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3 Free Paraphrasing Tools for Making Plagiarism-free Marketing Copies

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Paraphrasing tools are great at creating content that is unique and admirable therefore students, writers, bloggers, and marketers find paraphrasing tools very helpful.

From simply creating plagiarism-free marketing copies using older content available on the internet paraphrasing tools can be used because of multiple reasons.

The tool can change the tone of content, length, fluency, sentence structure, grammatical structure, and a lot more. Isn’t it a great deal especially, when everything is free?

Though the internet is loaded with hundreds of paraphrasing tools and it is for sure that not every tool will paraphrase content at the same level as some tools are more robust than others.

Therefore, it is very important to pick the best online paraphrasing tool to fulfill your marketing needs because your marketing is entirely dependent on the content you publish.

To help you all, we have rounded up the three best and free paraphrasing tools for making plagiarism-free content, you can find their complete details along with features.

So, keep on reading!

3 Free Paraphrasing Tools to Use in 2022 is an impressive paraphrasing tool that stands out from hundreds of paraphrasing tools available on the internet.

This tool is completely free to use as it allows users to create multiple marketing copies from the content they already own or find on the internet.

The tool is recommended for multiple reasons but one of the best reasons to use this tool is to ensure the originality of the content.

Let’s discuss some modes of this tool.

Modes of

Text Improver Mode

It is not an ordinary paraphrasing tool that just takes the input from users and rewrites the content without ensuring the quality.

The tool works in ‘Text Improver’ mode. In this work mode, the tool takes the source content and paraphrases it to improve its quality.

In this mode, the tool will replace the words of the source text with their synonyms to make the paraphrased text more engaging and supreme in quality.

Let’s take an example to check the working of ‘Text Improver’ mode:

Source Content [Via]

’The findings suggest that routine use of and emotional connection with social media could have divergent associations with the three health-related outcomes. While routine use was positively associated with all the three, emotional connection to social media was negatively associated with all the three outcomes.’’

Results of Text Improver Mode:

The results show that routine use and emotional connection to social media may be associated differently with the three health outcomes. While routine use was positively associated with all three outcomes, emotional connection to social media was negatively associated with all three outcomes.

Source Content Vs. Text Improver Content

In the image, we can see that the source content has some hidden grammatical mistakes. The tool underlined the mistakes and paraphrase the content by removing grammatical mistakes.

The ‘Text Improver’ mode also replaces some words of source text with their equivalent meaning words so that there won’t be any chance of plagiarism, which is our top concern.

Near Human Mode

Well, a lot of us think that the paraphrasing tool ruins the human readability of the content and if the content is poor in readability it is nothing but useless.

This paraphrasing tool makes sure that the text it paraphrases must be up to human readability level. The ‘Near Human’ mode is designed to generate content that even a 6th-grade student can read and understand.

Let’s take an example to see the working of the ‘Near Human’ mode:

Source Text [Via]

‘’Chemical contamination, or nutrient pollution, is concerning for health, environmental, and economic reasons. This type of pollution occurs when human activities, notably the use of fertilizer on farms, lead to the runoff of chemicals into waterways that ultimately flow into the ocean. The increased concentration of chemicals, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, in the coastal ocean promotes the growth of algal blooms, which can be toxic to wildlife and harmful to humans.’’

Results of Near Human Mode:

‘’Chemical or nutritional contamination is due to health, environmental and economic reasons. This type of pollution is caused by human activities, especially the use of fertilizers on farms, which release chemicals into the sea. High concentrations of chemicals in coastal waters, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, promote algae blooms, which can be toxic to wildlife and harmful to humans.’’

Source Text Vs. Near Human Text

The ‘Near Human’ mode of the paraphrasing tool shortens the length of source content by making it more simple and consistent.

Plagiarism Remover Mode

The third mode of the paraphrasing tool is called ‘Plagiarism Remover’ as obvious from the name, this mode results in paraphrasing content that is completely unique and relevant.

This mode show results by comparing the paraphrased content from all the sources available on the internet.’s Paraphrasing Tool

Next, we have a paraphrasing tool from This paraphrasing tool provides a simple and easy-to-use interface, suggested for those who don’t want to follow long steps for paraphrasing.

Users just need to enter or paste the text in the input tab and hit ‘GO’ to initiate the paraphrasing process. If you prefer the free version of the tool, you are able to add 1000 words in one go.

Unlike,, you need to face some ads and solve Captchas in the free variant. The tool does not offer a lot of fancy features but what offers is great.


Customize your Content-Length

The great feature of this tool is the customizability of the content length. Users can adjust the length of the paraphrased content to be short, large, or by default.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about the quality and accuracy of content then do not worry.

No matter what mode you are preferring short, large, or by default, the paraphrased content will be accurate and high-quality.

Change Capitalized Words

Another great feature of this paraphrasing tool is it allows users to specify the words they want to appear in the capital even after paraphrasing.

Users just need to click on the ‘Ignore Words’ tab, type words they want to appear in a capital case, and hit ‘Spin It’ to start the text spinning process.’s Paraphrasing Tool

Last but not least, we have a paraphrasing tool from, it is an AI-based tool that allows users to input a maximum of 2000 characters in one go.

Like, the Spinbot paraphrasing tool, the free variant of this paraphrasing tool also requires Captcha before it starts paraphrasing source text.

This tool is great for your content marketing as it detects and removes duplicate content and paraphrases source content to make it plagiarism-free.


Human-friendly Readable Text

This paraphrasing tool is great at producing human-readable text, if you are concerned about content readability then this tool is preferable to use.

Even if the source text you pasted on the tool is hard in readability, the tool will paraphrase it to make it more simple, consistent, and human-friendly.

Hand-Picked Synonyms in Database

As we know, a paraphrasing tool works by replacing words of source content with their most adjustable synonyms, but, what if you do not like the tool replaced synonyms?

Don’t worry! This paraphrasing tool allows users to pick the synonyms they like from the list of synonyms. It has a wide database of synonyms so that users can have multiple options to pick.

SEO-friendly Content

If you are creating content for your marketing needs, your main focus should be on making the content SEO-friendly so that it can easily reach your target audience.

An SEO-friendly content should be:

  • Free of grammatical mistakes
  • Free of spelling mistakes
  • Must be plagiarism-free
  • Consistent and easy to understand

Guess what? With this paraphrasing tool, you can create paraphrased content that is SEO-friendly. The tool paraphrase content that is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

The text produced by the tool is also consistent and inflow. This is all you need in SEO-friendly content.

Last Words

In this article, we have discussed the three best and free paraphrasing tools along with their working and features.

If you are a marketer or writer looking for the best paraphrasing tool to create plagiarism-free content, this post is dedicated to you.

Read the above-discussed sections, pick your best paraphrasing tool, and make your writing super easy and comfy!

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