What Is Special In UK Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate Marketing was introduced in 1996 in the UK and has grown, making big money for many bloggers and websites.

In 2017, affiliate marketing generated £8.9 million in revenue and experienced a 9% year-over-year growth. Additionally, it is an extremely valuable channel for advertisers, with a return on investment of £16 for every £1 spent.

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning income by adding links to credible products to your website, social media pages, or blogs. Every time a user clicks on the link through your blog, you will earn a fixed commission decided between affiliates and their affiliate program.

Here are some conventional terms used in the affiliate marketing world:


The owner of the website, blog, or social media platform on which the products will be linked. They will earn a commission when people click on the link provided on their medium.


The person who wants to sell their product or service. They might have their own affiliate program or contact other networks to help sell their product, such as linkable blogs or advertisements.


The money earned when a user clicks or buys something from the link in the publisher’s medium. The commission varies in affiliate programs, and so does the payment method.

Some companies pay-per-click, meaning the affiliate will earn money every time a user clicks the link. Some will earn when a user buys the merchant’s product.


Abbreviated as “return on investment,” means that all your investment is earned back in the form of revenue. You faced no loss and may be earned a good profit.


Turning the user who visited your website into a buyer. The buyer can be recurring as well.

High Paying UK Affiliate Programs

If your website or blog has gained a lot of traffic or audience, it’s high time you enroll in an affiliate program. It will help in monetizing your blog and increase your revenue.

To earn a consistent income, it is essential to sign up with credible affiliate programs. Affiliate programs don’t charge their affiliates but writing an affiliate article requires a lot of research and writing goodness. So, losing your time and energy is no way acceptable.

Following are some of the credible and high-paying UK affiliate programs:

Affiliate Program




  • Earn a 20% commission upfront and 20% on recurring payments
  • Opt for getting paid twice a month
  • Have to deposit £5 on signing up.
  • Interaction with advertisers is difficult.


  • Full access to every company listed on their site
  • Get a 6% commission on every purchase
  • Skimlinks takes a 25% cut out from your commission.


  • 20% fee on each lead
  • Joining process is convenient
  • International transaction requires fee
  • Poor customer support

Rakuten’s Advertising

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Unique Performance Metrics
  • Helpful Account Managers
  • Metrics are not Shared with the Affiliates
  • Low Approval Rate
  • Not the Best Commissions
  • Interface is Outdated

CJ Affiliate

  • Includes support for over 150 currencies
  • Easy guidance over the website
  • Irregular use of account is deemed as inactive.
  • Declination rate is high

What are UK Trading Affiliate Programs?

As forex and trade rise, their affiliate programs are also gaining popularity.

Elon Musk has been influential when it comes to the introduction of new crypto coins or publicity of the existing ones. His tweets tend to make the market tremble up and down. Now as he has bought Twitter, people are always anxious about his tweets, so they invest in the crypto recommended by Musk.

This is for new people. People already in this crypto and trading business and have gained their expertise know that this is a profitable niche if used wisely. Many people earn their livelihood through crypto. Some have even dedicated paces in their homes or automobiles for their mining rigs and equipment.

An affiliate scheme for traders differs from one for brokers. It’s a company that pays referral fees to anyone who brings new customers to internet brokers. Although online brokers provide clients with a wide range of assets, many individuals concentrate on stocks.

The partner will provide you with an affiliate link and a dashboard. You can conveniently track your metrics through the dashboard. You can choose a payment plan and earn a monthly or weekly income through your referrals.

Gaining Success Through Trading Affiliate Programs

Your aim as a forex or trading affiliate is to make high commissions in the first month and progressively earn a steady income. The path for high-earning affiliates is as follows:

  • Enroll as an online affiliate with a credible broker.
  • Earn your initial commissions from your website or social media platforms.
  • Reinvest a part of your income in paid advertising, online tools, and resources.
  • Reconsult your commission scheme and add Revshare, Master Affiliate, or CPA structures.
  • Stay in your niche, gain expertise, meet new people in the same field, and return your knowledge to the audience by opening a training academy or creating multiple income streams for yourself by being a money manager or introducing a broker.

Forex Affiliate Programs UK

Forex affiliates programs are gaining popularity worldwide. People buying more financial assets in forex need a credible source to help manage their accounts. If you’re a publisher, you can help them by adding trustworthy and unswerving forex brokers to your website or social media platform.

To enroll in credible programs, you should look for the following things:

Commission Structures

Affiliate Programs offer various paying structures. They can use the same for all their users or leave the decision to the publishers, whichever they want to use. Some common structures are listed below:

Revenue Share

You will earn a share from the broker’s revenue. Brokers usually estimate this value after deducting chargebacks and transaction costs. The spread share can vary between 10% to 50%. Most people prefer taking a 20-30% share as it gives them a middle way, not too low or too high.

Cost Per Acquisition

It provides you with a one-time payment upon referring a trader. The commission might vary depending on your country or your user’s country. Some leading economies like the UAE and Australia pay a commission of $800 CPA to traders. The emerging markets can pay up to $200.

