivery services. It seems like just about every restaurant is accepting delivery orders these days. In fact, some restaurants use food delivery as their primary business model. This is down to high rentals and poor sales.

Regardless of what cuisine you offer, you’re always going to have competitors fighting for the same audience. To help you stay one step ahead, here are some steps you can take to boost your online restaurant food delivery sales.

Use Tech to Accept Orders

Thanks to tech, more customers than ever before are choosing to order food online. There are plenty of food delivery service providers you can partner up with. You can go one step further and create your own online ordering mobile app if you prefer. Now is the time to also start using data for food operations. VROMO can help you with this. They can help you analyse your customer delivery data which can be used to plan future menu promotions, staffing needs, and more.

Outsource Delivery Drivers

Thanks to third-party restaurant delivery partners, there’s no need to invest in a fleet of delivery vehicles. Instead, outsourcing delivery drivers is a great way to lower the delivery time, especially during busy periods. Taking this step can also lower overall food delivery costs, like hourly wages and insurance.

Ensure Clear Communication

While many people do still use their phones to place an order, it can prove to be inefficient. There’s always the risk of a staff member taking down incorrect details which can end up with the wrong food being delivered to the customer’s door. If you do take telephone orders, it’s vital that there is effective communication amongst staff. This will make sure orders are written down correctly and there are no angry customers demanding their money back!

Focus On Packaging

Packaging is a crucial aspect of a food delivery business. The packaging you use can be the difference between boosting sales and losing custom. Make sure that food is packaged well. This will avoid any spillages and ensure the food arrives in pristine condition at the customer’s door. Ideally, your food should replicate exactly how it would look in your restaurant. Make sure your logo is clearly displayed on your packaging too.

Offer Incentives

To get customers to come back for more, you need to give them an incentive too. While you may have tasty food that customers love, they have so much choice around to pick from. It’s wise to offer discounts and promotions to both new and loyal customers. This will show how much you appreciate your customers.

It’s quite simple – a poorly executed delivery service can damage your brand name significantly. A poor ordering experience will turn customers off and you’ll find they’ll go elsewhere. To stop this from happening now is the time to readdress your current operation and make changes if necessary. Having a clear restaurant business plan can help identify and address issues before they occur.

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