Top 10 Must-Have Features for Your B2B eCommerce Store

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3 years ago

The substantial growth of the B2B business is praiseworthy in recent times. As per statistics, B2B businesses are far ahead in terms of success compared to B2C businesses. It is the requirement of the hour to develop an insight into the competitive edge and work on it persistently through the available digital tools. Customer retention is challenging if you have similar things to offer as every other business in the market. B2B eCommerce stores need to buckle up to meet the current needs in the online sphere.

Let’s dive deep and understand the essential features that can set you apart this year:

1. Upgrade frequently: It is a well-known fact that you can survive for a long span in the market and make consistent progress through frequent upgrades. As simple as it may sound, the updates are released quickly, and it is truly a tough nut to crack to catch up with them. Successful B2B businesses use superior technologies to upgrade quickly and safely. Technically sound and updated stores take the businesses to another height in absolutely no time.

2. Mobile-friendly approach: Let’s accept that most of us look for products at the ease of our fingertips. Mobile users are increasing day by day, and businesses do realize the importance of the same. It is therefore essential to have a mobile-friendly store. Various parameters should be put forward, keeping the mobile users in mind. A business that keeps the mobile users and their massive chunk unattended tends to lose rapport in less time. It is seen that the growth rate is stunted massively if the mobile aspects are ignored.

3. User-centered approach: A user-centered approach is the key to better client conversion and positioning yourself in a better manner amidst the cutthroat competition. It may look foundational, but it is an essential step if you want to have a better conversion rate. The site should be designed to be responsive so that it can leave a mark on the customers visiting the site. It is seen that responsive sites ensure better customer retention and help in effective deals.

4. Choice of language: Having a multilingual site is a significant step towards the global race. If you want to take the business to global heights, having a multilingual setup is among the primary steps. Globalization is a crucial step for the B2B eCommerce stores to reach new heights and have a wider audience base. It provides new opportunities to develop and grow within a limited time. The site should be inclusive of a global audience to achieve success in the long term.

5. Security through SSL: Expansion among the major long-term goals and achieving will not be possible without paying attention to the security aspect ensured through the right kind of SSL cert. It ensures the security of the in-transit communication exchanged between the web browser and the client-server. SSL Certificates individually for every single domain can come out as an expensive affair, but the requirements can be met perfectly through wildcard certificates which ensure superior grade encryption at affordable prices. With a wildcard certificate, you can afford premium encryption to the chosen main domain in addition to an unlimited number of first-level subdomains under it. These certificates are now seen as a popular option by businesses globally to compete securely in the market.

6. Thoughtful Pricing: The pricing aspect is another essential element that can make or break the deal. The prices should be determined, keeping the market competition in view and the user’s willingness towards the product. Several factors should be analyzed before setting the deal as the architecture of a perfect ecommerce platform is highly dependent upon the pricing. Geographical location should also be considered before determining the prices as it will undoubtedly affect the business.

7. Personalized approach: The critical approach to establishing a good rapport in the market and having impressive customer retention is personalizing it for your users. The B2C models have primarily offered personalization to the customers, and they do need a lot more from the B2B businesses now. Therefore, offering personalization through segmentation as per the customer’s needs and serving them their needs in an organized and categorized manner can help the business achieve success.

8. Flexibility to grow with time: One of the highly discouraged practices in b2b businesses is the strategy to set and not take any further measure with time. It is the need of the hour to continuously update and upgrade to get the best results. A significant step mentioned by most successful businesses is to keep things flexible and support them with technical evaluation to keep things moving.

9. Excellent Marketing Strategy: The marketing strategy largely determines how your users are going to view your business. It is the most important way through which you can establish a great rapport in the market. If coupled up together in a thoughtful manner, online promotions and a strong marketing strategy can bring you great results. A platform with impressive marketing solutions can be utilized to achieve success. As a proven fact, a big chunk of businesses are relying on an effective social media strategy for promotions to make it big in the market, and the results are excellent as well.

10. Strong CMS for the win: The practical approach of the b2b buyers has made the merchants rethink their strategies. Content management should be impressive- addressing all the key advantages and relatable instructions properly in a truthful manner, which will ultimately impact the buyers’ decision. Content managers should know the trends and update the content regularly as per the demand of time.


Thoughtful integration of the strategies mentioned above, like providing a platform with multiple languages, ensuring security through SSL, and having a good content management strategy, can help you bring the best. A careful amalgamation of all such strategies will bring operational efficiency and betterment with time. Every business goes through changes in terms of sales, but it is essential to fix the foundational aspects first to build a substantial value.

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