Technology And The Changes That It Has Made To Horse Racing

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4 years ago

There is no getting away from the fact that technology has played a huge role in the advancements of day-to-day living. Innovations have made an impact on how we commute to work and how we spend our relaxing hours away from the office.

Sport has also been one of the biggest industries affected by the advancements in technology.

Technology is now at the forefront of all elite sport, with football using video assistant referees and goal-line technology, and tennis and cricket using hawk eye technology. However, one of the other sports that has been able to adapt with the increased use of technology is horse racing.

Keeping Horses Safe

The most important factor to everybody involved in the horse racing community is the safety of the majestic equines that make the sport one of the most-watched in the world. Technology has had a huge impact on the safety that horses have, whether that be on-track or after a race.

Technology is now used to help horses see the fences sooner, which has had a huge impact on reducing fallers in massive races such as the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Grand National.

The tech is also used to adapt courses to ensure that the best possible designs are used, which ensure that safety of the jockeys and horses involved.

Meanwhile, tech advancements have also helped with the aftercare of horses after gruelling races, with thermal cameras used to ensure that the heat of the horse isn’t at a serious level.

Advancements for technology in medical care have also had huge effects on the welfare of the horses, as the same x-rays and scans that can be carried out on humans can also now be carried out on horses.


It isn’t just the jockeys and horses racing in this modern era that are feeling the benefits of the technological advancements, as the tech is also helping pave the way for the future riders that will be dreaming of winning the biggest races. One of the ways that this is being done is the use of virtual reality.

Many believe that gamers only use virtual reality, but it is a form of technology that is being used more actively by sportspersons.

It is being used in horse racing to advance the understanding of up-and-coming jockeys, who will be able to use the technology to get a better understanding of in-race tactics, and the best way to jump fences. It is an excellent piece of technology that will certainly have a positive effect when novice jockeys ride their first winners.


One of the biggest parts of horse racing is betting, and that has also reaped the rewards in the advancements made in technology. Betting on the sport is one of the reasons why the popularity of the sport has remained, and horse racing is now more popular than ever since the introduction of mobile betting.

Those looking to make bets will no longer have to be at trackside to make a wager, nor will they have to go down to the local bookmakers. Instead, they will simply be able to download one of the leading apps available to explore the wide selection of meetings that they will be able to bet on , if you want to look at today’s programs you can do so here.

This introduction hasn’t made it just easier for gamblers to bet on the sport, but it has also opened the door for gamblers to be able to bet on international meetings around the world.

Bets will be able to be placed on the move, with some of the leading sites even offering customers the option to watch a live stream of the race that they have bet on. If you enjoy horse racing betting, click here to check the current Kentucky Derby odds.

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