VoIP Vs. Landlines: Which Phone System Is Right For Your Business?

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2 years ago

We all know that being an entrepreneur is not easy. Another challenge you may face when running a business is the phone system. For example, are you using a VoIP phone system or a landline?

There are a lot of conflicting opinions about which phone system is more efficient for your business. It is important to understand what types of phones different systems offer before deciding which type would be best for your company.

If you were to choose between these two options, this article would help you make this decision by breaking down the pros and cons of each type of phone system.

What Is a VoIP Phone System?

The first thing to note is that a VoIP phone system is a “phone system without a traditional switch.” A switch, the device that provides service by connecting the local and long-distance telephone lines, has been used for several decades. However, advances in technology have opened the doors to an entirely new way of providing phone service.

In this case, VoIP phone systems allow your office to communicate with the outside world no matter where your office sits. This can be done in one of two ways: either over the Internet or by using one of the many types of phones on the market today.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a computer-based phone system. Both small and large businesses can use it. However, it is not as popular in countries like the US, where landlines are still used for voice communication. 1Voice is a company that provides a VoIP phone system as the most efficient way to connect various business communication channels and interact with anybody through one platform. The call connection process takes place using the Internet, which makes it faster than traditional phone systems.

Pros Of VoIP Phones

While a number of advantages come with using a VoIP phone system, the cost is an essential one. With this type of phone system, setting up a line is very easy. To start with, you just need to choose the VoIP phone and a device for amplifying your voice. You can use these two together to make calls over the telephone network or elsewhere.

Another advantage is using Internet technology reduces the need to install a bunch of phone equipment in your office. In addition, you receive HD sound quality and anywhere connection for your business.

Cons Of VoIP Phones

While VoIP phone systems have many advantages, it also has some major disadvantages. One of the main complaints is internet dependence. Without a strong internet connection, you wouldn’t have an opportunity to make calls.

What Is a Landline Phone System?

Landline phones, on the other hand, are the phone systems that are used in the US and most countries around the world. Usually, a landline network is composed of cables connecting a computer to a phone. The system also has a switch that allows users to communicate directly with remote parts of the country.

Pros Of Landline Phones

One of the main benefits of using a landline phone system is that it provides you with a direct connection between your office and the phone provider. This means that every person who calls your company will be routed through your switchboard. In addition, this type of phone system is typically provided by telephone providers, so you won’t have to worry about additional charges.

Cons Of Landline Phones

One of the main drawbacks of landline phone systems is that you can’t move them from one location to another. This means that if your office moves, you will have to switch to a new system or set up line extensions.

Also, landline phone systems may need complicated installation processes, which can be very expensive. Many businesses have had problems with lines going down even when they have tried to purchase top-notch telephone system cables and accessories.

VoIP vs. Landline: Things To Consider When Selecting

There are a number of things that you should consider when choosing the phone system for your business. This includes cost, performance, dependability, and service availability.

It is up to you to decide which type of system will work best for your company.


VoIP phones not only have a lower cost than landline systems but have the capability of being more advanced. For example, some VoIP phones come with technologies allowing users to make calls from desktops. However, one of the main advantages of VoIP is that there are no long-distance charges. This means that your business can save money on many aspects, including marketing costs and tolls on communication lines.


In many cases, VoIP and landline phones offer the same level of performance. However, in some instances, VoIP may be more efficient because it can be connected to a wireless network.


Although both types of phone systems have their fair share of benefits, VoIP seems to be more stable and dependable when compared to a landline. This is because VoIP is connected directly to your company’s server without going through a switchboard. This means that if one line goes down, others will still be available for you and your team members to use.

Service Availability

Landline phone systems are more likely to have service interruptions when compared with VoIP systems. This is because there are more service providers who use VoIP to host and provide services to their customers. In addition, Internet service providers do not tend to interrupt their VoIP lines.

The Bottom Line

Different businesses can choose from a number of phone systems depending on their needs and budget. VoIP phones offer some great features not available on landline phones, including crystal clear sound quality, HD speakers, video conferencing, and remote workers. Having a business phone system will help manage large call volumes, and you can route all the incoming, outgoing, and internal calls through a unified platform. Contact Nashville’s expert business phone systems installers for more information.

The main disadvantage of VoIP is that you will have to purchase some type of HD equipment to make high-quality calls. However, if you are looking for a phone system with fewer interruptions and no hidden charges, VoIP is the way to go! It is more reliable than landlines since it is directly connected to your company’s server.

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