What Is Pay Per Minute Chat Software?

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Pay-per-minute chat software not only makes it easy for you to collect fees from the people you are talking to, but also makes your chat platform look more professional.

The software lets you monetize your online interaction with your audience(s) as a business or subject matter expert. You can also use the premium chat feature to give your customers a great appeal.

How it works

The functions provided by pay-per-minute chat software vary based on the features they have.

The paid chat platforms are easy to use, provide trustworthy data protection, and allow simple integrations with your website or social media accounts.

The chat software companies typically charge a tiny percentage of your earnings.

You often integrate these pay-per-minute chat software as a widget on your website.

The pay-per-minute chat solution handles billing. When your customers or users initiate a discussion with you, they give their payment method, and the software charges them based on the length of the chat session. The amount charged is based on your predefined rates.

Pay-per-minute chat software functions the same way on your desktop and mobile websites. It provides excellent conversation experiences with an easy-to-use interface.

They also allow you to schedule different time slots ahead of time.

Why you should use the software

There are plenty of reasons you should consider using this software. These reasons include:

More money

You get to make more money from the software as the people talk to you.

If you offer coaching or counseling services, chances are you can only accommodate a few people in your office. Adding pay per minute chat software is a great way to boost revenue and accommodate more customers.

All you need to do is direct your clients to the chat feature, and they will be billed whenever they have a conversation with you.

If you already have a popular business or service, chat software could help you make extra money. This is because people get to pay whenever they are talking to you.

Increased exposure

When you have a physical office, you are limited to the clients in your area or city. This way, you can’t expect people to drive hundreds or thousands of miles to use your service or talk to you, can you?

And your time is valuable that you can’t chat with them for free on the phone.

Chat billing software makes it possible to attract people from all around the world. If you offer online coaching, you serve folks outside your city and country.

This effectively makes your services available to everybody all over the world. It’s a terrific way to grow your clientele and make more money.

Increased convenience

The software greatly simplifies things for you. You can communicate with folks whenever you choose, from the comfort of your own home. There is also a lot of convenience for your customers as they get the service they want from the setting of their choice. They can buy enough of your time from anywhere.

Better customer service

If you have a business, you can use the chat software to get money, give advice, and solve your customers’ problems.

Who should consider pay-per-minute chat software?

There are many people who can take advantage of this software. The best ones are:


This is a service that is becoming increasingly popular. Life coaches and career coaches are rapidly shifting their services online. Instead of having an office where people come, you can accomplish the same thing online.

This allows clients from other areas to communicate with you.

You also service those who prefer to speak with a coach over the phone rather than in person.

When choosing software for your coaching practice, ensure that it’s easy to use and that anyone, regardless of skill level, can use it.


If you’re a certified therapist, the chat software is an effective way to communicate with your patients. Patients who have urgent needs can speak with you without making an appointment. They only need to find a time slot where you aren’t engaged and schedule a chat.

They then call you on the billed chat, and you proceed with the session.


You can advise your customers from home if you’re a marketing or business expert.

Even if you have a physical office, you can still benefit from this software, enhance your earnings, and reach out to new clients.


As an influencer, you can employ pay-per-minute chat software on your website to communicate with your fans.

You can have live chat sessions with a fan one-on-one, as you do on Facebook or Instagram, and you are paid for it.

By doing this you make money and at the same time you connect more closely with your followers.

Industry experts

Do you have a lot of knowledge in an industry and you are wondering if you can make money from it? You’d be astonished at how many individuals are willing to pay for it.

If you have experience in any industry, you can offer your knowledge for a fee via pay-per-minute chat software.

For example, if you have valuable knowledge of real estate investing, you can offer expert advice to individuals considering investing in the real estate industry.

Tech support

This could be the most profitable application of pay-per-minute chat software. You can offer a paid chat service to assist people with technical concerns on your website.

The good thing is that people are eager to pay if they can get immediate assistance, which manufacturers and service providers frequently do not give.


You can make money by speaking with your clients on the chat software. Rather than speaking in person, most psychics now communicate via phone or the internet, and you can also follow suit.

It’s quick and easy, as all you need to do is to integrate the software into your website.

Parting shot

Pay-per-minute chat software is a great way to increase your income and, at the same time, make the work easy for you and your clients.

As you have seen, the software has a large application, and almost everyone, large or small, can find use for it.

To get the most from the software, be cautious and ensure that you choose one with the features you are after.

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