These commissions might seem large, but most depend on the trader’s initial deposit or the trader’s monthly revenue.

Lot Rebate

Your commission is significantly associated with the trading volume of your customers. Your commission increases as their trading volume increases. Commissions differ between currency pairs and asset classes, such as shares and indexes.

List of the Top Highest Paying Programs in the UK

We have gathered a list of credible and trustworthy forex affiliate programs for people residing in the UK or those who want to apply for UK affiliate programs.

Affiliate Program

Commission Rate

Cookie Lifetime


30% Per Sale

60 Days


60-70% Per Lead


Auto FX Pro

20-30% Sale


IQ Option

$1200 Per Lead




30 Days

Olymp Trade



Ally Invest

$25-$50 Per Sale

45 Days


$20-$30 Per Sale

90 Days

Ticker Tocker

30% Per Sale

90 Days


70% Recurring


Forex Trendy

75% Recurring


WOW Partners

10%-50% Recurring





Blackbull Markets

Up to $700 per Client


UK Gaming Affiliate Programs

Gamers don’t compromise on their hobby. They will buy any game or perform in-app purchases as soon as they get released. So, the gaming affiliate program is a high-tier market, and it pays its affiliate a hefty commission.

Like we always say, always do your research before choosing an affiliate program, whatever niche it is. We have listed some of our favorite gaming affiliate programs, which will pay you a good amount whether you are a beginner or an expert in your field.


Commission Paid: $5 or up to 10% per Sale

Cookie Lifetime: 30 Days

Category: Lifestyle Products

Add-Ons: Free Banners Provided

Have you ever seen a three-headed snake logo with a laser-green and black color scheme on gaming accessories? That product belongs to Razer, which manufactures lifestyle brands and accessories for avid gamers.

They produce keyboards, mice, and headsets and have expanded their business to making laptops, PCs, and gaming chairs. You can promote all of these products through banner ads or links.


Commission Paid: Up to $10 per action

Cookie Lifetime: 30 Days

Category: Subscriptions

Add-Ons: Additional tier 2 affiliate rewards by referring the program to new affiliates

It is the hub of massively multiplayer games World of Warships and World of Tanks. You are compensated for new registrations, and activities players do in the games in this CPA-based system.

Although the overall reward varies depending on the player’s place of origin, the payout per new registration might be as high as $10. The program is international, so you can still receive some money even if you don’t have North American traffic.

Logitech Affiliate Program

Commission Paid: 4-10% commission per sale

Cookie Lifetime: 30 Days

Category: Hardware Output Devices

Add-Ons: Average Order Value: $125

Logitech is well-known for its computer accessories and products. The origin of laser mice, trackball, and other technology is from this company.

They have specialized particularly in the sub-niche of gaming accessories in latest years. To entice gamers seeking a cool aspect, some models are brazenly styled. They have also developed innovations that improve gaming performance, such as 10-button mice.

Logitech’s affiliate program allows you to market these products through your online media via simple text links.

Green Man Gaming

Commission Paid: Up to 5% commission per sale with bonus

Cookie Lifetime: CJ Affiliate Cookieless Tracking

Category: Digital Discount Codes

Add-Ons: Performance-based high commissions

It is an e-commerce website that sells keycodes for digital downloads. Popular PC games can be found here at discounted prices.

As an affiliate, you can access the entirety of the product catalog API, which means you can promote over 7000 games that are available for sale at the marketplace. The product price lies between $5-$50 and more, and you can collect a commission of 5% for each sale.

Affiliates are given the most recent details about impending sales and promotions. A growing library of banners and unique offers tailored to their target demographic of gamers is also made available to them.


Commission Paid: Variable

Cookie Lifetime: 30 Days

Category: Subscriptions

Add-Ons: Multiple Income Sources

Twitch is a popular streaming website. “Streamers,” frequently gamers, record themselves while playing games live and produce content. Streamers have ongoing accounts called “channels,” where their programming is saved in a library like TV episodes.

Streamers are paid by the viewers of their content, frequently in real-time, who give them commissions.

For instance, Twitch offers premium subscriptions that let users view the platform’s content without ads. To subscribe, viewers can do so through a channel while engaging in a stream. Due to this process, the streamers of that channel collect their commission. This is the basic model of the Twitch affiliate program.

Twitch pays commissions to affiliate marketers when they gain a follower or the action the audience performs while watching or interacting through the gaming streams.

Twitch has some strict rules and regulations. The user applying for the affiliate program should have logged at least 500 minutes of total broadcast in the past month. They also should have broadcasted seven times and had a minimum of 50 followers.

After getting accepted, they can start collecting their commissions from subscriptions, Bits, and ad views. The twitch affiliate program is available worldwide. You should check your settings in the app to know if there are any special prerequisites for applying.

Ending Statement

Forex/trading and gaming programs are top-tier affiliate programs for both beginner and advanced levels. Affiliate programs have different payment methods and regulations. You should always research what payment method is the most suitable for you and which pays on time.

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