3 Proven Ecommerce Platforms Perfect For Medium Sized Businesses 2021

No matter your product, the site at which it can be found is often the deciding factor between success and plateau

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The e-commerce market might appear to be dominated by amazon, which is notoriously difficult to rise to the top of. However, there are many alternative e-commerce sites that are valuable alternatives.

We’ve reached out to experts to weigh in on the best alternatives, and this is the result. See which is the best for you down below!

#1 Shopify

Who suggested this product?
The Shopify was recommended by Jason Portnoy from JPORT Media. You can find out more about Jason Portnoy here or read their product recommendation below.

There is no better platform for ecommerce than shopify. The ease of use, the wide array of apps and the ease of implementing tracking for paid media makes it a no brainer. It syncs with all social channels allowing you to sell cross platform and has the ability to scale with your brand so that you don’t need to keep throwing money into a new website every few years. It also removes the need to have a web developer on call to make changes that you can do yourself.

#2 WooCommerce

Who suggested this product?
The WooCommerce was recommended by Grzegorz Rogoziński from Cut2Code. You can find out more about Grzegorz Rogoziński here or read their product recommendation below.

In my opinion, the best ecommerce platform is WordPress and WooCommerce. They are definitely the best option if you need a simple and intuitive CMS store, and if you don’t want to invest a lot of money in its development. As states, WooCommerce has been downloaded over 4 million times.

The platform’s success comes from thorough documentation, frequent updates, and a large community of developers engaged in publishing their own plugins. The combination of these three factors gives you stability and enables you to create a fully personalized ecommerce store.

If you want to develop and expand your online store, you have to consider the following factors: aesthetics, communication with clients, functions available for users, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the speed with which the service works, and the ease of use of the administration panel. All these elements cannot be omitted because they contribute to the success of your store.

#3 Allyos

Who suggested this product?
The Allyos was recommended by Tamás Hámori from Alloys Europe Ltd. You can find out more about Tamás Hámori here or read their product recommendation below.

From the company: We don’t care about the prices thanks to the crowdfunding (Social Shopping) so every vendor can sell with a maximum profit rate with us. There is no need to give discounts. Despite the maximum profit the clients can buy with the cheapest price, so this is the future of shopping an absolute win-win-win!

Who contributed to this article?

Jason Portnoy from JPORT Media

Grzegorz Rogoziński from Cut2Code

Tamás Hámori from Alloys Europe Ltd

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