What Is The GMR Number? Goods Movement Reference Assistance

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2 years ago

The GVMS system is used in the UK for importing and exporting goods. The system went live in 2021, and is part of the government’s plan of reducing the effects of Brexit on international trade.

To register with the GVMS platform, you’ll need a GMR Number. What is it, and who will need one for moving goods into and out of the UK?

What is the GVMS?

The Goods Vehicle Movement Service, or the GVMS, is one of the latest government border control programs introduced post-Brexit in the United Kingdom. Its aim is to reduce the delays and paperwork needed for international traders who want to move goods to and out of the UK, collecting all the Movement Reference Numbers (MRNs) through all import and export declarations.

The GVMS uses a Goods Movement Record (GMR) to specify vehicles license plates for crossing the border with goods. All importers and exporters can subscribe to the GVMS system to create GMR numbers, update them, and access reference data.

What is the GMR Number?

For each individual shipment, the GVMS platform generates a unique GMR Number. This number links all the relevant declarations together, making it easier to manage the documentation of each single shipment. Then, at the customs, the shipment needs only to present the single GMR number, instead of a whole stack of documents and declarations.

There are numerous things that the GMR number gives access to for customs, including the details of the crossing, vehicle registration number, trailer numbers, MRNs, safety and security documents, and more.

Do I need to register for the GVMS?

The GVMS system became mandatory on 1 January 2022 for all imports and exports to and from the UK. All hauliers must be registered within the Goods Vehicle Movement Service if they want to continue moving their goods internationally.

To get a Goods Movement Reference, you will need to collect a set of documents first, including a vehicle registration number if the goods are accompanied, or a trailer or container number if they’re not, as well as all relevant reference numbers for ATA Carnet, TIR Carnet, and others. If all of that sounds complicated, you can use the services of a customs broker to help you fill out all the necessary documents and declarations.

How to register?

You can register for the Goods Vehicle Movement Service using the electronic form found on the Gov.uk website. To do that, however, you’ll need a Government Gateway user ID and password, as well as an EORI number to then get a GMR number. This might make using the GVMS problematic for traders outside the UK, but a third party customs agent can be contracted to create the GMRs on the trader’s behalf.

Customs brokers like On The Stop Broker offer comprehensive help in generating and managing GMR numbers, and provide general support related to the GVMS system. On The Stop Broker offers expert advice and help in handling customs transit documents and declarations, 7 days a week and out of hours. If you’re not sure how to fill out all the necessary forms on your own, they will happily help your business.


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