The Best Tools for B2B Sales Leads Generation by Belkins

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Software Package for B2B Sales Leads Generation by Belkins

Today most B2B leads are generated online, which means that the bulk of B2B lead generation can be automated. In fact, there are a handful of tools and software for each step of lead generation and each tier of the sales funnel.

  • Looking for prospects? Find new leads through prospecting software
  • Want to enrich lead data? Lead enrichment tools will do it for you without your manual data entry
  • Want leads to fill out their data on your website? Use opt-in forms
  • Worry your outbound email campaign will get blacklisted? Improve email deliverability by using an email checker
  • Looking for making email marketing and social media posting easier? Marketing automation software is the answer.
  • Want to optimize workflow and improve communication in the team? Look for Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Don’t know how to facilitate appointment booking with leads and customers? Find an effective appointment scheduling tool

Whether you do B2B lead generation in-house or hire a reputable B2B lead generation agency, it is crucial to understand how marketing and sales efforts can be maximized with state-of-the-art technology. Your SDRs require many options of B2B appointment setting and lead generation software to generate warm, qualified business leads and boost conversions. Given how wide and deep the subject of modern lead generation software is, let’s, for the time being, zoom in on CRM and sales engagement platforms.


Sales Enablement vs. Sales Engagement

Sharing his 10 years of experience in B2B sales leads generation – Belkins’ managing partner Michael Maximoff says, “Enabling sales and engaging prospecting clients is not the same thing. These are simultaneous processes: sales teams need the right tools to do their jobs best and they need additional help to communicate effectively with leads and clients.”

Software for sales enablement includes account-based marketing, customer service, product marketing, and communication between internal departments. Basically, CRMs are a pinnacle of sales enablement software. In contrast, sales engagement software is easily integrated with CRM tools and facilitates one-to-one relationship building with leads.

B2B Lead Generation Agency Enables Sales through CRMs

Hardly there is any business these days that uses no CRM. Customer Relation Management software facilitates teamwork and helps coordinate employees and departments. It enables a great deal of automation in email sequencing and keeps lead data updated. Here’s a top 3 of sales enablement software used by lead generation companies the most to streamline their pipelines and keep track of sales goal accomplishments:

  • HubSpot is one of the most popular B2B lead generation tools for a reason. Not only does it do most of its functions for free, but also HubSpot is versatile: marketing, sales, and customer relationship management all in one place. In addition to creating automated email campaigns and facilitating workflows, HubSpot tracks email opens and provides profit reports. Having a range of pricing options, HubSpot can offer you a custom price depending on the volume of marketing campaigns, their complexity and/or the size of your b2b lead generation agency.
  • Nutshell provides a great deal of customization for users, being easily integrated with Gmail, Outlook, or Constant Contact. The free-of-charge package includes live customer experience, reporting, unlimited data storage, and good analytics. Other pricing options include Starter and Pro packages. Nutshell is more a small business CMR rather than a large enterprise software.
  • Teamgate is a CRM and sales automation solution that is easy to learn and navigate. Offering a 15-day free trial and a single price plan, Teamgate’s interface focuses on selling and customer relations. Relying on intelligent analytics, Teamgate keeps tabs on day-to-day performance and measures it against your sales goals.

Lead Generation Companies Use Sales Engagement Software

Sales engagement platforms also provide profound analytics, data storage, and workflow automation and they work in tandem with CRMs. Sales engagement software enhances communication with prospects, leads, and customers through a variety of integrated features, such as web conferencing, email, and phone. Sales engagement platforms guide sales reps through each stage in the sales call process, providing call scripting, email content suggestions, and sales cadence.

Some may wonder about the difference between sales enablement and sales engagement software as the tools seem to share a number of features and characteristics. If so far the difference seems vague, imagine that CRM tools keep customer data while marketing automation enables marketers and sales reps to attract leads into the sales funnel; yet help is needed to get leads moving through the sales funnel to deals. That is what sales engagement platforms are for.

Sales engagement software helps sales reps communicate with prospects and leads person-to-person. Here’s top 3 sales engagement platforms for customer relationship building:

  • SalesHandy’s features include email tracking, auto follow-up, email scheduling, email templates, and mail merge. The platform integrates into your inbox. SalesHandy has a free plan and a free trial. A limited number of features and affordability make it ideal for small businesses.
  • Reply has many options for outreach and integrations and allows a multi-channel campaign approach. With Reply, you can combine emails, calls, social touches, and tasks into your sequence. The platform works from its own website but has LinkedIn and Chrome extensions.
  • Workbooks boasts a unique consultative approach where prospective clients are offered a workshop to try on features before making a purchase. The software enables case management and activity tracking across multiple channels. The platform works well for mid-market businesses.

How to Succeed with a B2B Lead Generation Agency

Human creativity and administrative guidance remains behind all marketing and sales processes, controlling, steering, and putting it all together. However, landing page builders, email checkers, lead enrichment and appointment scheduling software, marketing automation, and CRMs enable and streamline marketing and sales successes in today’s fast-paced world. We hope this article did its job explaining why you require an entire software package when it comes to business-to-business lead generation. If you need more leads, B2B sales leads generation by Belkins is always at your disposal. Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist!

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